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1.    American Rescue Dog Association Search and Rescue Dogs : Training the K-9 Hero, Second Edition.  Item number: 6032.    US$9.99
2.    Andrew Stellman & Jennifer Greene Head First C# 2nd Edition, Visual 2010, 4.0.  Item number: 6053.    US$20.00
3.    Angela Williams Duea, Foward by Ryan O'Mera Pet Sitting : How to Open and OPerate a Financially Successful Pet Sitting Business.  Item number: 6024.    US$24.99
4.    ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Four Footed Finned or Feathered Four Hundred.  Item number: 6019.    US$19.00
5.    BBC Video Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Ghiang, DVD Video.  Item number: 6050.    US$10.50
6.    BBC Video Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars, DVD Video.  Item number: 6051.    US$10.00
7.    BBC Video Doctor Who: The Ark In Space, DVD Video.  Item number: 6052.    US$10.00
8.    Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, Illustrated by Alan Daniel This Big Cat and Other Cats I've Known.  Item number: 6020.    US$9.99
9.    Dana Riddle The Captive Reef : A Concise Guide to Reef Aquaria in the Home.  Item number: 6017.    US$9.99
10.    David Mac Frimodig Keweenaw Character : The foundation of Michigan's Copper Country.  Item number: 6004.    US$14.99
11.    David VanGordon Kline and Patricia Bennett Hoffman The Border Terrier : The Pure-Bred Series.  Item number: 6008.    US$9.99
12.    Diane Stein Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats.  Item number: 6031.    US$9.99
13.    Doris L. Ganton DRIVE ON : Training and Showing Advanced Driving Horses.  Item number: 6009.    US$9.99
14.    Fran Devereux Smith First Horse : The complete guide for the first-time horse owner..  Item number: 6027.    US$9.99
15.    Hans Tossutti Companion Dog Training : A Pratical Manual on Systematic Obedience; Dog Training in Word and Picture.  Item number: 6039.    US$9.99
16.    Jacqueline O'Neil Miniature Pinchers : A New Owner's Guide to Miniature Pinschers.  Item number: 6025.    US$9.99
17.    James Mackay The Animaliers : A collector's Guide to the Animal Sculptors of the 19th & 20th Centuries.  Item number: 6036.    US$19.99
18.    James Vaulx Drake Life of General Robert Hatton.  Item number: 6048.    US$29.99
19.    Jeffrey G. Pepper Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen ( PBGV ).  Item number: 6007.    US$9.99
20.    Jess Granger Beyond the Shadows.  Item number: 6046.    US$5.00
21.    Jess Granger Beyond the Rain.  Item number: 6047.    US$5.00
22.    Joel M. McMains Teaching Obedience Classes and Seminars.  Item number: 6037.    US$9.99
23.    John & Caroline Bower The Dog Owner's Problem Solver : Practical and Expert Advice on Caring for Dogs.  Item number: 6028.    US$8.99
24.    Judith E. Rinard, Photographs by Susan McElhinney Helping our Animal Friends.  Item number: 6021.    US$4.99
25.    Leon F. Whitney DVM How to Select, Train, and Breed your Dog.  Item number: 6018.    US$9.99
26.    Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse and Jan Walker Dog Tricks Step by Step.  Item number: 6029.    US$9.99
27.    Pat Hastings with Erian Ann Rouse Tricks of the Trade : From Best Intentions to Best In Show.  Item number: 6038.    US$18.99
28.    Pauline Sadler The Rhodesian Ridgeback in Australia.  Item number: 6035.    US$275.00
29.    Peter Nicholson and Janet Parker The Complete Rhodesian Ridgeback : Book of the Breed.  Item number: 6042.    US$99.99
30.    Rachel Vail, Illustrated by Yumi Heo Sometimes I'm Bombaloo (First Edition).  Item number: 6015.    US$9.99
31.    Richard A. Wolters Water Dogs : Revolutionary Rapid Training Method.  Item number: 6041.    US$9.99
32.    Sam Powell with Lane Carter Almost a Whisper : A Holistic Approach to Working with Your Horse.  Item number: 6026.    US$29.99
33.    Shiela Webster Boneham, Ph.D., Edited by: Wayne Hunthausen, D.V.M The Parson and Jack Russell Terriers (Free DVD).  Item number: 6011.    US$14.00
34.    The Monks of New Skete The Art of Raising A Puppy.  Item number: 6030.    US$9.99
35.    Valerie Link & Linda Skerritt Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen ( PBGV ) : A Definitive Study.  Item number: 6006.    US$14.99
36.    Virginia Tuck Nichols How to Show Your Own Dog, Enlarged Edition.  Item number: 6034.    US$9.99
37.    William R. Koehler The Koehler Method of OPEN OBEDIENCE for Ring, Home and Field.  Item number: 6040.    US$9.99

37 items found

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