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1.    The Canadian Minerologist, Volume 26, part 3, September 1988.  Item number: 004890.    US$20.00
2.    The Skin, Hair, and Nails.  Item number: 007038.    US$20.00
3.    The Master's Hand : Drawings and Manuscripts from the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.  Item number: 008354.    US$22.00
4.    Champion of Freedom; The Age of Economists: From Adam Smith to Milton Friedman.  Item number: 008709.    US$10.00
5.    image conscious 800-532-2333.  Item number: 009102.    US$30.00
6.    Virtuous Virgins.  Item number: 009136.    US$30.00
7.    Microbiology; An Introduction (Seventh Edition).  Item number: 009141.    US$50.00
8.    An Eye On Nature III: Bertin's Ideal Landscapes.  Item number: 009255.    US$20.00
9.    Auditing: An Integrated Approach (Seventh Edition).  Item number: 009258.    US$12.00
10.    Contemporary Authors: A Bio - Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction, Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television, and Other Fields (New Revision Series, volume 107).  Item number: 009416.    US$30.00
11.    Old-Time New England: New England Furniture: Essays In Memory Of Benno M. Forman ( Volume 72 ).  Item number: 009479.    US$25.00
12.    Faribault County 1855 - 1976: A Panorama.  Item number: 009650.    US$40.00
13.    Sotheby's Founded 1744: Fine Manuscript and Printed Americana: New York, Monday, Novermber 1, 1993.  Item number: 009665.    US$15.00
14.    The History Of America (Volume XIII): The Progressive Era And World War I, Part 1: America Enters the World.  Item number: 009834.    US$60.00
15.    Milestones Of Excellence In the Pulp And Paper Industry 1929 - 1993.  Item number: 009879.    US$12.00
16.    The Home Workshop, Custom Woodworking.  Item number: 010461.    US$15.00
17.    A Northern Man The Planter: or, Thirteen Years in the South.  Item number: 20807.    US$45.00
18.    A Primer of Handling the Negative Therapeutic Reaction Seinfeld, Jeffrey.  Item number: 20522.    US$30.00
19.    Abbott, John S. C. History of Frederick the Second, called Frederick the Great..  Item number: 000592.    US$35.00
20.    Abbott, JohnS. C. The History of Napoleon Bonaparte, Volume IV.  Item number: 007319.    US$20.00
21.    Abdullah bin Zayad Al Nahyan Emirates Arabes Unis, Revue Annualle 1998.  Item number: 004821.    US$15.00
22.    Abe, Y. (editor); Lee, S. M. (editor); Arai, I. (editor); Yabana, K. (editor) Similarities & Differences Between Atomic Nuclei & Clusters : Toward a Unified Development of Cluster Science (AIP Conference Proceedings Ser., Vol. 416).  Item number: 001078.    US$40.00
23.    Abelmann, Walter H. ( editor ) The Harvard-Mit Division of Health Sciences and Technology: The First 25 Years 1970-1995.  Item number: 010003.    US$32.00
24.    Abernethy, Thomas Perkins The Formative Period in Alabama, 1815-1828.  Item number: 010080.    US$20.00
25.    Abernethy, Thomas Perkins The Burr Conspiracy.  Item number: 010202.    US$40.00
26.    Abodaher, David J. Son of Liberty: Thaddeus Kosciuszko.  Item number: 006871.    US$10.00
27.    Acker, Marian Francis Etchings of Old Mobile.  Item number: 001544.    US$70.00
28.    Ackermann, Hans Christophe and Babey, Bilder Maurice Uhrmacher im alten Basel (Clock and Watch Making in Basle).  Item number: 008456.    US$38.00
29.    Acland, Eric The Princess Elizabeth..  Item number: 000195.    US$8.00
30.    Adair, Douglass Fame and the Founding Fathers.  Item number: 20151.    US$40.00
31.    Adams, Daniel J. (editor) From East to West: Essays in Honor of Donald G. Bloesch.  Item number: 009473.    US$30.00
32.    Adams, E. Bryding (editor) Made in Alabama: A State Legacy.  Item number: 21033.    US$75.00
33.    Adams, Frederick A. Projects in Furniture Making.  Item number: 005410.    US$35.00
34.    Adams, Michael Henry Harlem : Lost and Found, An Architectural and Social History, 1765-1915.  Item number: 005371.    US$45.00
35.    Adams, Orville Elements of Diesel Engineering.  Item number: 001508.    US$15.00
36.    Adamson, Arthur W. A Textbook of Physical Chemistry.  Item number: 008821.    US$15.00
37.    Adedeji, Adebayo (editor) Comprehending and Mastering African Conflicts.  Item number: 20105.    US$15.00
38.    Adeli, Hojjat Interactive Microcomputer-Aided Structural Steel Design.  Item number: 010141.    US$35.00
39.    Adkins, Jan E. Art and Ingenuity of the Woodstove.  Item number: 004229.    US$6.00
40.    Adomites, Paul et al Cooperstown : Hall of Fame Players.  Item number: 006890.    US$60.00
41.    Agarwal, Pankaj K., Kavraki, Lydia E., and Mason, Matthew T.( Editors) Robotics: The Algorithmic Perspective; The Third Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics.  Item number: 009261.    US$35.00
42.    Agee, Rucker Twenty Alabama Books.  Item number: 003461.    US$30.00
43.    Ager, Valdemar Colonel Heg and His Boys: A Norwegian Regiment in the American Civil War.  Item number: 20297.    US$35.00
44.    Ahlborn, Richard Eighme and Espinola, Vera Beaver-Bricken Russian Copper Icons and Crosses from the Kunz Collection: Castings of Faith.  Item number: 20383.    US$40.00
45.    Ahlstrom, Sydney E.; Mullin, Robert B. The Scientific Theist : A Life of Francis Ellingwood Abbot.  Item number: 006575.    US$10.00
46.    Ahsen, Akhter Rhea Complex : A Detour Around the Oedipus Complex.  Item number: 005200.    US$20.00
47.    Aiken, Charles S. The Cotton Plantation South since the Civil War (Creating the North American Landscape Ser.).  Item number: 005048.    US$30.00
48.    Aikman, Tom Girvan Boss Gardener: The Life and Times of John McLauren.  Item number: 20473.    US$75.00
49.    Akbar, M. J. Shade of Swords : Jihad and Conflict between Islam and Christianity.  Item number: 005374.    US$18.00
50.    Al-Kawaz, Ahmed (editor) New Economic Developments & Their Impact on Arab Economies.  Item number: 001652.    US$60.00

3548 items found
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