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1.    Bell, Arthur Wellington Cape Cod color; being a pot-pourri of promiscuous paragraphs concerning fish, flesh, and fowl, with a few stray observations upon flowers, fruits, and institutions on the Cape, by Arthur W. Bell; with a frontispiece by H.  Item number: 42994.    US$14.00
2.    , Illustrator: Adeline H. Bolton The Arabian Nights. With introduction by Orton Lowe..  Item number: 005571.    US$45.00
3.    , Illustrator: Christopher Moroney. Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat, The Movie. Adapted by Jesse Leon McCann..  Item number: 27927.    US$9.00
4.    , Illustrator: Cogger Joyful Tales for Little Folks : Joyful Tale Series.  Item number: 29863.    US$35.00
5.    , Illustrator: F. H. Taylor St. Botolph's Town and Other Stories.  Item number: 25177.    US$14.00
6.    , Illustrator: Gordon Grant The New Story of the Ship.  Item number: 28290.    US$45.00
7.    , Illustrator: H. J. Haytime & Playtime : Goodwin's Ivy Toy Books No. 17.  Item number: 008688.    US$30.00
8.    , Illustrator: Lillian Sturges The Goose Girl: A Collection of Children's Favorite Stories. Illustrated by Lillian Sturges.  Item number: 016388.    US$35.00
9.    , Illustrator: Margaret Voight Fluffy, Puffy and Muffy.  Item number: 006543.    US$19.00
10.    , Illustrator: Ruth McCrea (decorations) The ABC of Barbecue.  Item number: 018189.    US$7.00
11.    [Benjamin, Helen Mina Purvis] An anthology of humorous verse, from Robert Herrick to Owen Seaman, by Helen and Lewis Melville [pseud.] ...  Item number: 018263.    US$6.00
12.    [MacPherson, James] I diritti della gran - brettagna stabiliti contro le pretensioni di America. Traduzione dall' Inglese . . ..  Item number: 31693.    US$750.00
13.    [Villemarest, Charles Maxime Catherinet de] Life o Prince Talleyrand.  Item number: 41107.    US$14.00
14.    Ö Beckett, Gilbert Abbott, Illustrator: John Leech The Comic History of Rome.  Item number: 015499.    US$75.00
15.    Cat Tales.  Item number: 33337.    US$75.00
16.    Christmas at the Beeches.  Item number: 33819.    US$11.00
17.    Scenes of the San Francisco Fire and Earthquake, April 18, 1906. Series no. 2..  Item number: 39007.    US$25.00
18.    Directions to Enter the Ports of Boston, Salem & Newbury. Written by Eminent Authorities in the years 1783-91 and now printed at the sign of the Priceless Pearl by M.B. in Salem, New England, 1963.  Item number: 39015.    US$30.00
19.    Poetry, A Magazine of Verse, vol. 61, no. 1, Oct. 1942.  Item number: 39025.    US$11.00
20.    The Philosophy of Be by Mother Hive..  Item number: 39026.    US$4.00
21.    Clip Art Decorative Borders.  Item number: 39294.    US$4.00
22.    The Massachusetts Review, vol. V, no. 1, Autumn 1963.  Item number: 39496.    US$14.25
23.    Poem of the Cid. English verse translation by W. S. Merwin.  Item number: 39615.    US$3.00
24.    The Armstrong Book of Interior Decoration.  Item number: 39728.    US$8.00
25.    The First [- Third] Country Life Picture Book of Britain.  Item number: 39731.    US$11.00
26.    A Treasury of the World's Best Loved Poems.  Item number: 39789.    US$7.00
27.    A collection of memorials concerning divers deceased ministers and others of the people called Quakers : in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, and parts adjacent, from nearly the first settlement thereof to the year 1787; with so.  Item number: 39847.    US$125.00
28.    Short stories founded on European history : England . . . Second series.  Item number: 39857.    US$45.00
29.    The Tom Thumb Wedding and The Brownies' Flirtation, two unusual entertainments for children.  Item number: 39905.    US$17.00
30.    The Color Purple.  Item number: 39928.    US$100.00
31.    Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary.  Item number: 39992.    US$19.00
32.    Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.  Item number: 39993.    US$7.00
33.    The Photographic History of the Civil War. Volume 4: Soldier Life and Secret Service. Prisons and Hospitals.  Item number: 39998.    US$14.25
34.    Tell me a story : selected from John Martinís book.  Item number: 41137.    US$25.00
35.    Brief memoir of George Mifflin Dallas, of Philadelphia.  Item number: 41292.    US$45.00
36.    Petrettiís coca-cola collectibles price guide.  Item number: 41418.    US$9.00
37.    Automobile Green Book. Vol. 1, 1926. Spring edition . . . New England States, Canada and Trunk Lines West and South, Golf Club Guide.  Item number: 41427.    US$30.00
38.    Automobile Green Book. Vol. 1, 1921 . . . New England States and Trunk Lines West and South.  Item number: 41428.    US$25.00
39.    John Fitzgerald Kennedy; as we remember him. Edited and produced under the direction of Goddard Lieberson. Editor, Joan Meyers; art director, Ira Teichberg.  Item number: 41463.    US$11.00
40.    John Fitzgerald Kennedy; as we remember him. Edited and produced under the direction of Goddard Lieberson. Editor, Joan Meyers; art director, Ira Teichberg.  Item number: 41464.    US$8.00
41.    Rebecca Wilson, the Cumberland Girl, by the author of Little John Meek, etc. : Teachers' Tales, no. 1.  Item number: 41566.    US$25.00
42.    The Oak Hall Outline Book for juvenile artists with fifty original designs.  Item number: 41625.    US$30.00
43.    Cinerama South Seas Adventure.  Item number: 41628.    US$20.00
44.    Pilgrim Hymnal.  Item number: 41689.    US$12.00
45.    Ariel, a quarterly journal of arts and letters in Israel, no. 32, 1973.  Item number: 41743.    US$10.00
46.    Is God dead? : Concilium theology in the age of renewal ; v. 16..  Item number: 41841.    US$15.00
47.    The Wee Folks' Life of Christ : Wee books for wee folks.  Item number: 41924.    US$12.00
48.    Superman Batman Annual with Robin the Boy Wonder.  Item number: 42018.    US$35.00
49.    Superman Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder Annual.  Item number: 42019.    US$35.00
50.    An Album of Civil War Battle Art.  Item number: 42049.    US$12.00

Over 9000 Items found
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