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1915 items found for Canterbury Books
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1.    (author not stated). MY HAPPY BOOK: Your Animal Friends..  Item number: A4310.    US$8.00
2.    (author not stated)., Illustrator: John Ushler (illustrations). GENE AUTRY: Goes to the Circus. Tell-A-Tale Books..  Item number: A1786.    US$4.00
3.    (author not stated)., Illustrator: Philip B. Parsons (illustrations). PUPPY TALES. The Little Color Classics..  Item number: A1788.    US$5.00
4.    [Alexander Afanasyev], traduit du russe par Luda et Illustré par Ivan Bilibin., Illustrator: Illustré par Ivan Bilibin. VASSILISSA-LA-TRES-BELLE: contes russes. [Narodnye russkie skazki].  Item number: A5025.    US$35.00
5.    [Bristow, Amelia]. MIRIAM AND ROSETTE; or Trials of Faith, a Jewish Narrative..  Item number: 4383.    US$80.00
6.    [International Joint Commission]. ST. LAWRENCE WATERWAY. Report on the St. Lawrence Navigation and Power Investigation, 1921..  Item number: 1759.    US$35.00
7.    [Joel Chandler Harris]., Illustrator: Rene Cloke (illustrations). BRER RABBIT STORIES. (Storytime Library)..  Item number: 2393.    US$8.00
8.    [unknown] Apple Auto Glass FAVOURITE APPLE RECIPES, New Edition.  Item number: 4069.    US$8.00
9.    [unknown]. ST. BARNABAS, NORTH HATLEY OUR STORY...1894-1979..  Item number: 3725.    US$15.00
10.    [Warner Bros. Cartoons]. BUGS BUNNY'S ADVENTURES. Story Hour Series..  Item number: A1775.    US$5.00
11.    Ackerley, F.G. (Editorial Board of the Gypsy Lore Society)., Illustrator: J. Martin Stock (frontis engravings). JOURNAL OF THE GYPSY LORE SOCIETY. Third Series. Volume XIII Part 3 [Vol. XIII, Year 1934, No. 3.]..  Item number: A4991.    US$20.00
12.    Acland, Eric. (Captain). PRINCESS ELIZABETH: Probable Future Ruler of the Greatest Empire in the World..  Item number: 2442.    US$10.00
13.    Acland, Eric; Ernest Bartlett. LONG LIVE THE KING! George V - King and Emperor - Prince and Sovereign - Edward VIII..  Item number: 2441.    US$10.00
14.    Adams, Adrienne (selected by). , Illustrator: Adrienne Adams (illustrations). POETRY OF EARTH..  Item number: 4692.    US$10.00
15.    Adams, Chuck. COMPLETE GUIDE TO BOWHUNTING DEER..  Item number: 4328.    US$12.00
16.    Adams, Chuck. , Illustrator: Al Munro (illustrations). DIGEST BOOK OF DUCK & GOOSE HUNTING..  Item number: 4321.    US$8.00
17.    Adams, Richard., Illustrator: Yvonne Gilbert (colour plates); Jennifer Campbell (drawings). THE IRON WOLF and Other Stories..  Item number: C0811.    US$10.00
18.    Ade, George., Illustrator: John T. McCutcheon and Others PEOPLE YOU KNOW..  Item number: B0704.    US$8.00
19.    Affaires indiennes et du Nord Canada. LES INDIENS DU CANADA..  Item number: A4988.    US$4.00
20.    Aflalo, F.G., Illustrator: N. Parker (illustrations). OUR AGREEABLE FRIENDS..  Item number: 1551.    US$25.00
21.    Aiken, Conrad., Illustrator: Milton Glaser (illustrations). A SEIZURE OF LIMERICKS..  Item number: A2811.    US$6.00
22.    Aistrop, J. Bentley., Illustrator: Mr. & Mrs Aistrop, photographers. ENJOYING NATURE'S MARVELS..  Item number: C1019.    US$12.00
23.    Albeck, Ulla. DANSK SYNONYM-ORDBOG: 2. Udgave..  Item number: C1110.    US$15.00
24.    Alberro, Solange (directora). HISTORIA MEXICANA. Vol. XLVI, No. 1 & 2..  Item number: 497.    US$10.00
25.    Alcock, F.J. GEOLOGY OF CHALEUR BAY REGION. Geological Survey Memoir 183..  Item number: 4285.    US$10.00
