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Charles Bukowski
Sample Autograph Signature:
Charles Bukowski signature
Charles Bukowski
American poet and novelist. Henry Charles Bukowski (20 � ) wrote more than fifty novels and books of poetry, some non-fiction, and thousands of smaller pieces published in small literary magazines which are difficult to find and still being added to a database of his works. Bukowski is often mistakenly considered a Beat Generation writer because of some similarities in the immediacy of his expressionistic, informal, and non-traditional style - and perhaps the romanticization of his earlier life-style as a literary wanderer seeking enlightment on the fringes of society. Bukowski was practically unknown to the general public until release of Barfly, a film starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway based on the most derelict period of his life written by Bukowski and produced by Francis Ford Coppola.
Please note that while we have reason to be confident that the signature is genuine by virtue of its source, it has not undergone any expert examination or verification. Accordingly, TomFolio does not guarantee the authenticity, nor can a comparison of a signature with this example exclude the possibility of an autopen, a printed facsimile, or a reasonably capable forgery.
We do not have anyone who can authenticate nor value signatures. Please contact registered autograph dealers for such evaluations.
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