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1.    (-) 275th Anniversary. Harwich, Massachusetts. A Sketch of the Years 1694-1969, in Text and Pictures..  Item number: 12397.    US$40.00
2.    (-) The Republic of Transkei..  Item number: 24474.    US$30.00
3.    (-). Who's Who of American Women. 1968-1969..  Item number: 10514.    US$25.00
4.    (---) Czechoslovakia: its Beauties and Features of Interest..  Item number: 25682.    US$30.00
5.    (---) Sovetskaia Aziia: obshchestvenno-nauchnyi zhurnal. 1931. [Two Volumes]..  Item number: 29188.    US$100.00
6.    (---). What Forestry Means to Representative Men. Portions of Addresses Delivered at the American Forest Congress, Washington, January 3 to 6, 1905..  Item number: 14822.    US$20.00
7.    (---). Four - Footed friends..  Item number: 26741.    US$20.00
8.    (---). Souvenir of the Mohawk Trail. Massachusetts..  Item number: 12583.    US$10.00
9.    (---). The Aldred Lectures 1923-24..  Item number: 12478.    US$30.00
10.    (---). Cross Stitch Mother Goose..  Item number: 26756.    US$20.00
11.    (---). The Yale Literary Magazine. Centennial Number. 1936..  Item number: 13935.    US$18.00
12.    (---). Railroad Strike or Federal Inquiry? Public and Press Demand Peaceful Settlement of Railway Wage Controversy by the Interstate Commerce Commission or by Arbitration..  Item number: 14948.    US$35.00
13.    (----). Interesting Houses of New England from Original Photographs..  Item number: 12458.    US$28.00
14.    (----). Parergon..  Item number: 12564.    US$60.00
15.    (A. Schumann's Verlag). Hundert Handzeichnungen alter Hollandischer Meister. [Holländischer]..  Item number: 22120.    US$60.00
16.    (Adams, Alice). Sonnenberg, Ben, ed. Minot, Susan, ass't. ed. Grand Street. Vol. 5, No. 4. Summer 1986..  Item number: 17646.    US$15.00
17.    (Agüero de Transmiera, Juan Y., trans). Probadas flores Romanas de famosos y doctos varones compuestas para salud y reparo d'los cuerpos humanos..  Item number: 35499.    US$200.00
18.    (Akenside, Mark). The Poetical Works of Mark Akenside..  Item number: 15823.    US$35.00
19.    (Alberto Moravia, John D. MacDonald, and V. S. Pritchett). Playboy. Vol. 21, no. 6. (June 1974)..  Item number: 16823.    US$20.00
20.    (Almanach des muses). Almanach des muses 1783..  Item number: 27240.    US$100.00
21.    (Ameghino, Florentino). La nacionalidad y la obra de Ameghino..  Item number: 37054.    US$35.00
22.    (Amidon, Georgiana). Silo's. Catalogue. Modern and Antique Oil Paintings and Water Colors. May 19 and 20, 1932..  Item number: 41081.    US$25.00
23.    (Anacreon). Dole, Nathan Haskell. Odes Of Anacreon Anacreontics And Other Selections from the Greek Anthology..  Item number: 20392.    US$25.00
24.    (Andrea Dorea). Polloni, Silvio. [Print]. Cover Art from a Menu of the Andrea Doria..  Item number: 38556.    US$125.00
25.    (Apuleius, Lucius). Adlington, William, trans. The Golden Asse of Lucius Apuleius..  Item number: 12985.    US$20.00
26.    (Argentina). Los Comandantes de la Expedicion Militar Auxiliadora de las Provincias Interiores, a los Habitantes de los Pueblos de este Vireynato. Proclama. Hermanos y compatriotas: quando por el consentimiento unánime ....  Item number: 37074.    US$300.00
27.    (Atget, Eugene).Trottenberg, Arthur D., ed. A Vision of Paris: The Photographs of Eugene Atget, The Words of Marcel Proust..  Item number: 16491.    US$75.00
28.    (Auerbach, Herbert S.). Parke-Bernet Galleries. The Distinguished Collection of Western Americana. Books, Newspapers and Pamphlets, Many Relating to the Mormon Church. Formed by the late Herbert S. Auerbach. Part One..  Item number: 34777.    US$125.00
29.    (Bangert's). Bangert's Rundfahrt Hamburg. Die Seestadte und Seebader. Mit Plan von der Stadt und dem Hafen..  Item number: 31302.    US$50.00
30.    (Bangladesh). Programme. Second East Pakistan Week 1962. 30th Jan. - 5th Feb..  Item number: 37229.    US$40.00
31.    (Beane, Samuel C.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Private Library of the late Rev. Samuel C. Beane, Grafton, Mass. ... together with other consignments... December 18 and 19, 1917..  Item number: 38606.    US$25.00
