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Dare Wright
Dare Wright (1915-2001) American author and illustrator of children's books.
Dare Wright was a photographer, actress, and model. She grew up in Ohio and she learned to sketch, paint, write and sew. She combined her writing talent with photography to become a children's book author. Her first book The Lonely Doll brought her recognition as an author and photographer. She photographed her childhood Lenci Doll with two teddy bears to illustrate the children's books she was writing. She eventually wrote nineteen books in all. She left two unpublished works Make Me Real and Ocracoke in the Fiftie. They were edited from manuscripts left by Dare and the last was published in 2007.
Works by Dare Wright:
The Lonely Doll (1957) Doubleday
Holiday for Edith and the Bears (1958) Doubleday
The Little One (1959) Doubleday
The Doll and the Kitten(1960) Doubleday
Date with London (1961) Random House
The Lonely Doll Learns a Lesson (1961) Doubleday
Lona, a Fairy Tale (1963) Random House
Edith and Mr. Bear (1964) Random House
Take Me Home (1965) Random House
A Gift from the Lonely Doll (1966) Random House
Look at a Gull (1967) Random House
Edith and Big Bad Bill (1968) Random House
Look at a Colt (1969) Random House
The Kitten's Little Boy (1971) Four Winds Press
Edith and Little Bear Lend a Hand (1972) Random House
Look at a Calf (1974) Random House
Look at a Kitten (1975) Random House
Edith and Midnight (1978) Doubleday
Edith and the Duckling (1981) Doubleday
Ocracoke in the Fifties (2006) John Blair
Make Me Real (2007)
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