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Tab Hunter
Sample Autograph Signature:
Tab  Hunter signature
Tab Hunter
'American film, television and stage actor; singer and film producer. Tab Hunter was born in New York City in as Arthur Andrew Kelm. A few years later, his parents divorced, and his mother moved with her two sons to California where all three took her maiden name of Gelien. Bluffing his age, he left school at age and joined the Coast Guard. He was discharged when the age deception was discovered and returned home where he secured a job with a riding academy. At some point still in his teens, he became interested in acting. His first agent gave him his professional name after getting him a contract with Warner Brothers, although he had no previous acting training or experience. He made his film debut in The Lawless in where his only line in the movie was eventually cut upon release. He didn't work for two years, but his next role in Saturday Island () [released in the U.S. as Island of Desire], a romantic South Seas adventure in which he starred opposite Linda Darnell, made him an instant teen idol. From there, Hunter went on to star or perform in over films. He also had a brief successful recording career when his Young Love topped the charts worldwide for twelve weeks, and he also produced several other 'top ' singles. He achieved critical success in with a nomination for an Emmy for his performance opposite Geraldine Page in Playhouse �s Portrait of a Murderer, but his career hit the skids with the s. With Troy Donahue becoming the beefcake de jour and a lack of movie offers, he filled the void with his own NBC television series, The Tab Hunter Show, that only lasted the � season. His last quality film was the The Pleasure of His Company in which he starred opposite Debbie Reynolds. Despite the slump, he did get guest-star appearances in over two hundred television series episodes. For a short time in the late s, Hunter settled in the south of France where he was appearing in spaghetti westerns. He returned to travel the dinner theater circuit until his career was revived in the s when he starred in John Waters' Polyester (), Grease 2, and teamed up with his life partner, Allan Glaser, to produce and star in Paul Bartel's Lust in the Dust (), and Dark Horse (). With Eddie Muller, Hunter has also co-authored his best-selling autobiography, Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star ,published in 20.`'
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