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Mary Balogh
Mary Balogh (1994 - ). Welsh-Canadian author of historical romances.
Mary Balogh (pronounced Ba-log) says wanting to be an author is a dream; wanting to be a teacher is an practical goal. That goal she could and did work toward and then, of course, marriage and motherhood intervened to take more and more time off her hands. Her youngest daughter was six years old before she felt she had enough time to take up an evening hobby--writing! She was addicted to the novels of Georgette Heyer, whom she had discovered only a few years before while working her way through a Grade XI reading list during a maternity leave. Although she can't adequately explain how enchanted she was and how transported she was into a world she had experienced before only through Jane Austen, she knew that if ever she wrote, it was that romantic world of Regency England that she wanted to recreate. And so A Masked Deception got written in longhand at the kitchen table while home and family functioned around me after the supper dishes were done.
◊The Arrangement (2013)
◊At Last Comes Love (2009)
◊Beyond the Sunrise (1992)
◊A Certain Magic (1991)
◊A Chance Encounter (1985)
◊Christmas Beau (1991)
◊A Christmas Belle (1994)
◊A Christmas Bride (1997)
◊A Christmas Promise (1992)
◊The Constant Heart
◊A Counterfeit Betrothal (1992)
◊Courting Julia (1993)
◊Dancing with Clare (1993)
◊Daring Masquerade
◊Dark Angel (1994)
◊Deceived (1993)
◊Desire after Dark original title A Daring Masquerade
◊The Devil's Web (1990)
◊The Double Wager (1985)
◊The Escape (2014)
◊The Famous Heroine (1996)
◊First Comes Marriage (2009)
◊The First Snowdrop (1986)
◊Gentle Conquest (1987)
◊A Gift of Daisies (1989)
◊The Gilded Web (1989)
◊Heartless (1995)
◊The Ideal Wife (1991)
◊The Incurable Matchmaker (1990)
◊Indiscreet (1997)
◊Irresistible (1998)
◊Lady with a Black Umbrella (1989)
◊The Last Waltz (1998)
◊Lord Carew's Bride (1989)
◊A Masked Deception (1985)
◊A Matter of Class (2009)
◊More than a Mistress (2000)
◊No Man's Mistress (2001)
◊The Notorious Rake (1992)
◊The Obediant Bride (1989)
◊Only Beloved (2015)
◊Only Enchanting (2014)
◊Only a Promise (2015)
◊The Plumed Bonnet (1996)
◊A Precious Jewel (1993)
◊A Promise of Spring (1990)
◊Red Rose (1986)
◊A Secret Affair (2010)
◊The Secret Mistress (2011)
◊The Secret Pearl (1991)
◊Secrets of the Heart
◊Seducing an Angel (2009)
◊Silent Melody (1997)
◊Simply Magic (2007)
◊Simply Perfect (2008)
◊Simply Unforgetable (2005)
◊Slightly Dangerous (2004)
◊Slightly Married (2003)
◊Slightly Scandalous (2003)
◊Slightly Sinful (2004)
◊Slightly Tempted (2004)
◊Slightly Wicked (2003)
◊Snow Angel
◊Someone to Hold (2017)
◊Someone to Love (2016)
◊Someone to Wed (2017)
◊The Suitor (2013)
◊A Summer to Remember (2002)
◊Tangled (1994)
◊The Temporary Wife (1997)
◊Tempting Harriet (1994)
◊The Comes Seduction (2009)
◊Thief of Dreams
◊Truly (1996)
◊The Trysting Place (1986)
◊An Unacceptable Offer
◊Unforgiven (1998)
◊The Ungrateful Governess
◊An Unlikely Duchess (1990)
◊Web of Love (1990)
◊The Wood Nymph (1987)
Anthologies with Mary Balogh:
◊Angel Christmas (1995) Guarded Angels
◊Bespelling Jane Austen (2010) Almost Persuaded
◊Blossoms (1995) The Forbidden Daffodils
◊Captured Hearts (1999) Precious Rogue (originally published in Dashing and Dangerous)
◊Dashing and Dangerous (1995) Precious Rogue
◊From the Heart (1994) The Anniversary
◊Full Moon Magic (1992) The Dark Rider
◊The Gifts of Christmas (1998) A Handful of Gold
◊It Happened One Night (2008) Spelllbound
◊It Happened One Season (2011) Only Love
◊Love's Legacy (1996) The Betrothal Ball
◊Moonlight Lovers (1993) The North Tower
◊Rakes and Rogues (1993) The Wrong Door
◊A Regency Christmas (1989) The Star of Bethlehem
◊A Regency Christmas II (1990) Playing House
◊A Regency Christmas III (1991) The Best Christmas Ever
◊A Regency Christmas IV (1992) The Porcelian Madonna
◊A Regency Christmas V (1993) No Room at the Inn
◊A Regency Christmas VI (1994) The Best Gift
◊A Regency Christmas VII (1995) The Surprise Party
◊A Regency Christmas Carol (1997)The Bond Street Carolers
◊A Regency Christmas Feast (1996) The Wassail Bowl
◊A Regency Summer (1992) The Tresaure Hunt
◊A Regency Valentine (1991) Golden Rose
◊A Regency Valentine II (1992) A Waltz Among the Stars
◊Timeswept Brides (1996) The Heirloom
◊Tokens of Love (1993) The Substitute Guest
◊Under the Mistletoe (2003) A Family Christmas
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