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1.    (Ill. Avis Johnson) Give Them a Garland.  Item number: RGMN00203.    US$22.50
2.    (Ill. Chris Goddard) Reflections of Lake Minnetonka: Recipes and Remembrances from Hillcrest and Friends.  Item number: RGMN00200.    US$22.50
3.    (Ill. Danforth Robinson) Imago Chirurgii, 1913-1963.  Item number: MDSG00017.    US$18.00
4.    (Ill. Maurice Albe) Croquants du Périgord.  Item number: LAFR00047.    US$36.00
5.    (Ill. Paul Gulla) American Short Stories.  Item number: LIFI00317.    US$31.50
6.    (Ill. Victor Hammer) The Song-Story of Aucassin & Nicolete.  Item number: LIPO00011.    US$18.00
7.    [Lowry, Horace] de Ségur, Mme. la Comtesse, née Rostopchine (Ill. Emil Bayard) Le Général Dourakine.  Item number: RGMN00114.    US$45.00
8.    Introduction to Microcomputers... MS-DOS & CP/M.  Item number: TECS00013.    US$22.50
9.    Marshall Field & Company and Chicago.  Item number: RGIL00004.    US$18.00
10.    Versailles Historical Series (18 Volumes, consisting of Letters, Diaries, Correspondence, and Memoirs of Saint-Simon, Mottville, Bernis, Princess Palatine, d'Argenson, Lespinasse, Prince de Ligne, Fersen, Mme. Elizabeth).  Item number: LAFR00040.    US$315.00
11.    Operating Room Technique Including Central Dressing Room Equipment and Procedures.  Item number: MDSG00014.    US$22.50
12.    Reading Book for the Use of Students of the Gaelic Class in the University of Edinburgh, Part I.  Item number: LAGA00001.    US$90.00
13.    The Holy Bible (Authorised King James Version).  Item number: RLBI00006.    US$27.00
14.    La Chaux-de-Fonds: Mesure du Temps.  Item number: LAFR00019.    US$22.50
15.    SuSE Linux 7.3 (3-Vol. set includes Applications; Reference Manual; Network).  Item number: TECS00007.    US$18.00
16.    Publications of the American Sociological Society, Volume XI (Papers and Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Meeting, 1916 (The Sociology of Rural Life).  Item number: SSSC00007.    US$45.00
17.    Manual J: Load Calculation for Residential Winter and Summer Air Conditioning.  Item number: TEHV00013.    US$18.00
18.    The Social Welfare Forum, 1982/1983.  Item number: SSSW00004.    US$18.00
19.    Smith's Simplified-Illustrated Baritone Ukulele Method and Songs.  Item number: MUIN00009.    US$18.00
20.    The New English Bible with the Apocrypha.  Item number: RLBI00018.    US$13.50
21.    The Minnesota Legislative Manual, 1995-1996.  Item number: RGMN00146.    US$31.50
22.    Service Manual Volvo 240 1975 (TP 11050/1).  Item number: TEAU00008.    US$45.00
23.    ASHRAE Handbook: 1993 Fundamentals (I-P Edition).  Item number: TEHV00015.    US$54.00
24.    The Rights of Children (Harvard Educational Review Reprint Series No. 9).  Item number: LWFM00002.    US$22.50
25.    Gems (Vol. 1, 1956-57).  Item number: RGMN00173.    US$18.00
26.    Gems (Vol. 2, 1958).  Item number: RGMN00174.    US$22.50
27.    Gems (Vol. 4, 1960).  Item number: RGMN00175.    US$22.50
28.    Minneapolis Code of Ordinances.  Item number: RGMN00178.    US$90.00
29.    Cancer: Publications of the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.  Item number: MDCA00003.    US$18.00
30.    Liver Cancer (IARC Scientific Publications No. 1).  Item number: MDCA00004.    US$45.00
31.    Who's Who in the World (3rd edition, 1976-1977).  Item number: BICL00009.    US$31.50
32.    Duden Rechtschreibung der deutschen Sprache und der Fremdwörter (Duden Band 1).  Item number: LAGE00060.    US$13.50
33.    General Electric Miniature and Subminiature Lamp Catalog.  Item number: TEEE00001.    US$18.00
34.    State of Minnesota In Supreme Court, Lawrence L. Hurr and Sophie Caroline Hurr, Plaintiffs-Appellants, vs. Roscoe C. Johnston, Defendant-Respondent (No. 36110) Record, Appellants' Brief & Respondent's Brief (3 vol.).  Item number: LWTR00005.    US$54.00
35.    State of Minnesota In Supreme Court, Lawrence L. Hurr and Sophie Caroline Hurr, Plaintiffs-Appellants, vs. Roscoe C. Johnston, Defendant-Respondent (No. 36110) Record & Appellants' Brief (2 vol.).  Item number: LWTR00006.    US$45.00
36.    The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text: A New Translation with the Aid of Previous Versions and with Constant Consultation of Jewish Authorities.  Item number: RLJW00015.    US$13.50
37.    Hamburg: die farbige Hansestadt; the colourful Hanseatic city; la luminosa ciudad hanseática; la ville hanséatique aux cent couleurs.  Item number: TRGE00001.    US$18.00
38.    $750,000 Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (Lyman Lumber Company Project) Series 1980, City of Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Item number: RGMN00190.    US$90.00
39.    A Chinese-English Dictionary.  Item number: LACH00002.    US$31.50
40.    Tappan Owners Guide - Greenbrier & Holiday.  Item number: CKGN00010.    US$13.50
41.    Riverside Mothers Club Cookbook, 1955-56.  Item number: CKGN00011.    US$18.00
42.    Ohmite Parallel Resistance Calculator and Standard Slide Rule.  Item number: TEEC00076.    US$18.00
43.    Minimum Property Requirements for Properties of One or Two Living Units Located in the State of Minnesota.  Item number: CRBC00012.    US$18.00
44.    Griffin.  Item number: RGNW00002.    US$45.00
45.    France.  Item number: TRFR00007.    US$13.50
46.    Toyota Technical Review, 2004/11, Materials, Vol. 53 (Whole No. 219).  Item number: TEAU00012.    US$27.00
47.    The Quilting Bible (Singer Sewing Reference Library).  Item number: CRQU00001.    US$13.50
48.    Gems (Vol. 10, May 1966).  Item number: RGMN00199.    US$22.50
49.    The Edison Record (collection).  Item number: RGMN00201.    US$90.00
50.    Arab Cooking: Egypt - Maghreb - Turkey - Jordan - Lebanon.  Item number: CKME00001.    US$31.50

4868 items found
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