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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ABookCoOp?
A: ABookCoOp is a database cooperative owned by online independent booksellers. The cooperative was formed in order to develop and maintain an Internet database for listing and selling used, rare and collectible books, ephemera and periodicals.

Q: What is
A: is both the name and the Internet address of the ABookCoOp database. Tom Folio was a character developed by Joseph Addison in an 18th century British publication, The Tatler. Of Tom Folio, Addison said, 'There is not a Sale of books begins till Tom Folio is seen at the door' (April 13, 1710, The Tatler).

Q: Why a Cooperative?
A: By pooling financial resources through the sale of member stock, the cooperative has been able to raise the money to develop a database that few could afford on their own. In addition, changes in policy or direction are determined by members who are themselves booksellers, know books, know book buyers and the world of Internet book sales. Limited by law to one vote per member, a cooperative also makes it impossible for any one stockholder to amass shares and thereby control the organization. Owned by its members, neither ABookCoOp nor can be sold out without the consent of 3/4 of those voting (and even then, only if constituting a quorum), each member having one and only one vote.

By law, database income over expenses in excess of 10% are returned to the members in the form of patronage refunds. Profits from the sale of books also go in their entirety to the listing booksellers, with the cooperative taking no part of these profits for the database. In addition, the cooperative is governed by a Board of Directors who are required by law to manage the business of the cooperative, and have fiduciary responsibility to cooperative members.

Q: Can the general public use
A: Yes. Although some cooperatives are closed to all but their members, is open to all. Book searches are free.

Q: Does allow direct one-on-one contact between book buyer and book seller?
A: Yes. One of the primary concerns of members has been that they be able to maintain direct contact with buyers. The database environment not only permits such contact but fosters it through offering a direct order to the bookseller on the one hand; or where the order may be through, by a system of email correspondence.

Q: What credit card features does provide?
A: uses a secure shopping cart program designed to provide a uniform and simple system for customers. Our customers do not need to determine which booksellers take credit cards and which do not. In order to accomplish this, requires all booksellers listing on the website to either 1) accept credit cards, or 2) to use's processing service for credit card orders made on the site. currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Q: How does address the issue of quality service?
A: Members must sign a Code of Ethics that holds them to the standards of the profession in accurately describing items for sale, and in packaging, interaction with customers, turnaround time in responding to orders, maintaining up-to-date listings, and returns policy. In cases of dispute, an Arbitration Committee hears complaints, recommending actions to the Board, which include warning, reprimand, suspension or termination.

Q: What does membership require?
A: A member must be an independent book business, not part of a franchise or syndicate. Nor may a member publicly issue its stock or other securities. If a member has his/her own database from which purchases are made, that database may not list multiple book businesses. A member must also agree to list on (but is not prevented from listing with other databases).

To become a member, a bookseller must purchase one share of member stock. at $500. Membership is vested in the book business. A book business may purchase only one share of member stock. Voting rights come only with members stock. Each book business is allowed one and only one vote.

Membership stock is not in itself an investment opportunity; cooperative stock rarely pays any dividend, is not marketable, and does not appreciate in value. The value of the cooperative membership lies in the association of the members in furtherance of their mutual interests.

Members must also pay their fair share for database hosting and maintenance. Similar to listing fees, payments are due on a monthly basis. Because a cooperative operates on a 'least possible cost basis' rather than profit, these fees may decrease as the number of members increases. Current fees and dues are as follows.


1 to 4k pay $35.
4001 to 10k pay $40
10001 to 25k pay $45
25001 to 50k pay $60
50001 to 75k pay $75
75001 to 100k pay $90
ea 25k thereafter add $15.

Members sign and adhere a Code of Ethics, a Statement of Non-Disclosure regarding proprietary trade secrets, and a Statement of Disclosure, requiring disclosure of a possible conflict of interest in discussions of, or in voting on, a proposal.

Q: What are some of the 'mutual interests' ABookCoOp will further?
A: Beyond providing a listing service that does not look to its own profit, but to service. The Purchasing Committee is also looking at various products and services that the cooperative can purchase for members; e.g., health and property insurance, bookseller supplies and equipment, and information databases. Personal support and encouragement among members is also an important benefit.

Q: Can those who are not members list items for sale on
A: Yes, non-shareholding booksellers may list at the same monthly fees noted above. They are required to adhere to the same Code of Ethics that the shareholding members have established for themselves. Information on listing as a subscriber can be found by clicking on "Become a Member" on the home page.

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