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7280 items found for Ernest Lubbe (E. Lubbe Books)
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1.    (Anderson Water Tours). SEEING SEATTLE BY WATER..  Item number: 03239F..    US$11.50
2.    (Anon). AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY..  Item number: 06129M..    US$25.00
3.    (Anon). THE STORY OF MARY AND HER LITTLE LAMB: As Told by Mary and Her Friends, to which is added a Critical Analysis of the Poem..  Item number: 06124M..    US$17.50
4.    (Anon). HONOR ROLL: Military and Naval Service World War II, Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania. 1941-1945..  Item number: 05936S..    US$25.00
5.    (Anon.) HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CALIFORNIA..  Item number: 06722F..    US$30.00
6.    (Anon.) POTTER FAMILY HISTORY..  Item number: 06517M..    US$20.00
7.    (Anon.) ENGLISH FAMILY HISTORY..  Item number: 07242M..    US$20.00
8.    (Anon.) BOYS AID SOCIETY OF CALIFORNIA: Forty-eighth Annual Report..  Item number: 07259F..    US$20.00
9.    (Anon.) BOYS AID SOCIETY OF CALIFORNIA: Forty-fifth Annual Report..  Item number: 07258F..    US$22.00
10.    (Anonymous). GUNNERS WITHOUT INSIGNIA..  Item number: 02074A..    US$20.00
11.    (Anonymous). THE STORY OF THE CENTRAL VALLEY PROJECT OF CALIFORNIA..  Item number: 06747F..    US$20.00
12.    (Anonymous). SANTA CRUZ COUNTY CALIFORNIA..  Item number: 06723F..    US$30.00
13.    (Assorted authors). THE ENGLISH ASSOCIATION PAMPHLETS: WRITERS POETS & PLAYWRIGHTS..  Item number: 05749M..    US$22.50
14.    (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad). THE CATALOGUE OF THE CENTENARY EXHIBITION OF THE BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILROAD 1827-1927..  Item number: 03178B..    US$32.50
15.    (Bergstrom Field, Austin, Texas). WINGS OVER AMERICA. Front cover title: Bergstrom Field, Austin, Texas: Army Air Forces Troop Carrier Command..  Item number: 07887B..    US$57.50
16.    (Biddle, Richard). A MEMOIR OF SEBASTION CABOT; with a Review of the History of Maritime Discovery..  Item number: 02953B..    US$150.00
17.    (Binder, Wilhelm). DER DEUTSCHE PARK: Vornehmlich des 18. Jahrhunderts..  Item number: 07745M..    US$16.50
18.    (Bohn, Casimer, publisher). BOHN'S HAND-BOOK OF WASHINGTON, Illustrated with Engravings of the Public Building and the Government Statuary..  Item number: 06684M..    US$45.00
19.    (Brice, William). NOTATIONS B.82..  Item number: 06113L..    US$75.00
20.    (Byron Weston Company). DEAD MEN TELL UNUSUAL TALES: Unusual Old Documents Gleaned from a Recent Prize Contest in the Interest of Better Public Record Making..  Item number: 07698M..    US$20.00
21.    (Cagner, Ewert, et al [editors]) SWEDISH CHRISTMAS..  Item number: 06236M..    US$21.50
22.    (California Division of Mines and Geology). MINERAL RESOURCES OF CALIFORNIA: Bulletin 191 1966..  Item number: 04724F..    US$15.00
23.    (Century of Progress Exposition). All Expense Vacation Tours to A Century of Progress Exposition: Chicago June to November 1933..  Item number: 07890F..    US$9.00
24.    (Chamber of Commerce). GILROY: The Home of the Prune, Santa Clara County, California..  Item number: 08281F..    US$35.00
25.    (Chambers Lodge). LAKE TAHOE CHAMBERS LODGE..  Item number: 07834F..    US$22.50
