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1.    /ulchinsky, Gerald Branching Out. The transformation of the Canadian Jewish Community..  Item number: LAST003984I.    US$18.75
2.    Coca Cola Company, an illustrated profile.  Item number: LAST004018I.    US$18.75
3.    Girl's Own Annual, Vol. 48.  Item number: LAST004121I.    US$18.75
4.    Hollywood Quarterly, Volume III, Number 4.  Item number: LAST004068I.    US$18.75
5.    Science & Society, a Marxian Quarterly, vol. 1 # 1 Fall 1936.  Item number: LAST004153I.    US$18.75
6.    Charter of the United Nations, Statute of the International Court of Justicem agreement establishing preparatory ..etc.  Item number: LAST004154I.    US$18.75
7.    New International, Summer 1956; Israel's Arab Minority, the Beginning of a Tradegy, by Hal draper, plus other articles.  Item number: LAST004155I.    US$18.75
8.    Replacement Parts for Triumph Motor Cycles 1947 & 1948 models, speed twin, Tiger 100, 3T. de luxe.  Item number: LAST004163I.    US$93.75
9.    Royal Enfield Motor Cycle, list of spare & replacement parts for, 1950 Model R.E. 125 c.c. two stroke, with telescoping forks.  Item number: LAST004164I.    US$71.25
10.    American Geologist, a monthly jornal of Geology & allied Sciences.  Item number: LAST003863I.    US$371.25
11.    American Geologist, a monthly jornal of Geology & allied Sciences.  Item number: LAST003864I.    US$221.25
12.    Down Beat , march 2, 1961, vol. 28 no 5.  Item number: LAST003858I.    US$15.00
13.    Down Beat , June 8, 1961, vol. 28 no 12.  Item number: LAST003861I.    US$15.00
14.    Canadian Bank of Commerce, annual reports 1908-1914,, vol 3.  Item number: LAST003893I.    US$71.25
15.    Victoria, the Land of Enchantment.  Item number: LAST003622I.    US$15.00
16.    Sexy Ladies.  Item number: LAST003536I.    US$26.25
17.    Motor Boat Yachting Manual, a practical handbook for all who are interested in Motor Boats of any type.  Item number: LAST003680I.    US$18.75
18.    Women Against War, personal accounts of forty Japanese Woomen.  Item number: LAST003709I.    US$15.00
19.    Fiddlehead, winter 1998, No. 198.  Item number: LAST003724I.    US$11.25
20.    Fiddlehead, Autumn 1998, No. 197.  Item number: LAST003725I.    US$11.25
21.    Mary, John and Peter, Ontario Readers Primer.  Item number: LAST003767I.    US$26.25
22.    Down Beat , march 16, 1961, vol. 28 no 6.  Item number: LAST003859I.    US$15.00
23.    Down Beat , march 1, 1962, vol. 29 no 5.  Item number: LAST003860I.    US$15.00
24.    Story of Grace Harriet, the Little Sufferer; who died in New York April 15,1837.  Item number: LAST003907I.    US$26.25
25.    Vomiting of Pregnancy, a Symposium of the Current Literature.  Item number: LAST004101I.    US$63.75
26.    New International, Winter 1957; Israel's Arab Minority, the Great Land Robbery, by Hal draper, plus other articles.  Item number: LAST004156I.    US$18.75
27.    Black Cat, Mystery Magazine. Vol 1, No. 2, july/Aug 1981.  Item number: LAST004234I.    US$15.00
28.    Black Cat, Mystery Magazine. Vol 1, No.4, winter 1981-1982.  Item number: LAST004235I.    US$15.00
29.    Black Cat, Mystery Quarterly, No 5,.  Item number: LAST004236I.    US$15.00
30.    Black Cat, Mystery Quarterly, No 6,.  Item number: LAST004237I.    US$15.00
31.    Popular Mechanics Manual for Plymouth Owners.  Item number: LAST006391I.    US$14.25
32.    Skane och Regementet, En bok om Skanes och folf och om Kungl. Norra skanska infanteriregementet for dess soldater.  Item number: LAST006451I.    US$71.25
33.    Niagara Falls, Canada, a history of the City and the World Famous Beauty Spot, an anthology.  Item number: LAST006473I.    US$49.31
34.    Dodge, Power Transmission Machinery, Elevating and Conveying Equipment, Catalogue B 10.  Item number: LAST006476I.    US$131.63
35.    Animal Diseases, the yearbook of agriculture 1956.  Item number: LAST006480I.    US$15.00
36.    L'Amant Statue, comedie en un acte et en prose, Melee D'Ariettes. Representee pour la premiere fois, etc. 4 Aout 1785.  Item number: LAST006612I.    US$48.38
37.    Report of the Servants of India Society for 1931-32.  Item number: LAST006621I.    US$33.75
38.    Abyssinia and Italy, information department papers no. 16.  Item number: LAST006622I.    US$10.88
39.    Record of the Trial of the Rev. Prof. J.E. Davey, by the Belfast Presbytery 1927. one copy for each member.  Item number: LAST006626I.    US$108.75
40.    Handbook on German Military Forces 15 March 1945.  Item number: LAST006643I.    US$33.75
41.    Impulse, Contemporary Canadian Writers, Winter 1972, Vol. 1 No.2.  Item number: LAST006654I.    US$18.75
42.    Drink Problem in the Great War, Leaflet number 1.  Item number: LAST006659I.    US$15.00
43.    Satisfactions of Liquor versus The Sacrifices of the Hour, leaflet number 4.  Item number: LAST006660I.    US$15.00
44.    Conduct of the Campaign, leaflet number 5.  Item number: LAST006661I.    US$15.00
45.    Webster's Third International Dictionary, of the English Language Unabridged, with Seven Language Dictionary.  Item number: LAST006664I.    US$33.75
46.    Annual Retrospect of Public Affairs for 1831.  Item number: LAST006680I.    US$93.75
47.    A Call from Death to Life, being an Account of the Sufferings of Marmaduke Stephenson,William Robinson and Mary Dyer -----.  Item number: LAST006681I.    US$97.50
48.    Historic Doubts Relative to Napoleon Buonaparte. and historic Certainties respecting the Early History of America.  Item number: LAST006686I.    US$48.75
49.    Pictures in the Collection of J. Pierpont Morgan, at Prince's Gate & Dover House (English School).  Item number: LAST006690I.    US$101.25
50.    Notes on Mao Tse-Tung's report on an Ivestigation of The Peasant Movement in Hunan.  Item number: LAST006613I.    US$13.13

Over 9000 Items found
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