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Scott Carpenter
Sample Autograph Signature:
Scott Carpenter signature
Scott Carpenter
American Astronaut and author. Malcolm Scott Carpenter was a former U.S. Navy aviator and test pilot who was one of the original seven astronauts selected in for Project Mercury. He was the second American to orbit the earth and the fourth American in space. After sustaining an a grounding injury in , he jointed the Navy's SEALAB project, and then returned to NASA as Executive Assistant to the Director of the Manned Spaceflight Center. He become Director of Aquanaut Operations for Sealab III in . After retiring from the Navy in , he founded Sea Sciences, Inc., a corporation for developing programs for utilizing ocean resources and improving environmental health. He has written two techno-thriller novels, The Steel Albatross, and a sequel, Deep Flight. With his daughter, Kris Stoever, he wrote a biography For Spacious Skies : The Uncommon Journey Of A Mercury Astronaut.
Please note that while we have reason to be confident that the signature is genuine by virtue of its source, it has not undergone any expert examination or verification. Accordingly, TomFolio does not guarantee the authenticity, nor can a comparison of a signature with this example exclude the possibility of an autopen, a printed facsimile, or a reasonably capable forgery.
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