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Author Information - Aaron Elkins

Aaron Elkins
Aaron Elkins (1935 - )
Long before forensics TV shows made the topic popular, Aaron Elkins was intriguing mystery fans with his Gideon Oliver ("the skeleton detective") series. As a forensic anthropologist, Oliver is called upon in each book to use his skills to identify the remains of murder victims and to help track down their killers.
Elkins has also written several mysteries about art curator Chris Norgren. With his wife Charlotte, Elkins has co-authored a series about woman golfer Lee Ofsted. His books have been translated into a dozen languages, have been Book of the Month Club selections, and have won several awards. In a recent interview, Elkins stated that his publishers are most interested in having him continue with the Gideon Oliver series, given the recent public interest in forensics topics.
Aaron Elkins has had careers as a boxer and as a professor of anthropology. He and Charlotte Elkins live in NW Washington State, the setting for some of the books. Others are given exotic foreign locations.
◊1988 Edgar Award: Best Novel - Old Bones
◊1993 Agatha Award: Best Short Story - Nice Gorilla
◊1994 Nero Wolfe Award: Best Novel - Old Scores
Books by Aaron Elkins: Gideon Oliver Series
◊Fellowship of Fear (1982)
◊The Dark Places (1983)
◊Murder in the Queen’s Arms (1985)
◊Old Bones (1987
◊Curses! (1989)
◊Icy Clutches (1990)
◊Make No Bones (1991)
◊Dead Men’s Hearts (1994)
◊Twenty Blue Devils (1997)
◊Skeleton Dance (2000)
◊Good Blood (2004)
◊Where There's a Will (2005)
◊Unnatural Selection (2006)
◊Little Tiney Teeth (2007)
◊Uneasy Relations (2008)
◊Skull Duggery (2009)
◊Dying on the Vine (2012)
◊Switherro (2016)
Books by Aaron Elkins: Chris Norgren Series
◊A Deceptive Clarity (1987)
◊A Glancing Light (1991)
◊Old Scores (1993)
Books by Aaron Elkins: Lee Ofsted Series(with Charlotte Elkins)
◊Wicked Slice (1989)
◊Rotten Lies (1995)
◊Nasty Breaks (1997)
◊Where Have All the Birdies Gone (2004)
◊On The Fringe (2005)
Books by Aaron Elkins: Alix London Mystery (with Charlotte Elkins)
◊A Dangerous Talent (2012)
◊A Cruise to Die For (2013)
◊The Art Whisperer (2014)
◊The Trouble with Mirrors (2016)
◊Loot (1999)
◊Turncoat (2002)
◊The Worst Thing (2011)
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