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L. T. Meade
(Mrs.) L. T. MEADE [Elizabeth Thomasina] 1854-1914
L. T. Meade (Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Smith) was a prolific writer of novels for girls and women. During her writing career, she wrote over 280 books, as well as short stories and articles for magazines such as The Strand Magazine and Lady's Pictorial. During her most productive period, she published more than ten novels a year.
Elizabeth Thomasina Meade was born in County Cork, Ireland in 1844, and was the eldest daughter of a Protestant clergyman. She developed an early ambition to write, a prospect which horrified her father. Upon the death of her mother, her father remarried and Meade moved to London where she prepared herself for her writing career by studying in the Reading Room of the British Museum. She married Alfred Toulmin Smith in September 1879.
Mrs. Meade was best known for her novels of girl adventure, especially her stories of girls at school, of which she wrote over 30. However, she also experimented with a variety of other genres, including sentimental and evangelical stories, historical novels, adventure stories, romances, sensational stories and detective fiction. She also co-edited Atalanta, a magazine for girls (previously titled Every Girl's Annual), 1887-93. Always active in women’s issues, she joined and remained active in the feminist Pioneer Club.
The largest collection of her books is at Cornell University, with about 185 titles. Collecting all her works would be a real challenge.
Books by L. T. Meade
◊The A. B. C. Girl (1910))
◊The Adventures of Miranda (1904))
◊The Aim of Her Life (1908)
◊All Sorts (1899)
◊Alwyn’s Friends (1909)
◊Andrew Harvey's Wife (1880)
◊The Angel of Love (1885)
◊Ashton Morton (1866)
◊At The Back of the World (1904)
◊The Autocrat of the Nursery (1884)
◊Bad Little Hannah (1897)
◊A Band of Mirth (1914)
◊A Band of Three, Seaside Library (1882)
◊Bashful Fifteen (1892)
◊The Beauforts (1904)
◊Beforehand (1887)
◊Bel Marjory: A Story of Conquest (1878)
◊Belinda Treherne (1910)
◊The Beresford Prize (1890)
◊Bess of Delaney's (1905)
◊Better Than Riches (1917)
◊Betty, A School Girl (1894)
◊Betty of the Rectory (1911)
◊Betty Vivian: A Story Of Haddo Court School (1901)
◊A Bevy of Girls (1905)
◊Beyond the Blue Mountains (1893)
◊Blood Red Cross
◊The Blue Diamond (1901)
◊Blue of the Sea (1909)
◊A Brave Poor Things (1899)
◊Bride of Tomorrow (1904)
◊Brother or Husband (1909)
◊Brotherhood of the Seven Knights (1899)
◊A Bunch of Cherries: A Story of Cherry Court School (1898)
◊A Bunch of Cousins and the Barn Boys (1911)
◊The Burden of Her Youth (1903)
◊By Mutual Consent (1903)
◊Catalina: Art Student (1897)
◊Castle Poverty (1904)
◊The Chateau of Mystery (1907)
◊Cave Perilous [Religious Tract Society] (1898)
◊The Chesterton Girl Graduates: A Story for Girls (1913)
◊The Children of Wilton Chase (1891)
◊The Children’s Kingdom: The Story of a Great Endeavor (1878)
◊The Children’s Pilgrimage (1883)
◊The Cleverest Woman in England (1898)
◊The Colonel and the Boy (1906)
◊The Colonel’s Conquest (1907)
◊Corporal Violet (1912)
◊The Cosey Corner, Or How They Kept A Farm (1901)
◊The Court Harman Girls (1908)
◊The Courtship of Sybil (1908)
◊The Curse of the Feverals (1907)
◊Daddy’s Girl (1900), republished as Daddy’s Girl and Consuelo’s Quest of Happiness (1911)
◊The Darling of the School (1915))
◊The Daughter of a Soldier: A Colleen of South Ireland (1915)
◊Daughters of Today (1917)
◊David’s Little Lad (1877)
◊Deb and the Duchess: A Story for Boys and Girls (1888)
◊Desborough’s Wife (1911)
◊The Desire of Men: An Impossibility (1899)
◊Dickory Dock (1890)
◊The Doctor’s Children (1911)
◊Dorothy’s Story
