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1.    BELLINGRATH GARDENS AND THE BELLINGRATH HOME A Pictorial Story in Color ofthe Charm Spot of the Deep South Near Mobile, Alabama.  Item number: 1877.    US$8.00
2.    WE KNEW MARY BAKER EDDY.  Item number: 2761.    US$8.00
3.    ASPECTS OF ALCOHOLISM VOLUME 2.  Item number: 2869.    US$10.00
4.    HANDBOOK OF AMERICAN PRISONS 1926.  Item number: 4598.    US$35.00
5.    BIBLE God's Word Or Man's.  Item number: 5000.    US$5.00
6.    YOU CAN LIVE FOREVER IN PARADISE ON EARTH.  Item number: 5006.    US$8.00
7.    NEW ANECDOTA AMERICANA Five Hundred Stories for America's Amusement.  Item number: 5497.    US$12.00
8.    MARY BAKER EDDY A CENTENNIAL APPRECIATION.  Item number: 5586.    US$8.00
9.    NEW AMERICAN REVIEW 12.  Item number: 5628.    US$6.00
10.    WORLD'S GREATEST BOOKS Twentieth Century Series.  Item number: 5710.    US$12.00
11.    FAMILY BIBLE DICTIONARY.  Item number: 7542.    US$10.00
12.    WE KNEW MARY BAKER EDDY Second Series.  Item number: 7577.    US$8.00
13.    NEW WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY Over 250, 000 Words and Meanings.  Item number: 11477.    US$8.00
14.    STREAM ACTIVITY GUIDE.  Item number: 11551.    US$8.00
15.    WEBSTER'S SCHOOL AND OFFICE DICTIONARY.  Item number: 11598.    US$8.00
16.    CHEMISTRY TODAY.  Item number: 11624.    US$8.00
17.    MASSES.  Item number: 12292.    US$8.00
18.    MODERN NORDIC PLAYS Denmark.  Item number: 12305.    US$20.00
19.    SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS Derrydale Classic Fairy Tales.  Item number: 12889.    US$8.00
20.    MORE FOREST BABIES.  Item number: 15243.    US$8.00
21.    CRYSTA SAVES THE MAGIC Based on the Animated Feature Film Ferngully theLast Rainforest.  Item number: 15280.    US$8.00
22.    WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT DRUGS.  Item number: 15472.    US$8.00
23.    INSECT WORLD Child's First Library of Learning.  Item number: 15589.    US$8.00
24.    SKY AND EARTH Child's First Library of Learning.  Item number: 15653.    US$8.00
25.    PICTURE PERFECT WORLD A Hidden Picture Habitats Book.  Item number: 15654.    US$10.00
26.    HENRY'S CAT The Storybook.  Item number: 15739.    US$8.00
27.    FROSTY THE SNOWMAN.  Item number: 15742.    US$8.00
28.    LORAIN COOKING.  Item number: 15814.    US$10.00
29.    GREAT PERFORMANCES BIRTHDAY BOOK Celebrating the First Twenty Years.  Item number: 15894.    US$12.00
30.    ELMO.  Item number: 15968.    US$12.00
31.    ANGEL A WEEK.  Item number: 16041.    US$8.00
32.    BUMPER BOOK OF CLASSIC STORIES.  Item number: 16058.    US$40.00
33.    TEDDY BEARS BIRTHDAY SURPRISE.  Item number: 16132.    US$8.00
34.    USBORNE FACTS AND FUN ABOUT ANIMALS AND SCIENCE An Exciting Introductionto the Animal World with Questions, Answers and Puzzels.  Item number: 16292.    US$8.00
35.    CLASSIC ADVENTURE STORIES.  Item number: 16386.    US$12.00
36.    DINOSAURS Discover the Giants of the Prehistoric World 3.  Item number: 16388.    US$8.00
37.    DIVIDED UNION.  Item number: 16731.    US$30.00
38.    STORIES THAT NEVER GROW OLD.  Item number: 20211.    US$12.00
39.    GERMAN ART FROM THE FIFTEENTH TO THE TWENTIETH CENTURY A Exhibition ofPaintings, Water Colors and Drawings Held under the Auspices of theOberlaender Trust. the Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation, Inc. 1936-1937.  Item number: 20247.    US$15.00
40.    SOHO CENTENARY A Gift from Artists, Writers and Musicians to the SohoHospital for Women.  Item number: 20258.    US$10.00
41.    IMAGE BANK Perceptions 24.  Item number: 20285.    US$20.00
42.    OFFICIAL AUTOMOBILE GREEN BOOK 1928 New England States, Canada and TrunkLines West and South. Golf Club Guide.  Item number: 20305.    US$15.00
43.    WHEN'S RECESS An Animal Fun Poster Book.  Item number: 20387.    US$8.00
44.    NEW PRACTICAL HANDYMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA The Complete Illustrated Do itYourself Library for Home and Outdoors.  Item number: 20476.    US$8.00
45.    LIFE OF GENERAL WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN.  Item number: 20567.    US$75.00
46.    NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY DESK REFERENCE The Ultimate One Volume Collectionof the Most Frequently Sought Information.  Item number: 20600.    US$18.00
48.    NATIONAL GALLERY Plan and Guide Catalogue of the Exhibited Pictures.  Item number: 20990.    US$8.00
49.    TORCH IS PASSED The Associated Press Story of the Death of a President.  Item number: 21106.    US$12.00
50.    CHERISHED RECIPES Anglican Churchwomen of St. Augustine's Episcopal ChurchChico, California.  Item number: 21337.    US$8.00

Over 9000 Items found
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