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1.    Aarnes, William Predicaments (inscribed).  Item number: 14332.    US$15.00
2.    Aaron, Hank with Lonnie Wheeler I Had a Hammer: The Hank Aaron Story.  Item number: 20032.    US$4.99
3.    Abbe, George, ed. (on Stephen Vincent Benet) Stephen Vincent Benet on Writing.  Item number: 18040.    US$30.00
4.    Abbott, G. with Shelagh Abbott Tortures of the Tower of London.  Item number: 21465.    US$6.99
5.    Abell, Sam, photographer The University of Georgia.  Item number: 20786.    US$25.00
6.    Abernethy, Thomas Perkins The South in the New Nation 1789-1819.  Item number: 17376.    US$7.50
7.    Ables, Jesse & LuAnne Parrish Corinth (Images of America Series).  Item number: 20664.    US$15.00
8.    Abley, Mark The Prodigal Tongue: Dispatches from the Future of English.  Item number: 21576.    US$6.99
9.    Ackerley, J. R. Hindoo Holiday: An Indian Journal.  Item number: 20636.    US$3.50
10.    Ackroyd, Peter The Plato Papers: A Prophesy.  Item number: 10625.    US$2.99
11.    Ackroyd, Peter Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination.  Item number: 18229.    US$9.95
12.    Acland, Eric & Ernest H. Bartlett Long Live the King: George V, King and Emperor Prince and Sovereign, Edward VIII.  Item number: 15606.    US$7.50
13.    Acland, Henry Wentworth Memoir on the Cholera at Oxford, in the Year 1854, with considerations suggested by the epidemic.  Item number: 12881.    US$400.00
14.    Adair, Paul Hitler's Greatest Defeat: The Collapse of Army Group Centre, June 1944 (Center).  Item number: 18470.    US$4.99
15.    Adair, Robert Kemp The Physics of Baseball.  Item number: 12460.    US$2.99
16.    Adams, Billy (on Ewan McGregor) Ewan McGregor: The Unauthorized Biography.  Item number: 15173.    US$2.99
17.    Adams, Georgia (Patricia Browning, Joann Dunn, Karen McColgan) A Well-Manicured Murder (inscribed).  Item number: 19571.    US$25.00
18.    Adams, Henry The United States in 1800.  Item number: 18584.    US$1.99
19.    Adams, James Truslow The March of Democracy: The Rise of the Union Volume I.  Item number: 1784.    US$6.99
20.    Adams, June Selph Northview Cemetery of Dublin Laurens County Georgia 1902-1992.  Item number: 12735.    US$25.00
21.    Adams, Myron E. & Fred Girton & Fort Sheridan Association w/intro. by Gen. James A. Ryan The History and Achievements of The Fort Sheridan Officers' Training Camps.  Item number: 20824.    US$35.00
22.    Adams, Noah Noah Adams on All Things Considered: A Radio Journal (inscribed).  Item number: 16671.    US$6.99
23.    Adams, Sarah Flower Nearer My God to Thee.  Item number: 19805.    US$4.99
24.    Adcock, F. E. The Roman Art of War Under the Republic (Martin Classical Lectures Volume VIII).  Item number: 21858.    US$9.95
25.    Addison, Joseph & Richard Steele (Sir Roger de Coverley) edited by Mary E. Litchfield The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers From The Spectator.  Item number: 14338.    US$2.99
26.    Adler, Bill, ed. w/illus. by Paul Bacon Cat's Letters to Santa.  Item number: 9545.    US$1.99
27.    Aesop selected & illustrated by David Levine & translated by Patrick & Justina Gregory The Fables of Aesop.  Item number: 16764.    US$15.00
28.    Ahmad, Salman with Robert Schroeder & intro. by Melissa Etheridge Rock & Roll Jihad: A Muslim Rock Star's Revolution.  Item number: 20483.    US$4.99
29.    Aiken, Conrad The Clerk's Journal: Being the Diary of a Queer Man.  Item number: 19981.    US$25.00
30.    Akiyama, Nobuo & Carol Akiyama Barron's Japanese at a Glance: Phrase Book and Dictionary for Travelers (with audio cassette).  Item number: 17058.    US$6.99
31.    Albeck, Pat A Guide to England Through a Cat's Eyes.  Item number: 19185.    US$9.95
32.    Albert, Bill Desert Blues (collectible bound galley copy).  Item number: 867.    US$4.99
33.    Albion, Robert Greenhalgh w/intro. by Tim Bean Forests and Sea Power: The Timber Problem of the Royal Navy, 1652-1862.  Item number: 21475.    US$75.00
34.    Albion, Robert Greenhalgh with Jennie B. Pope & foreword by Vice Adm. Edward L. Cochrane Seaports South of Sahara: The Achievements of an American Steamship Service (inscribed).  Item number: 16267.    US$45.00
35.    Alcock, Leslie Was this Camelot? Excavations at Cadbury Castle 1966-70.  Item number: 15829.    US$7.50
36.    Aldington, Richard Lawrence of Arabia: A Biographical Enquiry.  Item number: 4.    US$25.00
37.    Aldrich, Thomas Bailey The Poems of Thomas Bailey Aldrich.  Item number: 21704.    US$9.95
38.    Aldridge, Alan, ed. (The Beatles) The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics.  Item number: 19990.    US$15.00
39.    Alembik, Lisa, curator Groundstory: Tales from the Shade of the South.  Item number: 21455.    US$25.00
40.    Alexander, Caroline Battle's End: A Seminole Football Team Revisited.  Item number: 21695.    US$15.00
41.    Alexander, Caroline The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty.  Item number: 10513.    US$4.99
42.    Alexander, Caroline w/photographs by Frank Hurley The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition.  Item number: 16626.    US$9.95
43.    Alexander, Hannah Islands: Poems.  Item number: 14333.    US$7.50
44.    Alexander, Michael The Reluctant Legionnaire.  Item number: 12713.    US$75.00
45.    Alexander, Roy The Cruise of the Raider Wolf.  Item number: 18892.    US$7.50
46.    Alhadeff, Gini Diary of a Djinn.  Item number: 9367.    US$4.99
47.    Allen, Charles The Savage Wars of Peace: Soldiers' Voices 1945-1989.  Item number: 13407.    US$40.00
48.    Allen, Frederick Atlanta Rising: The Invention of an International City 1946-1996 (signed).  Item number: 1796.    US$15.00
49.    Allen, Ivan Sr. The Atlanta Spirit: Altitude + Attitude (signed).  Item number: 16564.    US$45.00
50.    Allen, Ivan Sr. The Atlanta Spirit: Altitude + Attitude.  Item number: 21066.    US$15.00

4308 items found
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