◊Dot and Her Treasures (1879)
◊A Double Revenge (1902)
◊Dr. Rumsey's Patient: A Very Strange Story [with Clifford Halifax] (1896)
◊Drift (1902)
◊Dumps: A Plain Girl (1905)
◊A Dweller in Tents (1880)
◊Elizabeth’s Prisoner (1914)
◊Engaged to be Married: A Tale of Today (1890), republished as Daughters of Today (1917)
◊The Face of the Abbot
◊The Face of Juliet (1906)
◊The Fairy Godmother (1917)
◊A Farthingful (1889)
◊The Floating Light of Ringfinnan, and Guardian Angels (1880)
◊For Dear Dad (1911)
◊The Fountain of Beauty (1909)
◊Four on a Island: A Story of Adventure (1892), also published as Four on a Island: A Book for the Little Folks (1892)
◊Frances Kane's Fortune, What Gold Cannot Buy (1890)
◊From the Hand of the Hunter (1906)
◊A Gay Charmer: A Story for Girls (1903)
◊A Girl from America (1907)
◊A Girl in Ten Thousand (1896)
◊A Girl of High Adventure (1914)
◊A Girl of the People (1911)
◊A Girl of Today (1910)
◊Girls, New And Old (1895)
◊The Girl and Her Fortune (1906)
◊The Girl from Spain (1911)
◊The Girls of Abinger Close (1913)
◊The Girls of King’s Royal: A Story for Girls (1913)
◊The Girls of Merton College (1911)
◊The Girls of Mrs. Pritchard’s School (1904)
◊The Girls of St. Wode's (1898)
◊The Girls of the Forest (1902)
◊The Girls of True Blue: A School Story (1901)
◊The Gold Star Line [with Robert Eustace] (1899)
◊The Golden Lady (1889)
◊A Golden Shadow (1906)
◊Good Luck (1896)
◊Greater Than Gold (1915)
◊Great St. Benedict’s: A Tale (1879)
◊A Handful of Silver (1897)
◊The Heart of Gold (1890)
◊The Heart of Helen (1906)
◊Hepsy Gipsy (1891)
◊Her Happy Face (1914)
◊Hermie’s Rosebuds and Other Stories (1883)
◊Hetty Beresford (1908)
◊The Hill-Top Girl (1906)
◊His Mascot (1905)
◊Hollyhock: A Spirit of Mischief (1916)
◊The Home of Silence (1907)
◊The Home of Sweet Content (1906)
◊The Honorable Miss: A Story of an Old-Fashioned Town, 2 vols (1890)
◊The House of Black Magic (1912)
◊The House of Surprises (1896)
◊How It All Came About (1883)
◊I Will Sing a New Song (1909)
◊In an Iron Grip, 2 vols. (1894)
◊In the Flower of Her Youth (1906)
◊In the Time of Roses (1916)
◊Jill, A Flower Girl (1892)
◊Jill, the Irresistible (1915)
◊Just a Love Story (1890), republished as The Beauforts (1900)
◊Kindred Spirits (1907)
◊Kitty O’Hara
◊Kitty O’Donovan: A School Story (1912)
◊A Knight of Today (1877)
◊Laddie (1879)
◊Lady Anne (1910)
◊The Lady Cake-Maker (1904)
◊The Lady of Delight (1907)
◊The Lady of Jerry Boy’s Dream: A Story for Girls (1907)
◊The Lady Of The Forest: A Story for Girls (1899)
◊The Least of These, and Other Stories (1895)
◊Letters to Our Working-Party (1887)
◊Lettie’s Last Home (1895)
◊A Life for a Love: A Story of Today (1891)
◊Light of the Morning: The Story of an Irish Girl (1899)
◊Little Josephine (1907)
◊A Little Mother to the Others (1896)
◊Little Princess of Tower Hill (1889)
◊The Little School-Mothers: A Story for Girls (1907)
◊A Little Silver Trumpet (1885)
◊Little Wife Hester (1905)
◊A London Baby: The Story of King Roy (1882)
◊Lord and Lady Kitty (1912)
◊The Lost Square [with Robert Eustace] (1902)
◊The Love of Susan Cardigan (1907)
◊Love Triumphant (1904)
◊Love’s Cross Roads (1912)
◊Loveday : The Story of an Heiress (1905)
◊A Lovely Friend and Other Stories (1908)
◊Madame Sara
◊A Madcap (1904)
◊Madge Mostyn’s Nieces (1916)
◊The Maid and the Goggles (1906)
◊The Maid Indomitable (1916)
◊A Maid of Mystery (1904)
◊Margaret (1902)
◊Marigold (1890)
◊Mary Diffird, M. S. (1898)
◊A Master of Mysteries [with Robert Eustace] (1898)
◊The Manor School (1903)
◊Medicine Lady, 3 vols. (1892)
◊The Merry Girls of England (1896)
◊Micah Faraday (1910)
◊Miss Gwendoline (1910)
◊Miss Nonentity: A Story for Girls (1900)
◊Miss Patricia (1925)
