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1.    ( ROBINSON N J comp) History of Smith, Mackenzie and Company, Ltd..  Item number: 20584.    US$20.00
2.    ABDULLAH A & PAKENHAM T C Dreamers of Empire.  Item number: 27489.    US$40.00
3.    ACEBES H Portraits in Africa.  Item number: 20849.    US$30.00
4.    ADAMS J Wild Flowers of the Northern Cape.  Item number: 26529.    US$30.00
5.    ADAMS W et al The Physical Geography of Africa.  Item number: 26279.    US$40.00
6.    ADAMSON R J ed Gold Metallurgy in South Africa.  Item number: 22793.    US$30.00
7.    ADAMSON R S The Vegetation of South Africa.  Item number: 5563.    US$30.00
8.    ADAMSON R S & SALTER T M Flora of the Cape Peninsula.  Item number: 23615.    US$80.00
9.    ADAMSON R S et al Botanical Features of the South Western Cape Province.  Item number: 3969.    US$25.00
10.    ADDISON B Daughters of the King - the Story of St Mary's Diocesan School for Girls, Pretoria.  Item number: 14096.    US$10.00
11.    ADDISON J & HAZAREESINGH K A New History of Mauritius.  Item number: 24932.    US$15.00
12.    AGAR-HAMILTON J A I The Native Policy of the Voortrekkers.  Item number: 27117.    US$25.00
13.    AGAR-HAMILTON J A I A Transvaal Jubilee.  Item number: 18211.    US$25.00
14.    AITKEN R B Great Game Animals.  Item number: 21269.    US$30.00
15.    AJAYI J F A & ESPIE I eds A Thousand Years of West African History.  Item number: 23687.    US$40.00
16.    ALBERTS P Buite die Hekke van Eden.  Item number: 23740.    US$70.00
17.    ALBERTS P & GIBBS G Children of the Flats.  Item number: 25631.    US$40.00
18.    ALBION R G Seaports South of Sahara.  Item number: 2743.    US$25.00
19.    ALEXANDER C One Dry Season.  Item number: 23193.    US$25.00
20.    ALEXANDER E G M, BARRON G K B & BATEMAN A J South African Orders, Decorations and Medals.  Item number: 27765.    US$50.00
21.    ALEXANDER F L South African Graphic Art and its Techniques.  Item number: 19490.    US$50.00
22.    ALEXANDER J E Expedition of Discovery into the Interior of Africa, 2 Vols.  Item number: 27713.    US$100.00
23.    ALEXANDRE P & LEARY F A transl An Introduction to Languages and Language in Africa.  Item number: 20647.    US$25.00
24.    ALFRED M Johannesburg Portraits.  Item number: 22188.    US$10.00
25.    ALHADEFF V A Newspaper History of South Africa.  Item number: 24450.    US$25.00
26.    ALLAN I, BOY G & WARD C Snowcaps at the Equator.  Item number: 27521.    US$40.00
27.    ALLARD, CAROLI 1648-1709 MAP OF AFRICA: Novissima et Perfectissima Africae Descriptio ex Formis Caroli Allard; Ph Tideman del; G V Gouven sculp..  Item number: 13340.    US$2,000.00
28.    ALLEN G & D The Guns of Sacramento.  Item number: 24917.    US$40.00
29.    ALLEN V Lady Trader.  Item number: 21872.    US$20.00
30.    ALLEN V Kruger's Pretoria.  Item number: 24031.    US$70.00
31.    ALSTON M Sunbirds and Jacarandas - a Bird-lover in Rhodesia.  Item number: 26026.    US$25.00
32.    AMBROSE D Maseru - an Illustrated History.  Item number: 24083.    US$20.00
33.    ANDERSEN K et al eds Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises.  Item number: 25742.    US$35.00
34.    ANDERSON D Histories of the Hanged.  Item number: 25783.    US$25.00
35.    ANDERSON J et al eds They Made it Their Home.  Item number: 22420.    US$25.00
36.    ANDERSON K Nine Flames.  Item number: 22645.    US$20.00
37.    ANONYMOUS Pollen and Mould Allergens in Southern Africa.  Item number: 26356.    US$10.00
38.    ANONYMOUS The Occurrence, Mining and Recovery of Diamonds.  Item number: 26845.    US$20.00
39.    ANONYMOUS Gleanings in Africa.  Item number: 27464.    US$25.00
40.    ANONYMOUS Die Vriende BeleŽr Ladysmith, 1994.  Item number: 21547.    US$10.00
41.    ANTONISSEN R Die Afrikaanse Letterkunde van Aanvang tot Hede.  Item number: 16184.    US$10.00
42.    APPELGRYN M S Thomas Francois Burgers.  Item number: 21574.    US$30.00
43.    APPS P Wild Ways.  Item number: 17762.    US$15.00
44.    ARBOUSSET T & DAUMAS F Narrative of an Exploratory Tour to the Cape of Good Hope.  Item number: 27699.    US$30.00
45.    ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA Progress in Later Cenozoic Studies in South Africa.  Item number: 21668.    US$15.00
46.    ARCHER, SIR GEOFFREY Personal and Historical Memoirs of an E African Administrator.  Item number: 27478.    US$40.00
47.    ARCHITECT & BUILDER Cape Town ... your City.  Item number: 24428.    US$10.00
48.    ARGUS PUBLISHING Who's Who of Southern Africa 1984.  Item number: 23719.    US$40.00
49.    ARKIN A J, MAGYAR K P & PILLAY G J eds The Indian South Africans.  Item number: 26763.    US$25.00
50.    ARKIN M Storm in a Teacup.  Item number: 25757.    US$20.00

3274 items found
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