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1.    (Ill. Avis Johnson) Give Them a Garland.  Item number: RGMN00203.    US$22.50
2.    (Ill. Chris Goddard) Reflections of Lake Minnetonka: Recipes and Remembrances from Hillcrest and Friends.  Item number: RGMN00200.    US$22.50
3.    (Ill. Danforth Robinson) Imago Chirurgii, 1913-1963.  Item number: MDSG00017.    US$18.00
4.    (Ill. Maurice Albe) Croquants du Périgord.  Item number: LAFR00047.    US$36.00
5.    (Ill. Paul Gulla) American Short Stories.  Item number: LIFI00317.    US$31.50
6.    (Ill. Victor Hammer) The Song-Story of Aucassin & Nicolete.  Item number: LIPO00011.    US$18.00
7.    [Lowry, Horace] de Ségur, Mme. la Comtesse, née Rostopchine (Ill. Emil Bayard) Le Général Dourakine.  Item number: RGMN00114.    US$45.00
8.    Small Wars Manual, United States Marine Corps, 1940 (NAVMC 2890).  Item number: MIST00002.    US$90.00
9.    Hoover's Handbook of American Business, 2002 (2-Volume Set).  Item number: BUIN00058.    US$22.50
10.    State of South Dakota Forty-Third Annual Report: Department of Game, Fish and Parks, July 1, 1951 - June 30, 1952.  Item number: RGSD00002.    US$18.00
11.    State of South Dakota Forty-Fourth Annual Report: Department of Game, Fish and Parks, July 1, 1952 - June 30, 1953.  Item number: RGSD00003.    US$18.00
12.    45th Annual Report: South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1954.  Item number: RGSD00004.    US$18.00
13.    46th Annual Report: South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1955.  Item number: RGSD00005.    US$18.00
14.    Acceptance of the Statue of Maria L. Sanford Presented by the State of Minnesota: Proceedings in the Congress and in the Rotunda, United States Capitol.  Item number: RGMN00099.    US$18.00
15.    1883-1958, 75th Anniversary of St. John's Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Northwest Synod, U. L. C. A..  Item number: RGMN00100.    US$18.00
16.    1883-1958, 75th Anniversary of St. John's Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Northwest Synod, U. L. C. A..  Item number: RGMN00101.    US$18.00
17.    The St. Paul Dispatch and Pioneer Press Almanac and Year-book for 1915.  Item number: RGMN00104.    US$18.00
18.    Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible (Large Type, Illustrated).  Item number: RLBI00010.    US$27.00
19.    The Holy Bible (Authorised King James Version).  Item number: RLBI00006.    US$27.00
20.    La Chaux-de-Fonds: Mesure du Temps.  Item number: LAFR00019.    US$22.50
21.    SuSE Linux 7.3 (3-Vol. set includes Applications; Reference Manual; Network).  Item number: TECS00007.    US$18.00
22.    Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 25th Edition.  Item number: MDGU00007.    US$18.00
23.    Physicians' Desk Reference, 54th Edition, 2000.  Item number: MDGU00008.    US$22.50
24.    HMO/PPO Directory, 13th Edition, 2001: U. S. Managed Healthcare Organizations in Detail Plus Key Decision Makers.  Item number: MDDR00001.    US$135.00
25.    Harvard Law Review, Vol. 70, No. 7 & No. 8, May & June 1957.  Item number: LWJR00001.    US$18.00
26.    Transcript of Record. United States Circuit Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit. No. 7414, Simon P. Lesselyoung, plaintiff in error, vs. United States of America, Defendant in Error (April 1, 1926).  Item number: LWTR00002.    US$22.50
27.    U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit. April Term, 1932. Docket No. 3267. Monarch Mills, Appellant, v. John F. Jones, as Collecor of Internal Revenue, Appellee. Brief for Appellant..  Item number: LWTR00003.    US$9.00
28.    Introduction to Microcomputers... MS-DOS & CP/M.  Item number: TECS00013.    US$22.50
29.    Marshall Field & Company and Chicago.  Item number: RGIL00004.    US$18.00
30.    Versailles Historical Series (18 Volumes, consisting of Letters, Diaries, Correspondence, and Memoirs of Saint-Simon, Mottville, Bernis, Princess Palatine, d'Argenson, Lespinasse, Prince de Ligne, Fersen, Mme. Elizabeth).  Item number: LAFR00040.    US$315.00
31.    Telephone Almanac for 1956.  Item number: TEEC00032.    US$18.00
32.    Vues de Paris : 16 Vues Aquarellées.  Item number: TRFR00002.    US$27.00
33.    RCA Receiving Tube Manual (Technical Series RC-26).  Item number: TEEC00033.    US$18.00
34.    Technology Masters for Merrill Algebra 2 with Trigonometry: Applications and Connections.  Item number: MAAL00023.    US$18.00
35.    Minnesota Law Review, Volume 52, Numbers 1 & 2, November 1967 & December 1967.  Item number: LWJR00002.    US$18.00
36.    Minnesota Law Review, Volume 51, Numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4, November & December 1966, January & March 1967.  Item number: LWJR00003.    US$22.50
37.    Minnesota Law Review, Volume 54, Numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4, November & December 1969, January & March 1970.  Item number: LWJR00004.    US$22.50
38.    Proceedings of the Board of Park Commissioners of the City of Minneapolis.  Item number: RGMN00127.    US$108.00
39.    Abyssinia and Italy (Information Department Papers, No. 16).  Item number: HIAF00002.    US$31.50
40.    Abyssinia and Italy (Information Department Papers, No. 16).  Item number: HIAF00003.    US$22.50
41.    Physicians' Desk Reference, 59th Edition, 2005; and Supplement A.  Item number: MDGU00010.    US$22.50
42.    Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 24th Edition.  Item number: MDGU00011.    US$22.50
43.    Housing Maintenance Code: Minimum Standards for Maintenance of Dwellings.  Item number: CRBC00006.    US$18.00
44.    The City of Saint Paul and Vicinity: A Compendium of Information for Visitors and Citizens.  Item number: RGMN00136.    US$31.50
45.    Tidskrift for Valdres Historielag, 35. årgang 1958: Festskrift til Knut Hermundstad.  Item number: LANR00014.    US$18.00
46.    Les Conventions et Déclarations de la Haye de 1899 et 1907, Accompagnées de Tableaux des Signatures, Ratifications, et Adhésions et des Textes des Réserves.  Item number: LWIN00008.    US$45.00
47.    Dorsey & Whitney Photo Directory.  Item number: LWBI00002.    US$18.00
48.    Russian Regions in 1998.  Item number: LARU00006.    US$31.50
49.    Minnesota Real Estate Manual.  Item number: RGMN00139.    US$18.00
50.    The New Covenant, Commonly Called the New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Revised Standard Version.  Item number: RLBI00016.    US$18.00

4906 items found
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