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A reference for Used and Rare Books, Periodicals, and Paper Ephemera courtesy of an International Co-Op of Independent Dealers.
Book Glossary
Terminology used by book publishers, dealers, and collectors.
Information about book conditions, the various parts of books, sizes and formats, and various terms used in the book world.
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Glossary W
Wire Bound: A book bound by a helix-shaped wire, each coil of which penetrates a small hole punched through the left edge of the covers and the leaves of the book. See Figure 24.
Wrapper: Another name for a Dustjacket. Note that "wrapper" and "wrappers" have distinctly different meanings.
Wraps or Wrappers: The paper covers used to bound a book, pamphlet, magazine or other "soft cover" reading material, but is distinguished from Self-Wrappers because the paper used is distinctly different from the Text Paper. Wraps are made of a heavier weight paper (although always flexible and less than board grade) than the text paper, and may be coated, textured or have various finishes. Although the common paperback books published since the 1930s are bound in wraps, they are usually described as paperbacks or as soft bound. Wrappers should not be be confused with Dustwrapper or Wrapper.
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