32.    (Beck, Kurt Gustav). Graphik der Gegenwart 1959..  Item number: 13443.    US$15.00
33.    (Beecher, Henry Ward). Anon. Life Thoughts, Gathered from the Extemporaneous Discourse of Henry Ward Beecher. By One of His Congregation..  Item number: 16479.    US$20.00
34.    (Berechiah ha-Nakdan). Hadas, Moses; Translator. Fables of a Jewish Aesop: Translated from the Fox Fables of Berechiah ha-Nakdan..  Item number: 16598.    US$25.00
35.    (Berry, Maja Leon). Parke-Bernet Galleries. English and American Law and Legal History.... Many S.T.C. and Wing Period Titles, early New Jersey and other American Imprints. The Collection of the late the Vice-Chancellor Maja Leon Berry (The Remarkable Collection o.  Item number: 34775.    US$25.00
36.    (Bibliographical Society of America). The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America. Volume Ninety-Four. December 2000..  Item number: 27196.    US$10.00
37.    (Biddle, Moncure). Parke-Bernet Galleries. Choice Color Plate Books, Notable Bird and Flower Books, a Fine Series of Jacques Callot Etchings, Rare Bibles, Other Books Famous in English Literature. [The Distinguished] Library of Moncure Biddle..  Item number: 34764.    US$35.00
38.    (Bingata). Sansaisha. Kobijutsu. Quarterly review of the fine arts. Number 41. June 1973. Special Edition on Old Bingata..  Item number: 32161.    US$50.00
39.    (Blood, Robert A.; Collins, Patrick A.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Private Library of the late Dr. Robert A. Blood, of Charlestown, Mass. Surgeon-General of the Mass. Vol. Militia, together with Books from the Library of the late Hon. Patrick A. Collins, of Boston, Mass.  Item number: 38585.    US$20.00
40.    (Bolivia). El Amigo de los Hombres, y de la justicia increpa la conducta del brigadier D. Jose Manuel de Goyeneche general en xefe del exercito del virey de Lima, en el desaguadero; por la siguiente carta que le ha dirigido de Areq.  Item number: 37071.    US$300.00
41.    (Bowdoin College Museum of Art). Twentieth Century American Watercolors..  Item number: 14397.    US$15.00
42.    (Bowman, John McEntee). Silo's. Collection of furniture, tapestries, paintings, prints, rare books, etc. January 19, 20, and 21, 1933..  Item number: 41140.    US$25.00
43.    (Bradford, Gamaliel). Brooks, Van Wyck, ed. The Journal of Gamaliel Bradford. 1883-1932..  Item number: 11928.    US$14.00
44.    (Bricken, Jules). Sotheby & Co. Catalogue of Printed Books. The Property of Mr. Jules Bricken. The First Part: Private Press Books [with] The Second Part: Bibliography & Typography, Art.....  Item number: 34716.    US$25.00
45.    (Briseño, Ramon). Montt, Luis, ed. Catálogo de la Biblioteca Chileno-Americana de Ramon Briseño..  Item number: 35745.    US$500.00
46.    (Brooks, William Gray). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of a Portion of the Private Library of William Gray Brooks of Philadelphia, Pa. together with the Medical Library of a Celebrated Boston Oculist: including early and rare medical, surgical and anatomical works;.  Item number: 38481.    US$20.00
47.    (Brown, James). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Valuable Private Library of James Brown, of Belmont, Mass. Together with the Choice Private Library of David J. Lord, of Boston, Mass. November 3 and 4, 1909..  Item number: 38474.    US$25.00
48.    (Browning, Robert). Works of Robert Browning from the Author's Revised Text. 12 Volumes..  Item number: 16027.    US$85.00
49.    (Browning, Robert). Henry Sotheran & Co. Illustrated Catalogue of Beautiful Old Engravings 1500-1800 in Mezzotint, Stipple, or Line, some Printed in Colours. also illuminations from fifteenth century Flemish missals and autograph letters of Nelson, and Browning.  Item number: 38506.    US$40.00
50.    (Bucher, Frederick). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. French and English furniture & decorations, velvets, damasks, brocades, embroideries, fine tapestries ... American and European oil paintings, including an important Zorn figure painting. Sale No. 4002. November 25, 1932.  Item number: 41113.    US$25.00

Over 9000 Items found
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