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A reference for Used and Rare Books, Periodicals, and Paper Ephemera courtesy of an International Co-Op of Independent Dealers.
Book Glossary
Terminology used by book publishers, dealers, and collectors.
Information about book conditions, the various parts of books, sizes and formats, and various terms used in the book world.
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Glossary T
Tanning: See Browned, Tanned or Toned Paper.
Text Figures: See Cuts.
Text Paper: The type of paper upon which the text in a specific book is printed, assuming that the same paper type has been used for all text-printed pages. The term is used when there is a need to distinguish the text paper and the other paper portions of a book such as the plates, endpapers, covers, etc.
Textblock: The part of a book, consisting of all and only the sewn or glued Gatherings forming its leaves, which is bound by, but does not include, the Covers or the Endpapers both of which are part of the binding. The textblock in a machine-made, hardcover book is what is enclosed in the Binding Case. See Figure 5.
Tipped-in: Describes material glued into a book which was not part of the printed Gatherings and added at a later stage in the book's making, or as a means of reattaching loose or detached material to salvage a book. The candidates for such material in both cases are Leaves, Plates and Errata Slips. The procedure differs from that used to insert a Cancel Leaf where glue is applied to a stub created from an existing leaf, but it is accomplished in two ways. In the case of leaves or errata slips, a thin line of glue attaches the insert directly to the inner margin of the appropriate text page. Plates can be inserted in this manner, but are more often found attached along their upper edge to a blank page larger than the plate itself.
Tissue Guards: Commonly in the 19th century, and to a lesser extent thereafter, some publishers placed a protective thin Leaf of tissue-like paper between a Plate and the opposing page. Some books may have all plates so protected, or only the Frontispiece. Most tissue guards are blank, but occasionally they are found with a printed caption about the plate. A book missing one or more tissues guards is a very minor defect generally ignored by collectors.
Trigesimo-segundo (32mo) : A book size designating a book up to 5" tall. Abbreviation 32mo. See Book Sizes and Formats Figure 2.
Toned/Toning: See Browned, Tanned or Toned Paper.
Tooled/Tooling: See Blindstamping.
Top Edge Gilt [or Other Color]: Gilt or another named color has been applied to the top edge of the book.
Trade Edition: Used to distinguish an edition of a book published for the general retail market from a Limited Edition of the same book.
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