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1.    KENYA: an Official Handbook.  Item number: 451.    US$9.95
2.    Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Born in the U. S. A.  Item number: 824.    US$79.95
3.    The Farmers' Almanac Cook Book.  Item number: 971.    US$9.95
4.    Prolegomena to Theism.  Item number: 2296.    US$24.95
5.    Lloyd's Register of American Yachts, 1972: a List of the Sailing and Power Yachts, Yacht Clubs and Yacht Owners of the United States and the Dominion of Canada.  Item number: 9448.    US$24.95
6.    The Galaxy: a Magazine of Entertaining Reading, Vol XIX, Jan 1875 to Jun 1875.  Item number: 9791.    US$59.95
7.    Handbook of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston 1916.  Item number: 9796.    US$19.95
8.    The Influence and History of the Boston Athenaeum from 1807 to 1907.  Item number: 9800.    US$29.95
9.    Bargoni Peintures.  Item number: 9835.    US$24.95
10.    The Story of Margredel: Being a Fireside History of a Fifeshire Family.  Item number: 9865.    US$29.95
11.    Artes De Mexico: Guanajuato.  Item number: 10273.    US$99.95
12.    The Architectural Record, Vol. LXII, July-December 1927.  Item number: 10807.    US$99.95
13.    Sotheby's Art At Auction: the Art Market Review 1993-94.  Item number: 10815.    US$49.95
14.    Healthy and Simple Asian Recipes: for Delicious Everyday Meals.  Item number: 11170.    US$8.95
15.    Their Majesties' Visit to Canada, the United States and Newfoundland, May 17 - June 17, 1939.  Item number: 12431.    US$14.95
16.    The Music with the Form and Order of the Service to be Performed At the Coronation of Her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the Abbey Church of Westminster on Tuesday the 2nd Day of June 1953..  Item number: 12432.    US$24.95
17.    The Rye High School Alumni Directory 1994 Edition.  Item number: 12498.    US$15.95
18.    The Dream of the Red Chamber [Hung Lou Meng].  Item number: 12567.    US$5.95
19.    Nantucket Writings A Writers' Workshop in Print.  Item number: 12633.    US$4.95
20.    Vancouver Maritime Museum Ship Model Collection Treasures Afloat Spring/summer 1968 Exhibition.  Item number: 12365.    US$14.95
21.    Lloyd's Register of American Yachts, 1963 A List of the Sailing and Power Yachts, Yacht Clubs and Yacht Owners of the United States and the Dominion of Canada.  Item number: 12435.    US$24.95
22.    Lloyd's Register of American Yachts, 1970 A List of the Sailing and Power Yachts, Yacht Clubs and Yacht Owners of the United States and the Dominion of Canada.  Item number: 12436.    US$24.95
23.    Lloyd's Register of American Yachts, 1927 A List of the Sailing and Power Yachts, Yacht Clubs and Yachtsmen of the United States, the Dominion of Canada, the West Indies and South America.  Item number: 12440.    US$149.95
24.    Forest Meditations: the Verses of the Arahant Talaputa Thera.  Item number: 11718.    US$14.95
25.    What Does it Mean to be Human?.  Item number: 5352.    US$8.95
26.    The Private Papers of a Bankrupt Bookseller.  Item number: 5527.    US$74.95
27.    Home is Home.  Item number: 6158.    US$149.95
28.    Mary Engelbreit's Outdoor Companion.  Item number: 6173.    US$19.95
29.    Roger Rabbit.  Item number: 6233.    US$6.95
30.    Robotech.  Item number: 6234.    US$9.95
31.    Their Crimes.  Item number: 6272.    US$19.95
32.    British Civilian Prisoners in German East Africa.  Item number: 6280.    US$69.95
33.    General Von Bissing's Testament.  Item number: 6281.    US$19.95
34.    Statement of the Measures Adopted to Intercept the Sea-Borne Commerce of Germany.  Item number: 6286.    US$24.95
35.    Correspondence with the United States Ambassador Respecting the Treatment of British Prisoners of War and Interned Civilians in Germany.  Item number: 6289.    US$79.95
36.    Correspondence with the United States Ambassador Respecting the Execution of Miss Cavell At Brussels.  Item number: 6290.    US$69.95
37.    Asian Art in the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.  Item number: 7555.    US$39.95
38.    Three Naughty French Novels.  Item number: 7594.    US$8.95
39.    Three More Naughty French Novels.  Item number: 7595.    US$15.95
40.    Old Dartmouth Historical Sketches.  Item number: 7758.    US$39.95
41.    Proceedings of the Bostonian Society Annual Meeting, January 18, 1955.  Item number: 7800.    US$29.95
42.    Sj÷historiska Fotografier.  Item number: 7804.    US$24.95
43.    Records and Papers of the New London County Historical Society, Part I. Vol II.  Item number: 7818.    US$34.95
44.    The U. S. S. Yankee on the Cuban Blockade 1898.  Item number: 9153.    US$79.95
45.    Railroad Trainmen's Journal Vol. XVI, No. 8, August 1899.  Item number: 11598.    US$19.95
46.    Falmouth-By-The-Sea: the Naples of America.  Item number: 11907.    US$14.95
47.    Clive Barker's Hellraiser Book I.  Item number: 11958.    US$19.95
48.    The New Orange Line Opening May 4, 1987.  Item number: 12050.    US$4.95
49.    A Celebratio0n of Young Poets 1997 (Northeast Edition).  Item number: 12071.    US$24.95
50.    Twentieth Century Paintings & Sculpture of the French School in the Chester Dale Collection.  Item number: 12074.    US$9.50

3329 items found
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