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1.    Gas Engines Magazines.  Item number: 002557.    US$50.00
2.    Abbott, J.S.C. Christopher Carson Known as Kit Carson..  Item number: 000957.    US$34.00
3.    Abbott, Jacob. Rollo's Tour in Europe - Rollo In London..  Item number: 001683.    US$40.00
4.    Abbott, Lyman & Rev. Halliday. Henry Ward Beecher..  Item number: 000864.    US$40.00
5.    Ables, Tom. The Story of Buck Knives..  Item number: 003205.    US$65.00
6.    Abraham, Herbert. Asphalts and Allied Substances..  Item number: 003305.    US$40.00
7.    Adams, James Truslow. Dictionary of American History..  Item number: 000222.    US$120.00
8.    Adams, Kramer A. Covered Bridges of the West..  Item number: 002936.    US$28.00
9.    Adams, Kramer A. Covered Bridges of the West..  Item number: 002909.    US$34.00
10.    Adams, Ramon Six-Guns and Saddle Leather..  Item number: 002124.    US$105.00
11.    Adkin, Mark. The Charge..  Item number: 002748.    US$25.00
12.    Ageton, Arthur. Dead Reconing..  Item number: 003317.    US$14.00
13.    Ainsworth, Ed The Cowboy In Art..  Item number: 002953.    US$48.00
14.    Alaska. Klondike. The Chicago Record's Book for Gold Seekers..  Item number: 001466.    US$50.00
15.    Alexander, John. Ghosts - Washington's Most Famous Ghost Stories..  Item number: 002298.    US$30.00
16.    Allen, Alexander. Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks..  Item number: 001655.    US$40.00
17.    Allen, C. Frank. Engineering Law for Engineers..  Item number: 002908.    US$60.00
18.    Allen, Paul M. Out of Season..  Item number: 002816.    US$35.00
19.    Allen, Richard Sanders. Covered Bridges of the South..  Item number: 002863.    US$38.00
20.    Allen, Richard Sanders. Covered Bridges of the Northeast..  Item number: 000840.    US$30.00
21.    Allis, Marguerite. Historic Connecticut..  Item number: 001231.    US$34.00
22.    Allsberg, Chris Van., Illustrated by: Author Illustrated. The Wreck of the Zephyr..  Item number: 002874.    US$18.00
23.    Alter, Robert Edmond. High Spy..  Item number: 000833.    US$12.00
24.    Amann, William Frayne (edited and intro by). Personnel of the Civil War..  Item number: 001346.    US$52.00
25.    American Cancer Society. Arkansas Cooking..  Item number: 003222.    US$9.00
26.    American Cancer Society. First Lady Cookbook 1980. Along the George Washington Trail..  Item number: 003223.    US$12.00
27.    American Heritage. Historic Houses of America Open to the Public..  Item number: 002593.    US$24.00
28.    American Institute of Steel Construction. Steel Construction..  Item number: 002930.    US$48.00
29.    American Institute of Steel Construction. Steel Construction..  Item number: 002931.    US$48.00
30.    Anderson, Nancy Scott and Anderson, Dwight. The Generals. Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee.  Item number: 002181.    US$22.00
31.    Andrews, Lynn V. Windhorse Woman..  Item number: 002783.    US$15.00
32.    Andrews, Mrs. Lewis R. & Mrs. J. Reaney Kelly Hammond-Harwood House Cookbook - Maryland's Way..  Item number: 002431.    US$22.00
33.    Andrews, Ralph W. Curtis' Western Indians..  Item number: 000939.    US$35.00
34.    Andrews, Wayne. The Battle For Chicago..  Item number: 000801.    US$12.00
35.    Angler's and Shooter's Bookshelf Out-of-print and Rare Hunting and Fishing Books..  Item number: 003094.    US$55.00
36.    Anthony, Irvin. Paddle Wheels and Pistols..  Item number: 000958.    US$28.00
37.    Armstrong, William Clinton (chosen and Annotated By. New Jersey and the American Revolution. Patriotic Poems of New Jersey..  Item number: 002831.    US$48.00
38.    Aronson, Joseph. Book of Furniture & Decoration..  Item number: 000635.    US$10.00
39.    Asbury, Herbert. Gem of the Prairie..  Item number: 000882.    US$14.00
40.    Aschan, Ulf. The Man Whom Women Loved..  Item number: 002571.    US$48.00
41.    Asimov, Isaac. The Intelligent Mans Guide to Science..  Item number: 002373.    US$70.00
42.    Atwater, Mary Meigs. The Shuttlecraft Book of American Hand-Weaving..  Item number: 003300.    US$85.00
43.    Auchter, E.C. and Knapp, H.B. Orchard and Small Fruit Culture..  Item number: 001713.    US$35.00
44.    Audell, Theo. Audel's Mason's and Builder's Guide #3.  Item number: 003259.    US$38.00
45.    Audell, Theo. Audel's Carpenter's and Builder's Guide #4.  Item number: 003260.    US$32.00
46.    Audubon, J.J. Audubon Game Animals..  Item number: 000809.    US$20.00
47.    Ausband, Terry. Cooking with Just Herbs..  Item number: 003219.    US$10.00
48.    Author Unknown. Some Talk About Animals & Their Masters..  Item number: 001656.    US$30.00
49.    Bachrach, Max. Fur. A Practical Treatise..  Item number: 002518.    US$35.00
50.    Bacon, Lenice Ingram. American Patchwork Quilts..  Item number: 000395.    US$15.00

1718 items found
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