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Upton Beall Sinclair
Upton Beall Sinclair (1878 - 1968)
Dubbed 'King of the Muckrakers' by fellow socialists and progressive journalists, Upton Sinclair half-jokingly once commented that the epitaph on his tombstone should read "fighter for social justice". Indeed, Sinclair's long publishing career, with over 100 works, many of them ground-breaking, is testament to this lifelong struggle to build a better world. To this day Upton Sinclair is better known in Europe and much of the rest of the world than he is in the United States. Sinclair authored such profoundly important works as The Jungle, The Cry for Justice, The Profits of Religion, The Brass Check, The Goose-Step & The Goslings, Mammonart, Boston, Co-op, and the monumental 11 volume Lanny Budd Series, with volume 3 of that series -- 'Dragon's Teeth' -- winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1943.
Where he found the time one can only wonder at, but Sinclair also ran for governor of California in the 1930s. Never able to escape the 'Red' and 'communist' labels mainstream media at the time gave him, Sinclair had the entire business machine and state apparatus set against his EPIC (End Poverty in California) campaign, and so of course lost what is still widely regarded as one of the dirtiest political campaigns ever waged in the United States of America.
Much of Sinclair's works have been obscured by 'The Jungle', the literary sensation of 1905 set in Chicago's stockyards. A socialist novel that was a clarion call for exploited workers to rise up against their oppressors, fallout from The Jungle fell short of Sinclair's youthful idealism and dreams, but it did result in overturning outdated legislation and workplace health and safety procedures in handling and packing foods, particularly in the meat industry. As Sinclair later put it, "I aimed at the public's heart but accidentally hit it in the stomach."
Apart from the serial dime novels and 'pot-boilers' Sinclair wrote for various newspapers, here is a bibliography of Upton Beall Sinclair's works:
◊Springtime and Harvest (1901) Reissued as Midas King Midas (1901)
◊The Journal of Arthur Stirling (1903)
◊Prince Hagen (1903)
◊A Captain of Industry (1906)
◊The Jungle (1906)
◊The Industrial Republic (1907)
◊The Overman (1907)
◊The Metropolis (1908)
◊The Moneychangers (1908)
◊Samuel the Seeker (1910)
◊The Fasting Cure (1911)
◊Love's Pilgrimmage (1911)
◊Plays of Protest (1912)
◊The Millenium: A Comedy of the Year 2000 (1912)
◊Sylvia (1913)
◊Damaged Goods (1913)
◊Sylvia's Marriage (1914)
◊The Cry for Justice (1915)
◊King Coal (1917)
◊The Profits of Religion (1918)
◊Jimmie Higgins (1919)
◊The Brass Check (1919)
◊100%: The Story of a Patriot (1920)
◊The Book of Life (1921)
◊They Call Me Carpenter (1922)
◊The Goose-Step(1923)
◊Hell: A Verse Drama and Photoplay (1923)
◊The Goslings (1924)
◊Singing Jailbirds: A Drama in Four Acts (1924)
◊The Pot Boiler (1924)
◊Mammonart (1925)
◊Bill Porter: A Drama of O. Henry in Prison (1925)
◊The Spokesman's Secretary (1926)
◊Letters to Judd (1926)
◊Oil! (1927)
◊Money Writes! (1927)
◊Boston (1928)
◊Mountain City (1930
◊Mental Radio (1930), 1962)
◊Roman Holiday (1931)
◊The Wet Parade (1931)
◊American Outpost (1932)
◊Upton Sinclair Presents William Fox (1933)
◊The Way Out (1933)
◊I, Governor of California -- and How I Ended Poverty (1933)
◊The Epic Plan for California(1934)
◊I, Candidate for Governor -- and How I Got Licked (1935)
◊We, People of America (1935)
◊Depression Island (1935)
◊What God Means to Me (1936)
◊Co-op (1936)
◊The Gnomobile (1936), (1962)
◊Wally for Queen(1936)
◊The Flivver King (1937)
◊No Pasaran (1937)
◊Little Steel (1938)
◊Our Lady (1938)
◊Terror in Russia (1938)
◊Expect No Peace (1939)
◊Letters to a Millionaire (1939)
◊Marie Antoinette (1939)
◊Telling the World (1939)
◊Your Million Dollars (1939)
◊World's End (1940)
◊World's End Impending (1940)
◊Between Two Worlds (1941)
◊Peace or War in America (1941)
◊Dragon's Teeth (1942)
◊Wide is the Gate (1943)
◊Presidential Agent (1944)
◊Dragon Harvest (1945)
◊A World to Win (1946)
◊Presidential Mission (1947)
◊A Giant's Strength (1948)
◊Limbo on the Loose (1948)
◊One Clear Call (1948)
◊To the Editor (1948)
◊O Shepherd, Speak! (1949)
◊Another Pamela (1950)
◊The Enemy Had It Too (1950)
◊A Personal Jesus (1952)
◊The Return of Lanny Budd (1953)
◊What Didymus Did (1955)
◊The Cup of Fury (1956)
◊It Happened to Didymus (1958)
◊Theirs be the Guilt (1959)
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