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John Updike
John Updike (1932 - 2009) attended Harvard, majoring in English, where he was a contributor to and then editor of the Harvard Lampoon. In 1955 he joined the staff of The New Yorker as a writer, quitting in 1957 to write full time. He published his first book in 1958, and has authored novels, short stories and poetry. He has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book, National Book Critics Circle, PEN/Malamud and PEN/Faulkner awards.
Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, National Book Critics Circle Award
Book: Rabbit Is Rich (1981)
Pulitzer Prize, National Book Critics Circle Award
Book: Rabbit At Rest (1990)
PEN/Faulkner Award
Book: The Early Stories (2003)
Books by John Updike
◊The Carpentered Hen And Other Tame Creatures (1958)
◊Hoping For A Hoopoe (1958)
◊The Poorhouse Fair (1959)
◊The Same Door (1959)
◊Rabbit, Run (1960)
◊Pigeon Feathers (1962)
◊The Centaur (1963)
◊Telephone Poles And Other Poems (1963)
◊Olinger Stories (1964)
◊Of The Farm (1965)
◊Assorted Prose (1965)
◊The Music School (1966)
◊The Couples (1968)
◊Midpoint And Other Poems (1969)
◊Bech: A Book (1970)
◊Museums And Women (1972)
◊Rabbit Redux (1972)
◊Six Poems (1973)
◊Buchanan Dying (1974)
◊A Month Of Sundays (1975)
◊Picked-Up Pieces (1975)
◊Marry Me (1976)
◊Tossing And Turning (1977)
◊The Coup (1978)
◊An Oddly Lovely Day Alone (1979)
◊Problems (1979)
◊Sixteen Sonnets (1979)
◊Five Poems (1980)
◊Your Lover Just Called (1981)
◊Rabbit Is Rich (1981)
◊The Other John Updike (1981)
◊Hugging The Shore (1983)
◊Jester's Dozen (1984)
◊The Witches Of Eastwick (1984)
◊Roger's Version (1986)
◊Facing Nature (1986)
◊Trust Me (1987)
◊Self-Consciousness (1987)
◊Forty Stories (1987)
◊S. (1989)
◊Just Looking (1989)
◊Self-Consciousness (1989)
◊Rabbit At Rest (1990)
◊Odd Jobs (1991)
◊Memories Of The Ford Administration (1992)
◊Collected Poems 1953-1992 (1993)
◊Brazil (1994)
◊The Afterlife And Other Stories (1995)
◊Golf Dreams (1996)
◊In The Beauty Of The Lilies (1996)
◊Beach At Bay (1998)
◊Gertrude And Claudius (2000)
◊Licks Of Love: Short Stories And A Sequel (2000)
◊Seek My Face (2002)
◊The Early Stories (2003)
◊Not Cancelled Yet (2003)
◊On the Farm (2004)
◊Poorhouse Fair (2004)
◊Villages (2004)
◊Busca Mi Rostro (2005)
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