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Over 9000 Items found for James H. Freiberg, Books
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1.    {hay, John} The Bread Winners a Social Study.  Item number: 11803.    US$26.25
2.    A. C. Stewart The Boat in the Reeds.  Item number: 4316.    US$7.46
3.    A. J. Nichols Weimar and the Rise of Hitler.  Item number: 25138.    US$4.46
4.    A. T. Quiller-Couch, The Splendid Spur.  Item number: 11385.    US$23.63
5.    Aal Story Time with Your Children.  Item number: 3440.    US$3.75
6.    Aal Story Time with Your Children.  Item number: 3441.    US$3.75
7.    Aal A Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance a Help for the Losses in Life.  Item number: 3442.    US$6.75
8.    Aaron Betsky Architecture & Medicine: I. M. Pei Designs the Kirkland Clinic.  Item number: 7852.    US$18.71
9.    Aaron, Ira & Carter, Sylvia Golden Secrets.  Item number: 6104.    US$6.75
10.    Aaseng, Nathan Your Are the Supreme Cout Justice.  Item number: 3894.    US$15.75
11.    Abbey, Edward Abby's Road.  Item number: 13292.    US$4.50
12.    Abbot, Willis J. Panama and the Canal.  Item number: 12180.    US$26.25
13.    Abbott & Halliday Henry Ward Beecher a Sketch of His Career.  Item number: 10912.    US$15.00
14.    Abbott, R. Tucker Kingdom of the Seashell.  Item number: 1919.    US$2.44
15.    Abbott, Shirley The National Museum of American History a Smithsonian Museum.  Item number: 23031.    US$11.21
16.    Abbott, Tucker A Guide to Field Identificationof Seashells of North America.  Item number: 7699.    US$3.75
17.    Abc Book Bible Abc Book.  Item number: 5120.    US$9.00
18.    Abc Book Bible Abc Book.  Item number: 5018.    US$9.00
19.    Abc Book Abc Coloring Book.  Item number: 5063.    US$9.00
20.    Abdill, George A Locomative Engineer's Album.  Item number: 9698.    US$18.75
21.    Abehsera, Michel Zen MacRobiotic Cooking Oriental and Traditional Recipes.  Item number: 22454.    US$3.75
22.    Abels, Harriete Mystery on the Delta.  Item number: 12379.    US$3.94
23.    Abraham, Pearl The Romance Reader.  Item number: 7337.    US$2.44
24.    Abrahams, William Prize Stories 1991 the O. Henry Awards.  Item number: 3904.    US$2.44
25.    Abrahams, William Ed Prize Stories 1995 the O Henry Awards.  Item number: 19109.    US$2.44
26.    Abrahams, William editor Prize Stories 1994 the O. Henry Awards.  Item number: 2803.    US$2.44
27.    Abram, Norm The New Yankee Workshop.  Item number: 8318.    US$9.00
28.    Abresch, Peter Tip a Canoe.  Item number: 7189.    US$5.75
29.    Abrhams, William Prize Stories O'Henry Awards 1984.  Item number: 15263.    US$4.50
30.    Acevedo, Mario The Nymphos of Rocky Flats.  Item number: 19524.    US$2.44
31.    Ackert, Helen A Collector's Resource through Postcards of Our Antique Dolls.  Item number: 16281.    US$15.75
32.    Adam Louise Sutton A Little Maid in Toyland.  Item number: 24807.    US$11.21
33.    Adam, Antoine Histoire De La Litterature Francaise Au Xviie Siecle.  Item number: 21357.    US$16.46
34.    Adam, Antoine Histoire De La Litterature Francaise Au Xviie Siecle.  Item number: 23636.    US$16.46
35.    Adam, Antoine Histoire De La Litterature Francaise Au Xviie Siecle.  Item number: 23637.    US$16.46
36.    Adams, Adrienne The Easter Egg Artists.  Item number: 4137.    US$5.25
37.    Adams, Andy Brazilian Gold Mine Mystery.  Item number: 1841.    US$8.96
38.    Adams, Ansel & Newhall, Nancy This is the American Earth.  Item number: 5761.    US$48.75
39.    Adams, Cass editor The Soul Unearthed.  Item number: 8451.    US$2.44
40.    Adams, Clinton Printmaking in New Mexico 1880-1990.  Item number: 20282.    US$18.71
41.    Adams, Douglas So Long and Thanks for all the Fish.  Item number: 9027.    US$9.00
42.    Adams, Eustace Pirates of the Air an Andy Lane Story.  Item number: 9674.    US$6.75
43.    Adams, Eustace The Flying Windmill an Andy Lane Story.  Item number: 9675.    US$6.75
44.    Adams, Henry Mont-Saint-Mitchel & Chartres.  Item number: 15581.    US$4.50
45.    Adams, Henry The Education of Henry Adams.  Item number: 11066.    US$18.47
46.    Adams, James Landscaping with Hebs.  Item number: 12162.    US$15.00
47.    Adams, James Truslow The Adams Family.  Item number: 12414.    US$6.75
48.    Adams, James Truslow The Epic of America.  Item number: 2835.    US$18.00
49.    Adams, John Truslow editor Album of American History.  Item number: 5607.    US$41.25
50.    Adams, Noah Saint Croix Notes River Mornings, Radio Nights.  Item number: 4203.    US$4.70

Over 9000 Items found
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