26.    Alfonso Quijada Urias, (translated by Hugh Hazelton)., Illustrator: Juan Wenceslao Zamora Castro (cover art). THE BETTER TO SEE YOU..  Item number: A4974.    US$6.00
27.    Allan, John. FIRST ANNUAL REPORT ON MINERAL RESOURCES OF ALBERTA..  Item number: B0869.    US$15.00
29.    Allen, James Lane. FLUTE AND VIOLIN AND OTHER KENTUCKY TALES..  Item number: 1605.    US$20.00
30.    Allen, James Lane. CHOIR INVISIBLE, The..  Item number: 2439.    US$10.00
31.    Allen, James Lane. ALABASTER BOX..  Item number: A2445.    US$6.00
32.    Allen, James Lane. AFTERMATH: Part Second of A Kentucky Cardinal..  Item number: 2446.    US$8.00
33.    Allen, Judy (adaptation francaise de Maryam Ghassemi)., Illustrator: Tudor Humphries (illustrations). LE TIGRE..  Item number: 3278.    US$10.00
34.    Allen, Robert [signed copy]. WINTERGREEN (Quandrant Poets series: 1)..  Item number: A5128.    US$10.00
35.    Allen, Roger MacBride., Illustrator: Ron Miller (jacket art). RING OF CHARON: First Book of the Hunted Earth..  Item number: 2961.    US$10.00
36.    Allstrom, Elizabeth., Illustrator: Mel Silverman (woodcuts). SONGS ALONG THE WAY..  Item number: 3683.    US$10.00
37.    American Meteorological Society. AEROSPACE AND AERONAUTICAL METEOROLOGY: Sixth Conference, November 12-15, 1974, El Paso, Texas..  Item number: D0656.    US$20.00
38.    American State Papers. American and British Claims Arbitration. CAYUGA INDIANS. Appendix to the Answer of the United States. Volume I. Part I: Relations of Civilized Nations with the Indians Prior to 1776; Part II: Indian Relations of the Unit.  Item number: 4917.    US$95.00
39.    American Woman's Club of Barbados members. FAVORITE RECIPES OF AMERICAN COOKS IN BARBADOS..  Item number: 4426.    US$8.00
40.    Amichai, Yehuda. (translated from the Hebrew by Glenda Abramson and Tudor Parfitt). GREAT TRANQUILLITY: Questions and Answers..  Item number: A1887.    US$6.00
41.    Andersen, O. Ortved; T. Deckert; J. Nerup; K. Liewendahl, (editors). ACTA ENDOCRINOLOGICA. Volumes 82-83, Supplements 202-205, 1976..  Item number: D1193.    US$18.00
42.    Anderson, Bernice., Illustrator: Frank Gee (illustrations). TRICKSTER TALES FROM PRAIRIE LODGEFIRES..  Item number: A0755.    US$5.00
43.    Anderson, H.C. (Kurzfassung d. Märchens von Hans Christian Andersen von Hans Gärtner)., Illustrator: Lisbeth Zwerger (il DER SCHWEINEHIRT (BilderBuchSternchen: 11)..  Item number: A5189.    US$6.00
44.    Anderson, Moira (with Netta Martin). MOIRA ANDERSON'S SCOTLAND..  Item number: 3347.    US$10.00
45.    Anderson-Dargatz, Gail. CURE FOR DEATH BY LIGHTNING..  Item number: 3832.    US$10.00
46.    Andrews, Keith. LES OCEANS. (French translation of Beneath the Ocean)..  Item number: 2385.    US$10.00
47.    Angelo, Joseph. EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA: Man's Search For Life In Outer Space..  Item number: D0791.    US$12.00
48.    Annequin, Guy. (translated from the French by Lyndal de Turenne). CIVILIZATION OF THE MAYA: Lost Civilizations series..  Item number: 3893.    US$10.00
49.    Anon., Illustrator: L[owell] Hess (illustrations). ALI BABA ET LES QUARANTE VOLEURS: Conte des Mille et Une Nuits..  Item number: A2937.    US$4.00
50.    Anonymous. Home Brewed Wines and Beers and Bartenders' Guide: Secrets of the Liquor Trade. No. 1263..  Item number: A5123.    US$45.00

1915 items found
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