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1.    (Brown, Francis) The Westminster Gazette Office Boy Political Parables.  Item number: 018761.    US$19.00
2.    (Dickens, Charles0 The Girls of Dickens Retold.  Item number: 016639.    US$16.00
3.    (Ingelow, Jean) Stories Told to a Child: The Minnows with Silver Tails and Two Ways of Telling a Story.  Item number: 019987.    US$46.00
4.    (Rosenstein, Morton) Computing with the Scientific Calculator.  Item number: 015806.    US$6.00
5.    , Dos Passos, John; Townsend, Ludington, ed. The Fourteenth Chronicle: Letters and Diaries of John Dos Passos.  Item number: 028477.    US$14.00
6.    , Illustrated by: Illustrovani Narodni Koledar 1903, Leto XIV.  Item number: 013919.    US$17.00
7.    , Illustrated by: Bourke-White, Margaret, and Barret Gallagher Our Cornell.  Item number: 014791.    US$33.00
8.    , Illustrated by: Cesare The Mirrors of Washington. 14 cartoons by Cesare.  Item number: 026886.    US$8.00
9.    , Illustrated by: Eulalie Jack and the Beanstalk.  Item number: 017601.    US$16.00
10.    , Illustrated by: Eulalie Tom Thumb.  Item number: 017603.    US$16.00
11.    , Illustrated by: Marsh, Reginald American Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture.  Item number: 020505.    US$27.00
12.    , Illustrated by: McCurdy, Michael Garden Design Magazine, # 96, Dec '99/Jan '00.  Item number: 020334.    US$24.00
13.    , Illustrated by: Petty, Howard The Ident, 1924, Yearbook Indiana Dental College.  Item number: 012539.    US$44.00
14.    , Illustrated by: Pinto, Zelio Alves Zelio Alves Pinto.  Item number: 016535.    US$36.00
15.    , Illustrated by: Rader, Laura Mother Hubbard's Cupboard: A Mother Goose Surprise Book.  Item number: 019297.    US$24.00
16.    , Illustrated by: Rockwell, Norman Norman Rockwll. The Faith of America.  Item number: 021308.    US$9.00
17.    , Illustrated by: Rockwell, Norman Saturday Evening Post. January/February 1979.  Item number: 021430.    US$15.00
18.    , Illustrated by: Savage, John R. Indiana.  Item number: 018880.    US$10.00
19.    , Illustrated by: Shahn, Ben Ben Shahn: A Retrospective Exhibition.  Item number: 019989.    US$33.00
20.    , Illustrated by: Wilcoxen, R. S. Sugar N Spice and Lots of Advice.  Item number: 021207.    US$7.00
21.    [Burr, Rev. E. F.] Ecce Coelum: Or Parish Astronomy in Six Lectures, by a Conneticut Pastor.  Item number: 016212.    US$15.00
22.    [Kirkland, Elizabeth Stansbury] Six Little Cooks, or Aunt Jane's Cooking Class.  Item number: 019878.    US$78.00
23.    [Parr, Louisa] Dorothy Fox.  Item number: 012492.    US$25.00
24.    {Wyeth, Anrew} Andrew Wyeth.  Item number: 012695.    US$28.00
25.    Trade Foundations Based on Producing Industries: A Pre-Vocational Text-Book.  Item number: 012690.    US$17.00
26.    Year Book of the Society of Indiana Pioneers, 1950.  Item number: 012747.    US$12.00
27.    Proceedings of the Unveiling of the Statue of John Ericsson in Potomac Park, Washington, D.C., under the uspices of the John Ericsson Memorial Commission, May 29, 1926.  Item number: 012865.    US$22.00
28.    Indiana Horticultural Society Annual Report, 11th Annual Session, Jan. 1872.  Item number: 012863.    US$38.00
29.    The Medal Collector Bulletin, Vol. 2, Jan. 1955 - Feb 1956.  Item number: 012928.    US$28.00
30.    The Life and Times of the O'Brien Family: Special Presentation of the Hillforest Historical Foundation at Annual Meeting, Nov. 16, 1972.  Item number: 012986.    US$20.00
31.    The New English Bible: New Testament.  Item number: 013016.    US$11.00
32.    Standardbred Sires and Dams Combined with the Trotting Register, Vol. 70, 1981.  Item number: 013020.    US$28.00
33.    Tibor Rudas Presents 3 Tenors: Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti with Mehta in Concert, 1994.  Item number: 013059.    US$22.00
34.    The Elks Magazine, December 1932.  Item number: 013060.    US$17.00
35.    Archiv Fur Druck und Papier/ Archives for Printing - Paper and Kindred Trades.  Item number: 013074.    US$28.00
36.    Archiv Fuer Druck und Papier/ Archives for Printing - Paper and Kindred Trades.  Item number: 013075.    US$28.00
37.    Out-of-Print Books from the John G. White Folklore Collection at the Cleveland Public Liobrary.  Item number: 013104.    US$25.00
38.    The Architecture of Cleveland: Twelve Buildings, 1836-1912.  Item number: 013107.    US$17.00
39.    The Builders: The Seventy-Five Year History of the Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO.  Item number: 010772.    US$14.00
40.    Pope Paul VI in the Holy Land.  Item number: 010829.    US$12.00
41.    Sermons on the Liturgy: For Sundays and Feast Days.  Item number: 010860.    US$16.00
42.    Twenty Seasons of Mobil Masterpiece Theatre, 1971-1991.  Item number: 010910.    US$17.00
43.    Color Atlas of Pathology.  Item number: 010988.    US$36.00
44.    Hand Book for Engineers and Machine Designers.  Item number: 011001.    US$13.00
45.    Do Cats Think? Notes of a Cat-Watcher.  Item number: 011048.    US$7.00
46.    Sabbath and Festival Prayer Book.  Item number: 011085.    US$12.00
47.    Important Silver.  Item number: 011135.    US$16.00
48.    The Fatherless Children of France: Catalogue of Their Book.  Item number: 011139.    US$88.00
49.    Smithsonian Book of Invention.  Item number: 011214.    US$12.00
50.    Statutes of the University of Cambridge and Passages From Acts of Parliament Relating to the University.  Item number: 011235.    US$28.00

Over 9000 Items found
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