26.    (Chevrolet Motor Division). OPERATOR'S MANUAL FOR 1949 LIGHT, MEDIUM AND HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS, CHEVROLET..  Item number: 05298L..    US$32.50
27.    (Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corp.) GENERAL HINTS AND INFORMATION ON YOUR NEW 1949 CHEVROLET..  Item number: 05100M..    US$25.00
28.    (Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corp.) 1949-53 CHEVROLET PASSANGER CAR SHOP MANUAL: Includes 1954 Supplement..  Item number: 05415L..    US$57.50
29.    (Chevrolet). CHEVROLET SHOP MANUAL 1942 and 1946 MODELS..  Item number: 05415D..    US$65.00
30.    (Chrysler Corp., Dodge Division). DODGE PASSENGER CAR SHOP MANUAL: Codes D-19, D-22 and D-24..  Item number: 04696L..    US$67.50
31.    (Chrysler-Plymouth Division). IMPERIAL AND CHRYSLER SERVICE MANUAL: Models TC-1 (Newport), TC-2 (300), TC-3 (New Yorker), TY-1 (Imperial)..  Item number: 05488L..    US$32.50
32.    (Clymer, Floyd). MODEL A FORD: Completely Illustrated Description and Instructions for Care and Maintenance of Model A Ford Automobiles and Model A Trucks..  Item number: 07801M..    US$20.00
33.    (Colusa County). COLUSA: The County of Opportunity..  Item number: 08274F..    US$32.50
34.    (Corporation of Washington). THE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF WASHINGTON, Being the Act of Incorporation, and the Acts Supplementary To and Amendatory Of, and in Continuation Of the Same, Passed by the Congress of the United States..  Item number: 02097B..    US$250.00
35.    (Corps of Engineers). CAMOUFLAGE OF FIELD ARTILLERY..  Item number: 07361M..    US$30.00
36.    (Currie, W.H.) ALLURING BRITISH COLUMBIA..  Item number: 04228F..    US$25.00
37.    (Denton, Jr., Jeremiah A. with Ed Brandt). WHEN HELL WAS IN SESSION..  Item number: 07410A..    US$15.00
38.    (Emerald Bay Camp). LAKE TAHOE EMERALD BAY CAMP & HOTEL..  Item number: 07831F..    US$22.50
39.    (Erkins, Henry). NEW YORK PLAISANCE: Number One MDCCCCVIII, an Illustrated Series of New York Plaves of Amusement..  Item number: 05796B..    US$140.00
40.    (Fitzsimons, Bernard, editor.) WARPLANES & AIR BATTLES OF WORLD WAR II..  Item number: 02297B..    US$17.50
41.    (Fitzsimons, Bernard, editor.) WARPLANES & AIR BATTLES OF WORLD WAR II..  Item number: 01923B..    US$17.50
42.    (Ford Truck). 1954-55 FORD TRUCK SHOP MANUAL..  Item number: 05363D..    US$60.00
43.    (Fowler, O.S. & L.N.) NEW ILLUSTRATED SELF INSTRUCTOR IN PHENOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY..  Item number: 00626M..    US$20.00
44.    (Fresno, California.) FRESNO..  Item number: 07822F..    US$16.50
45.    (General Motors Corp.) MAINTENANCE MANUAL: GMC TRUCKS: Models 100-500..  Item number: 05482L..    US$100.00
46.    (General Motors Corp.) MAINTENANCE MANUAL: H Models 400-47 (GMC Trucks)..  Item number: 07553L..    US$100.00
47.    (General Motors Corp.) MAINTENANCE MANUAL: 1944 Through 1947, Truck Series 520 and Up..  Item number: 07554L..    US$125.00
48.    (Gold Lake Lodge.) GOLD LAKE LODGE: Formerly Gold Lake Camp..  Item number: 07825F..    US$20.00
49.    (Golden Gate International Exposition). SOUVENIR PROGRAM: TREASURE ISLAND: Daily Doings 1940..  Item number: 07866F..    US$25.00
50.    (Goudy, Frederic W.) B.M.G.: BERTHA M. GOUDY. Recollections by One Who Knew Her Best..  Item number: 00323B..    US$100.00

7280 items found
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