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Samuel Sheldon Fitch
Sample Autograph Signature:
Samuel Sheldon  Fitch signature
Samuel Sheldon Fitch
'American physican, founder of a patent medicine company, and author. Dr. Samuel Sheldon Fitch (-) received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia in . The following year, he published his A System. of Dental Surgery wherein he defined himself as a 'Surgeon Dentist.' Considered the best text on dentistry at that time in America, it preceded the first dental college in the U. S. by eleven years. He later turned his attention to the lungs and authored a treatise titled Six Lectures on the Uses of the Lungs; and Causes, Prevention, and Cure of Pulmonary Consumption, Asthma, and Disease of the Heart; On the Laws of Longevity; and on the Mode of Preserving Male and Female Health to an Hundred Years in . His Guide To Invalids; For Persons Using The Remedies Of Samuel Sheldon Fitch, A.M., M.D., With Remarks On The Cure Of Consumption, Head-Aches, Liver Complaint, Asthma, Dyspepsia, Diarrhea,... was published about , and indicates he had entered the patent medicine business from an office located on lower Broadway in New York. Indeed, he began trading under the name 'Dr. S. S. Fitch,' and about he began issuing almanacs, Dr. S.S. Fitch's Almanac and Guide to Invalids, which promoted his patent medicines and medical devices, and prescribes health regimens and cures for consumption, asthma, heart diseases, bronchitis, head-aches, dyspepsia, ague and fever, liver complaint, diarrhoea, baldness and hair loss, and whatever else ailed you. An advertisement in the Boston Herald annouced that a local doctor was the 'Agency for Dr. S.S. Fitch's Celebrated Medicines and Mechanical Remedies for cure of Consumption, Asthma, Female Diseases, etc.'. His last book, The Family Physician, was a popular medical treatise published in .'
Please note that while we have reason to be confident that the signature is genuine by virtue of its source, it has not undergone any expert examination or verification. Accordingly, TomFolio does not guarantee the authenticity, nor can a comparison of a signature with this example exclude the possibility of an autopen, a printed facsimile, or a reasonably capable forgery.
We do not have anyone who can authenticate nor value signatures. Please contact registered autograph dealers for such evaluations.
We do not have any signatures/autographs for sale. The signature images that you see here have been provided by numerous book dealers, collectors, and the general public.
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