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Will Eisner
Sample Autograph Signature:
Will  Eisner signature
Will Eisner
'Acclaimed American comics writer, artist and entrepreneur. Will Erwin Eisner's ( - 20) A Contract with God, his ground breaking graphic novel, was a seminal event in the comics business. Eisner's first comic work appeared . In , he created his most famous character, 'The Spirit', a detective adventure story that reflected and influenced the noir outlook of movies and fiction in the s. Eisner created some of the most innovative work in the genre with his cinematic camera angles, atmospheric lighting effects, and creative storytelling techniques beyond what anyone else was doing. In the late s Eisner spent two years creating four short stories of 'sequential art' that became A Contract With God which played a leading role in establishing the graphic novel as a form of literature. He continued producing new graphic novels into his eighties, at an average rate of nearly one a year.'
Please note that while we have reason to be confident that the signature is genuine by virtue of its source, it has not undergone any expert examination or verification. Accordingly, TomFolio does not guarantee the authenticity, nor can a comparison of a signature with this example exclude the possibility of an autopen, a printed facsimile, or a reasonably capable forgery.
We do not have anyone who can authenticate nor value signatures. Please contact registered autograph dealers for such evaluations.
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