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Grace Livingston Hill
Grace Livingston Hill (1865 - 1947)
Grace Livingston Hill was born on April 16, 1865 in Wellsville, New York. Her parents were Marcia Livingston and Charles Livingston, a Presbyterian Minster.
She wrote her first book The Chautauqua Idyle about her summers in Chautauqua, New York. She went on to write over one hundred books and is known for her Christian Romances. She wrote under her name, Grace Livingston Hill Lutz and Marcia Macdonald. She died in 1947.
Works by Grace Livingston Hill
◊The Chatauqua Idyle, 1887
◊The Parkerstown Delegate: A Christian Endeavor Story, 1892
◊Katherine's Yesterday and Other Christian Endeavor Stories, 1895
◊In the Way, 1897
◊Lone Point: A Summer Outing, 1898
◊A Daily Rate, 1900
◊The Angel of His Presence, 1902
◊An Unwilling Guest, 1902
◊According to the Pattern, 1903
◊The Story of a Whim, 1903
◊Because of Stephen, 1904
◊Marcia Schuyler, 1908
◊The Girl from Montana, 1908
◊Phoebe Deane, 1909
◊Dawn of the Morning, 1911
◊Aunt Crete's Emancipation, 1911
◊The Mystery of Mary, 1912
◊Lo, Michael, 1913
◊The Man of the Desert, 1914
◊The Best Man, 1914
◊Miranda, 1915
◊The Obsession of Victoria Gracen, 1915
◊A Voice in the Wilderness, 1916
◊The Finding of Jasper Holt, 1916
◊The Witness, 1917
◊The Enchanted Barn, 1918
◊The Search, 1919
◊The Red Signal, 1919
◊Cloudy Jewel, 1920
◊Exit Betty, 1920
◊The Tryst, 1921
◊The City of Fire, 1922
◊Tomorrow About This Time, 1923
◊The Big Blue Soldier, 1923
◊Re-Creations, 1924
◊Ariel Custer, 1925
◊Not under the Law, 1925
◊Coming through the Rye, 1926
◊A New Name, 1926
◊The White Flower, 1927
◊Job's Niece, 1927
◊The Honor Girl, 1927. Written under her pseudonym Marcia Macdonald
◊Blue Rain, 1928
◊Crimson Roses, 1928
◊Found Treasure, 1928. Written under her pseudonym Marcia Macdonald
◊Duskin, 1929
◊The Prodigal Girl, 1929
◊Out of the Storm, 1929. Written under her pseudonym Marcia Macdonald
◊Ladybird, 1930
◊The Gold Shoe, 1930
◊The White Lady, 1930. Written under her pseudonym Marcia Macdonald
◊Kerry, 1931
◊The Chance of a Lifetime, 1931
◊Silver Wings, 1931
◊The Story of the Lost Star, 1932
◊The Patch of Blue, 1932
◊The Challengers, 1932
◊Her Wedding Garment, 1932
◊Beggerman, 1932
◊The House across the Hedge, 1932
◊Happiness Hill, 1932
◊Matched Pearls, 1933
◊The Ransom, 1933
◊Rainbow Cottage, 1934
◊The Christmas Bride, 1934
◊Amorelle, 1934
◊Beauty for Ashes, 1935
◊White Orchids, 1935
◊The Strange Proposal, 1935
◊April Gold, 1936
◊Mystery Flowers, 1936
◊The Substitute Guest, 1936
◊Sunrise, 1937
◊Daphne Deane, 1937
◊Brentwood, 1937
◊The Best Birthday: A Christmas Entertainment for Children, 1938
◊The Divided Battle, 1938
◊Dwelling, 1938
◊Homing, 1938
◊Maris, 1938
◊The Minister's Son, 1938
◊The Lost Message, 1938
◊Marigold, 1938
◊Patricia, 1938
◊Stranger within the Gates, 1939
◊The Seventh Hour, 1939
◊The Head of the House, 1940
◊Partners, 1940
◊Rose Galbraith, 1940
◊In Tune with Wedding Bells, 1941
◊Astra, 1941
◊By Way of the Silverthorns, 1941
◊Crimson Mountain, 1942
◊The Street of the City, 1942
◊The Girl of the Woods, 1942
◊Spice Box, 1943
◊Throughout These Fires, 1943
◊The Sound of the Trumpet, 1943
◊Time of the Singing Birds, 1944
◊More Than Conqueror, 1944
◊A Girl to Come Home To, 1944
◊All Through the Night, 1945
◊Bright Arrows, 1946
◊Where Two Ways Met, 1947
◊Mary Arden, 1948
◊Miss Lavina's Call and Other Stories, 1949
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