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C. S. Forester
C. S. Forester (1899-1966) – British historical novelist and journalist.
C(ecil) S(cott) Forester was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in the London suburbs, and studied medicine at Guy's Hospital, London, but left without qualifying and turned to writing. He wrote film scripts in Hollywood for part of each year, 1932-39; worked as a correspondent in Spain, 1936-37, and covered the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in Prague; was a member of the British Information Service, 1939-40.
Forester was a truly great storyteller who loved the creative, imaginative process that turned words into the illusion of a past reality. He wrote historical novels, plays, biographies, and histories, but is best known as the creator of the British naval officer Horatio Hornblower, whose rise from midshipman to admiral and peer during the Napoleonic Wars is told in a series of novels.
Many of his novels were adapted to motion pictures; most notable among them is The African Queen, which is now considered a classic of American cinema.
A "lost" novel of Forester's, The Pursued, was discovered in 2003 and bought at an auction and was published by Penguin Classics on 3 November 2011.
Books by C. S. Forester
◊A Pawn Among Kings (1924)
◊Payment Deferred (1926)
◊Love Lies Dreaming (1927)
◊The Wonderful Week (1927); US edition: One Wonderful Week (1927)
◊The Shadow of the Hawk (1928); US edition: The Daughter of the Hawk (1928)
◊Brown on Resolution (1929); US edition: Single-Handed (1929)
◊Plain Murder (1930)
◊Death to the French (1932); US edition: Rifleman Dodd (1943)
◊The Gun (1933)
◊The Peacemaker (1934)
◊The African Queen (1935)
◊The General (1936)
◊The Captain from Connecticut (1941)
◊The Ship (1943)
◊The Sky and the Forest (1948)
◊Randall and the River of Time (1950)
◊The Nightmare (1954)
◊The Good Shepherd (1955)
◊Hunting the Bismarck (1959); US edition: The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck (1959); as Sink the Bismarck! (pb, 1959)
◊The Happy Return (1937); US edition: Beat to Quarters (1937)
◊Flying Colours (1938)
◊A Ship of the Line (1938)
◊The Commodore (1945); US edition: Commodore Hornblower (1945)
◊Lord Hornblower (1946)
◊Mr Midshipman Hornblower (1950)
◊Lieutenant Hornblower (1952)
◊Hornblower and the Atropos (1953)
◊Hornblower in the West Indies (1958); US edition: Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies (1958)
◊Hornblower and the Hotspur (1962)
◊Hornblower and the Crisis: An Unfinished Novel [includes story The Last Encounter] (1967)
◊The Paid Piper (1924) – short stories
◊Napoleon and His Court (1924) - biography
◊Josephine, Napoleon's Empress (1925) - biography
◊Victor Emmanuel II and the Union of Italy (1927)
◊Louis XIV, King of France and Navarre (1928) - biography
◊Nelson (1929); US edition , Lord Nelson (1929) - biography
◊The Voyage of the Annie Marble (1929)
◊The Annie Marble in Germany (1930)
◊U 9 (1931) - play
◊Nurse Cavell (1933) – play
◊Marionettes at Home (1936)
◊The Earthly Paradise (1940); US edition, To the Indies (1940)
◊Poo-Poo and the Dragons (1942) - for children
◊The Barbary Pirates (1953) – for children
◊The Age of Fighting Sail: The Story of the Naval War of 1812 (1956); UK edition: The Naval War of 1812 (1957)
◊The Hornblower Companion (1964)
◊Long Before Forty (1967) – autobiography
◊The Man in the Yellow Raft (1969) - short stories
◊Gold from Crete (1970) - short stories
◊Sternlicht, Sanford, (1981). C.S. Forester
◊Forester, John (2000). Novelist & Storyteller: The Life of C. S. Forester (2 volumes)
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