◊Miss Toosey’s Mission (1878)
◊A Modern Tomboy (1904)
◊Mother and Son (1911)
◊Mother Herring’s Chicken (1881)
◊Mou-Setse, A Negro Hero, with the Orphan’s Pilgrimage (1880)
◊Nance Kennedy (1910)
◊The Necklace of Parmona (1909)
◊The New Mrs. Lascelles (1901), republished as Mother Mary: A Study for Girls (1916)
◊Nobody’s Neighbor (1888)
◊Nurse Charlotte (1904)
◊Oceana’s Girlhood (1909)
◊The Odds and the Evens (n.d., circa 1899)
◊The O’Donnells of Inchfawn (1887)
◊Old Readymoney’s Daughter (1905)
◊On the Brink of a Chasm: A Record of Plot and Passion (1898)
◊The Oracle of Maddox Street (1904)
◊The Other Woman (1905)
◊Our Little Ann: A Tale (1885)
◊Out of the Fashion
◊Outcast Robin; or, Your Brother and Mine (1878)
◊The Palace Beautiful: A Story for Girls (1887)
◊The Passion of Kathleen Duveen (1913)
◊Peggy From Kerry (1912)
◊Pen (1888)
◊Peter the Pilgrim (1903)
◊Petronella; and the Coming of Polly (1904)
◊Playmates; A Story for Boys and Girls (1896)
◊A Plucky Girl (1900)
◊Polly: A New-Fashioned Girl (1889)
◊Poor Miss Carolina (1889)
◊Pretty-Girl and the Others (1910)
◊A Princess of the Gutter (1896)
◊The Princess of the Revels (1909)
◊The Princess Who Gave Away All, and The Naughty One of the Family (1902)
◊Priscilla’s Promise
◊A Public School Boy: A Memoir of H. S. Wristbridge (1899)
◊The Pursuit of Penelope (1902)
◊Queen Rose (1902)
◊The Queen of Joy (1914)
◊A Race with the Sun (1901)
◊The Rebel of the School (1902)
◊The Rebellion of Lil Carrington (1898)
◊The Red Cap of Liberty (1907)
◊Red Rose and Tiger Lily; or, in a Wider World (1894)
◊The Red Ruth (1907)
◊A Ring of Rubies (1892)
◊Rosa Regina: A Story for Girls (1910)
◊Rosebury (1903)
◊Roses and Thorns (1928)
◊Ruffles (1911)
◊The Sanctuary Club [with Robert Eustace] (1900)
◊Sarah’s Mother (1908), republished as Colonel Tracy’s Wife (1914)
◊Scamp and I: A Study of City By-Ways (1872)
◊The Scamp Family: A Story for Girls (1907)
◊Scarlet Anemone (1884)
◊The School Favorite (1913)
◊The School Queens (1908)
◊The Secret of the Dead (1901)
◊Seven Maids (1900)
◊Silenced (1904)
◊The Siren: A Novel (1898)
◊A Sister of the Red Cross: A Tale of the South African War (1901)
◊A Soldier of Fortune, 3 vols. (1894)
◊A Son of Ishmael: A Novel (1896)
◊The Sorceress of the Strand (1903)
◊The Soul of Margaret Rand (1911)
◊The Squire’s Little Girl (1902)
◊Stories For Holiday Times
◊Stories From The Old, Old Bible (1903)
◊Stories from the Diary of a Doctor [with Clifford Halifax] (1894)
◊A Stumble by the Way (1901)
◊Sue; The Story of a Little Heroine and Her Friend (1906)
◊A Sweet Girl Graduate (1891)
◊Sweet Nancy (1887)
◊The Temptation Of Olive Latimer (1899)
◊That Brillant Peggy (1903)
◊Their Little Mother
◊This Troublesome World, 3 vols. [with Clifford Halifax] (1893)
◊Through Peril for a Wife (1902)
◊The Time of Roses: A story for Girls (1900)
◊Tip Cat (1884)
◊Three Girls from School (1907)
◊Turquoise and Ruby (1906)
◊Twenty-four Hours: A Novel of To-Day (1911)
◊Under the Dragon Throne [with Robert Kennaway Douglas] (1897)
◊A Very Naughty Girl (1901)
◊Victory (1906)
◊Virginia (1905)
◊The Voice of the Charmer, 3 vols. (1895)
◊Wages: A Novel (1900)
◊Water Gipsies (1879)
◊Water Lilies and Other Tales (1878)
◊The Way of a Woman (1897)
◊Wheel of Iron (1901)
◊Where the Shoe Pinches [with Clifford Halifax] (1900)
◊The White Tzar (1896)
◊Wild Heather (1909)
◊The Wild Irish Girl (1910)
◊Wild Kitty: A School Story; also published as Wild Kitty: Story of Middleton School (1897)
◊Wilful Cousin Kate: A Girl’s Story (1905)
◊The Witch Maid (1903)
◊The Wooing of Monica (1914)
◊A World of Girls: The Story of a School (1886)
◊Young Heroine: A Story of Sue and Her Friend
◊Young Mutineer (1893)
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