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1.    Question: L’église constitutionnelle est-elle catholique? ....  Item number: OB1041-3.    US$250.00
2.    Conversation sur le nouveau Serment prescrit aux Ecclésiastiques, Entre Claude Fauchet, évêque du Calvados....  Item number: OB1041-5.    US$250.00
3.    Les Événemens de la Révolution, Sous leur vrai point de vue....  Item number: OB1041-8.    US$200.00
4.    La Blanchisseuse de Mousseaux ou les Amours de M. Coco. Pièce Grivoise, en un Acte, Mêlée de Chant....  Item number: OB1041-14.    US$250.00
5.    American Pictorial Primer (The).  Item number: 47708.    US$10.00
6.    A H! Vous Ne Voulez Pas Rendre Vos Comptes!.  Item number: OB1042-2.    US$100.00
7.    Discours Prononcé aux Jacobins, sur la question suivante: Que Faut-Il Faire Dans Les Circonstances Actuelles?....  Item number: OB1042-4.    US$100.00
8.    Réflexions Politiques Importantes, Sur La Révision Des Décrets Ordononnée par l’Assemblée Nationale....  Item number: OB1042-9.    US$100.00
9.    Grande Motion Des Halles.  Item number: OB1042-15.    US$200.00
10.    La Revolution Française. Seconde Législature. Pot-Pourri. Première Partie.  Item number: OB1042-18.    US$200.00
11.    Lettre d'un Publiciste De France, A Un Publiciste d'Allemagne, Relativement au projet d'assembler un congrès....  Item number: OB1042-19.    US$200.00
12.    Railway Book (The).  Item number: LL011.    US$100.00
13.    Morning Song (The), Merry Stories for Girls and Boys by favorite authors. Profusely illustrated in color and half tone.  Item number: 47780.    US$50.00
14.    Columbiad (A Quarterly Review of the War Between the States, Volume 3, Number 4, Winter 2000.  Item number: 47836.    US$10.00
15.    The Terrible and All Absorbing Narrative and Confession of Edwin Winters; With an Authentic Statement....  Item number: OB1060.    US$300.00
16.    Tableaux Vivants, Accompanied by Vocal and Instrumental Music at Cabot Hall, Chicopee, on Monday Evening, March 2nd, 1863.  Item number: 47889.    US$25.00
17.    Chickering Hall. Three Piano Recitals by Vladimir de Pachmann.  Item number: 47898.    US$25.00
18.    George Law.  Item number: Flat218.    US$25.00
19.    The Stop Waltz.  Item number: 35503K.    US$40.00
20.    1985 Bristol Fourth of July Committee Bristol's 200th Fourth of July Celebration: Commemorative Issue 1785-1985.  Item number: 47948.    US$10.00
21.    A Citizen To the Freemen of the State of Rhode Island, &.&..  Item number: OB158.    US$75.00
22.    A Lady Tales of the Classics: A New Delineation of the Most Popular Fables, Legends, and Allegories....  Item number: OB340.    US$500.00
23.    A Poker of Fun (Amy Lowell), 1874-1925. Dear Sir (or Dear Madam) Who happens to glance at this title-page [Critical Fable]....  Item number: NS0074.    US$150.00
24.    A Society of Gentlemen The Medical Magazine, or, General Repository of Practical Physic and Surgery.  Item number: OB675.    US$500.00
25.    A Young Man Lines Composed by a Young Man, whilst in the penitentiary, in the city of Philadelphia, under the sentence of imprisonment for Life. Verse.  Item number: NS063.    US$150.00
26.    A. E. (Russell, George William), 1862-1935 Song and its Fountains.  Item number: 101486.    US$30.00
27.    A. L. A. (Automobile Legal Association). The Automobile Green Book. Road Reference and Tourist Guide..  Item number: 39936.    US$25.00
28.    A. L. O. E. (A Lady Of England) [Tucker, Charlotte Maria], 1832-1911 The Look of the Thing. By A. L. O. E..  Item number: 45937.    US$10.00
29.    A. L. O. E. (A Lady Of England) [Tucker, Charlotte Maria], 1832-1911 Hold Fast. By A. L. O. E..  Item number: 45938.    US$10.00
30.    A. L. O. E. [Tucker, Charlotte Maria], 1832-1911 Paying Dear For It. By A.L.O.E. [A Lady of England].  Item number: 45934.    US$10.00
31.    Aaron, Daniel, 1912- Men of Good Hope; a story of American Progressives..  Item number: NEU081.    US$7.50
32.    Aaron, R I. (Richard Ithamar), 1901-1987 The Theory of Universals.  Item number: 43936.    US$20.00
33.    Abbagnano, Nicola, 1901- Per o Contro l'Uomo..  Item number: 38149.    US$15.00
34.    Abbot, Willis J. Read, E. J. & Gordon Grant, illustrators. Panama and the Canal in Picture and Prose. A Complete Story of Panama....  Item number: 20912.    US$50.00
35.    Abbot, Willis J. ( John), 1863-1934 /Read, E. J. , illus. Panama and the Canal in Picture and Prose : A Complete Story of Panama, as well as the history....  Item number: 44917.    US$50.00
36.    Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Introduction by Tom Banchoff..  Item number: 28060.    US$10.00
37.    Abbott, Henry Livermore, 1842-1864 / Scott, Robert Garth, 1957- Fallen Leaves : the Civil War letters of Major Henry Livermore Abbott / edited by Robert Garth Scott..  Item number: 42934.    US$20.00
38.    Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879 History of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. With engravings.  Item number: OB806.    US$75.00
39.    Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879. Rollo in Paris, by Jacob Abbott..  Item number: 3004.    US$22.50
40.    Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879] Malleville. A Franconia Story, by the Author of the Rollo Books..  Item number: 43218.    US$40.00
41.    Abbott, John S. C. (Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877. Prussia and the Franco-Prussian War. Containing a Brief Narrative of the Origin of the Kingdom, its Past History... .  Item number: 100871.    US$35.00
42.    Abbott, R. (Robert) Tucker, 1919-1995 Seashells of the Northern Hemisphere.  Item number: L-019.    US$40.00
43.    Abbott, Shirley. The National Museum of American History..  Item number: 20201.    US$25.00
44.    Abbott, Wilbur Cortez, 1869-1947. Conflicts with Oblivion..  Item number: 25374.    US$40.00
45.    Abbott, Winston O. Come Climb My Hill. A Sketch Book by Winston O. Abbott. Drawings by Leon Tebbetts.  Item number: 27681.    US$20.00
46.    Abdu'l-Bahá (Abbas Effendi), 1844-1921 Selections from the Writings of 'Abdu'l-Bahá....  Item number: 100352.    US$15.00
47.    Abdul-Bah'a ibn Bah a Ullah, 1866-1921 Some Answered Questions [Nur al-abha]. Collected and Translated from the Persian of 'Abdu'l-Baha by Laura Clifford Barney.  Item number: 100955.    US$15.00
48.    Abdullah Yusuf Ali, editor. The Holy Qur-An. Text, Translation, and Commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali..  Item number: 797.    US$25.00
49.    Abel, Elie, 1920-2004. The Missile Crisis..  Item number: NEU132.    US$15.00
50.    Abel, Wilhelm. Einige Bemerkungen zum Land-Stadtproblem im Spätmittelalter....  Item number: 24644.    US$15.00

Over 9000 Items found
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