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1.    (Jo Nathan Slow and Margaret E. Stucki) 2000 Ford Villager Wiring Diagrams Manual (FCS-12220-00).  Item number: 24363.    US$15.00
2.    (Jo Nathan Slow and Margaret E. Stucki) Genealogies of Mayflower Families: From The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (3 volume set).  Item number: 46828.    US$150.00
3.    (Thomas Dekker) Lanthorne and Candle-Light.  Item number: 34691.    US$35.00
4.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Austin Baylitts-photographer American Wild Life Illustrated.  Item number: 4913.    US$12.00
5.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Donald Lipski Donald Lipski: Building Steam, 14 September - 12 October, 1985 (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 37130.    US$15.00
6.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Elsa Beskow Mors Lilla Olle: och andra visor av A. T..  Item number: 28432.    US$60.00
7.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Eugene Atget Berenice Abbott And Eugene Atget.  Item number: 44672.    US$22.00
8.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Henry Strater 36 Paintings and Drawings, Mostly Recent, By Henry Strater American Artist (1896 - ).  Item number: 13740.    US$12.00
9.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Hugh O'Donnell Hugh O'Donnell: Recent work April 1984 to April 1985 (exhibition publication).  Item number: 37192.    US$12.00
10.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Irving Petlin Irving Petlin: Weisswald, 12 September - 10 October (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 37268.    US$12.00
11.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Italo Scanga Italo Scanga In Chico 1990, April 2 through 30, 1990; The University Art Gallery, Taylor Hall, California State University, Chico, CA (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 36842.    US$16.00
12.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Jackie Ferrara Jackie Ferrara: Drawings, June and July 1977 (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 37271.    US$11.00
13.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Joe Tilson Tilson (Contemporary Artists 33).  Item number: 36790.    US$25.00
14.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Leon Golub Leon Golub: A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings from 1947 to 1973, September 7 to October 20, 1974 (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 36839.    US$12.00
15.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Michael Craig-Martin Tony Cragg: Fifth Triennale India, New Delhi, 15 March - 7 April 1982 (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 37269.    US$11.00
16.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Pat Andrea Pat Andrea 1992 (Exhibition Publication, Daverio Gallery, New York, February 19th - March 21st 1992).  Item number: 36784.    US$50.00
17.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Peter Saul Peter Saul, Swen Parson Gallery, November 3-30, 1980 and Madison Art Center, February 1 - March 29, 1981 (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 37016.    US$14.00
18.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Philip Pearlstein Philip Pearlstein: New Watercolors.  Item number: 36827.    US$30.00
19.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Richard Floethe The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen.  Item number: 1514.    US$20.00
20.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Richard Smith Richard Smith: Retrospective Exhibition of Graphics + Multiples (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 37010.    US$16.00
21.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Robert Lostutter Robert Lostutter: The Watercolors (February 12 - March 25, 1984) (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 37007.    US$45.00
22.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Robert Osborne The Best Of Gramps.  Item number: 43760.    US$24.00
23.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Sally Tate Mother Goose.  Item number: 18019.    US$15.00
24.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Sam Shaw Marilyn Monroe As The Girl.  Item number: 19528.    US$195.00
25.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Samuel Ward Stanton Great Lakes Steam Vessels.  Item number: 35654.    US$14.00
26.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Stephen E. Fabian Stephen E. Fabian's Ladies and Legends.  Item number: 9533.    US$20.00
27.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Steven Campbell Steven Campbell: New Paintings, Riverside Studios, London, 28 November - 30 December 1984, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 12 January - 23 February 1985 (Exhibition Catalog).  Item number: 36787.    US$20.00
28.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Steven Campbell, Christopher Lebrun, Therese Oulton Steven Campbell, Christopher LeBrun, Therese Oulton: Recent Works, September 13 - October 8, 1994 (Exhibition Publication).  Item number: 36826.    US$35.00
29.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Vincent Di Mattio Vincent Di Mattio: Selections from 103 Drawings.  Item number: 36792.    US$16.00
30.    , Illustrated by: Illustrated by Yakub Kolas Yakub Kolas's Image in Visual Arts.  Item number: 23135.    US$11.00
31.    [de Gaulle] Dictionnaire Commente de L'Oeuvre du General de Gaulle.  Item number: 44862.    US$40.00
32.    [Engels, Friedrich] Letters of the Young Engels 1838 - 1845.  Item number: 18166.    US$12.00
33.    [Warhol, Andy] Parkett: Issue No. 12 (Collaboration Andy Warhol).  Item number: 17879.    US$40.00
34.    Catalog T 1915 of Standard Merchandise; Obtainable in exchange fo S. & H. Green Trading Stamps and Hamilton Coupons... (A National Service Catalog).  Item number: 36798.    US$60.00
35.    Message of Governor Emanuel L. Phillip to the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin: Regular Session, 1919.  Item number: 36799.    US$12.00
36.    Directions for Using the Remington Standard Typewriter, Models 10 and 11.  Item number: 36802.    US$40.00
37.    The Number Ten: The Up-to-Date Remington Touch Method Typewriter Instruction (Abridged Edition).  Item number: 36803.    US$15.00
38.    Atlantic Tales: A Collection of Stories From The Atlantic Monthly.  Item number: 36786.    US$16.00
39.    History of the First Baptist Church, Chicago, with the Articles of Faith and Covenant and a Catalogue of Its Members December, 1889.  Item number: 36734.    US$50.00
40.    Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin at its Fifty-Third Annual Meeting, Held November 9, 1905.  Item number: 36694.    US$20.00
41.    Chester Gump In The Pole To Pole Flight (The Big Little Book #1402).  Item number: 36711.    US$24.00
42.    Chester Gump In The Pole To Pole Flight (The Big Little Book #1402).  Item number: 36712.    US$27.00
43.    Library of Standard Poets: Containing Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns, Thomas Moore (Poetical Wonder-Book).  Item number: 36494.    US$32.00
44.    The Preflighter: Handbook of the Aviation Cadet Wing USAF Preflight School.  Item number: 36531.    US$40.00
45.    Plymouth Pulpit: A Weekly Publication of Sermons Preached by Henry Ward Beecher, Volume 1, No. 20, Saturday, February 7, 1874; Subject: St. Paul's Creed.  Item number: 36594.    US$12.00
46.    St. Joseph's Dedication, June 23, 1943, Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  Item number: 36595.    US$25.00
47.    The Theatre: An Illustrated Magazine Devoted to the Drama and Music, Volume 11, No. 12, February, 1902.  Item number: 36598.    US$24.00
48.    Chicago Federation of Musicians; Chicago ILL., Local No. 10 A. F. of M..  Item number: 36045.    US$70.00
49.    Sermons on the International Sunday-School Lessons for 1887; by the Monday Club, Twelfth Series.  Item number: 36074.    US$13.00
50.    Jackson County Reader, Volume Two: Jackson County Bicentennial (Jackson County, Wisconsin, compiled in conjunction with the National Bicentennial year.).  Item number: 36087.    US$20.00

Over 9000 Items found
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