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1.    What Does it Mean to be Human?.  Item number: 5352.    US$8.95
2.    The Private Papers of a Bankrupt Bookseller.  Item number: 5527.    US$74.95
3.    Home is Home.  Item number: 6158.    US$149.95
4.    Mary Engelbreit's Outdoor Companion.  Item number: 6173.    US$19.95
5.    Roger Rabbit.  Item number: 6233.    US$6.95
6.    Robotech.  Item number: 6234.    US$9.95
7.    Their Crimes.  Item number: 6272.    US$19.95
8.    British Civilian Prisoners in German East Africa.  Item number: 6280.    US$69.95
9.    General Von Bissing's Testament.  Item number: 6281.    US$19.95
10.    Statement of the Measures Adopted to Intercept the Sea-Borne Commerce of Germany.  Item number: 6286.    US$24.95
11.    Correspondence with the United States Ambassador Respecting the Treatment of British Prisoners of War and Interned Civilians in Germany.  Item number: 6289.    US$79.95
12.    Correspondence with the United States Ambassador Respecting the Execution of Miss Cavell At Brussels.  Item number: 6290.    US$69.95
13.    Asian Art in the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.  Item number: 7555.    US$39.95
14.    Three Naughty French Novels.  Item number: 7594.    US$8.95
15.    Three More Naughty French Novels.  Item number: 7595.    US$15.95
16.    Old Dartmouth Historical Sketches.  Item number: 7758.    US$39.95
17.    Proceedings of the Bostonian Society Annual Meeting, January 18, 1955.  Item number: 7800.    US$29.95
18.    Sj÷historiska Fotografier.  Item number: 7804.    US$24.95
19.    Records and Papers of the New London County Historical Society, Part I. Vol II.  Item number: 7818.    US$34.95
20.    Railroad Trainmen's Journal Vol. XVI, No. 8, August 1899.  Item number: 11598.    US$19.95
21.    Falmouth-By-The-Sea: the Naples of America.  Item number: 11907.    US$14.95
22.    Clive Barker's Hellraiser Book I.  Item number: 11958.    US$19.95
23.    The New Orange Line Opening May 4, 1987.  Item number: 12050.    US$4.95
24.    A Celebratio0n of Young Poets 1997 (Northeast Edition).  Item number: 12071.    US$24.95
25.    Twentieth Century Paintings & Sculpture of the French School in the Chester Dale Collection.  Item number: 12074.    US$9.50
26.    Who's Who in New England 1916.  Item number: 12092.    US$24.95
27.    Tit-Bits of Irish Humour: Collected from Variour Sources.  Item number: 12328.    US$14.95
28.    Tit-Bits of Scottish Humour: Collected from Variour Sources.  Item number: 12329.    US$14.95
29.    A New China Policy Some Quaker Proposals.  Item number: 13056.    US$11.95
30.    Vancouver Maritime Museum Ship Model Collection Treasures Afloat Spring/summer 1968 Exhibition.  Item number: 12365.    US$14.95
31.    Forest Meditations: the Verses of the Arahant Talaputa Thera.  Item number: 11718.    US$14.95
32.    Gardening on Cape Cod 1970.  Item number: 11519.    US$4.95
33.    Lloyd's Register of American Yachts, 1928 A List of the Sailing and Power Yachts, Yacht Clubs and Yachtsmen of the United States, the Dominion of Canada, the West Indies and South America.  Item number: 12441.    US$129.95
34.    Italian Cut Work and Filet Lace.  Item number: 13143.    US$9.95
35.    While You're ON the WAYS Being a Primer for the Patient, and Containing Assorted Informations Which Will Introduce the Nantucket Cottage Hospital.  Item number: 13401.    US$4.95
36.    Ships and Shipmasters of Old Providence A Brief Account of Some of the Famous Merchants, Sea Captains and Ships of the Past, Together with Reminiscences of a Few Notable Voyages Made in Providence Ships.  Item number: 13400.    US$9.95
37.    KENYA: an Official Handbook.  Item number: 451.    US$9.95
38.    Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Born in the U. S. A.  Item number: 824.    US$79.95
39.    The Farmers' Almanac Cook Book.  Item number: 971.    US$9.95
40.    Prolegomena to Theism.  Item number: 2296.    US$24.95
41.    The U. S. S. Yankee on the Cuban Blockade 1898.  Item number: 9153.    US$79.95
42.    Lloyd's Register of American Yachts, 1972: a List of the Sailing and Power Yachts, Yacht Clubs and Yacht Owners of the United States and the Dominion of Canada.  Item number: 9448.    US$24.95
43.    The Galaxy: a Magazine of Entertaining Reading, Vol XIX, Jan 1875 to Jun 1875.  Item number: 9791.    US$59.95
44.    Handbook of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston 1916.  Item number: 9796.    US$19.95
45.    The Influence and History of the Boston Athenaeum from 1807 to 1907.  Item number: 9800.    US$29.95
46.    Bargoni Peintures.  Item number: 9835.    US$24.95
47.    The Story of Margredel: Being a Fireside History of a Fifeshire Family.  Item number: 9865.    US$29.95
48.    Artes De Mexico: Guanajuato.  Item number: 10273.    US$99.95
49.    The Architectural Record, Vol. LXII, July-December 1927.  Item number: 10807.    US$99.95
50.    Sotheby's Art At Auction: the Art Market Review 1993-94.  Item number: 10815.    US$49.95

3338 items found
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