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Herbert Hoover
Sample Autograph Signature:
Herbert  Hoover signature
Herbert Hoover
st President of the United States ( - ) and author. Herbert Clark Hoover ( - ), son of a Quaker blacksmith, was born in West Branch, Iowa, but in went to Oregon to become the ward of his uncle after the death of his parents. He graduated from Stanford University in with a degree in geology, but worked as a clerk with the San Francisco consulting firm for two years when he was unable to find a job as a mining engineer. After working two years in Australia as a mining engineer for a British mining firm, Hoover arrived in China in March to to oversee the firm's development of coal mines in China. He survived The Boxer Rebellion of and was transferred to the firm's London office that July. Hoover briefly turned to China in January to complete unfinished work, but left China for London again after accepting an offer of a junior partnership from the British firm. After the United States entered World War I in April , President Wilson appointed Hoover head of the Food Administration. Following the war, he became a member of the Supreme Economic Council and head of the American Relief Administration. He then served as Secretary of Commerce under Presidents Harding and Coolidge, and became the Republican Presidential nominee in . He won his presidency in by a landslide, but within months, the stock market crashed and the nation's economy slid into the Great Depression. Hoover was badly defeated in by Franklin Delano Roosevelt after being nominated by the Republicans for a second term. Hoover remained active in party politics, but did not return to government service until when President Truman appointed him to a commission to reorganize the Executive Departments which became known as the Hoover Commission. President Eisenhower appointed him chairman of a similar commission in . Hoover's first book was a joint effort with his wife, Lou Henry Hoover, printed in London in : a translation of Georg Agricola's De Re Metallica, one of the earliest printed technical treatises published in . It remains the definitive English language translation of this work. Hoover is also the author of American Individualism (22); The Challenge to Liberty (); Addresses Upon The American Road published in three volumes covering -, -, and -; The Problems of Lasting Peace with Hugh Gibson (); and a three volume Memoirs (�).
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