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1.    , Illustrated by: Alvarez y Saurina Capitolio Nacional: Habana-Cuba.  Item number: 003626.    US$45.00
2.    , Illustrated by: Crist, Patricia St. Croix (VI) Country Day School's Glorious Food.  Item number: 001569.    US$10.00
3.    , Illustrated by: Donovan, Robert J., et. al. A Pictorial Review of the Danbury and North Fairfield County Flood of Oct. 15-16, 1955.  Item number: 001121.    US$15.00
4.    , Illustrated by: Dore, Gustave The Dore Bible Gallery.  Item number: 004708.    US$250.00
5.    , Illustrated by: Gladys Brown Edwards The Arabian Horse Buying and Judging Guide.  Item number: 000079.    US$7.50
6.    , Illustrated by: Graves, Linda Cooking With the Tidewater Knitting Guild of Virginia.  Item number: 004923.    US$5.00
7.    , Illustrated by: Jackson, Ray Journal of the Lewes Historical Society (Volume I, December 1998).  Item number: 002176.    US$7.50
8.    , Illustrated by: Muller, Gladys, et. al. A Picture Book of Philadelphia, Pa..  Item number: 001837.    US$10.00
9.    , Illustrated by: Young, Lord & Rhoades, Ltd. Two Soos: Canadian and American.  Item number: 004820.    US$25.00
10.    A Collection of Interesting Tracts, Explaining Several Important Points of Scripture Doctrine.  Item number: 004825.    US$75.00
11.    Reinatex Exposition Philatelique Internationale (1952.  Item number: 004829.    US$10.00
12.    The Libbey Glass Co. Cut Glass 1896.  Item number: 004830.    US$15.00
13.    Easton (MD) Elementary Parent-Teacher Association Cookbook.  Item number: 005021.    US$7.50
14.    Military Dog Training and Employment (FM 20-20).  Item number: 004746.    US$20.00
15.    Our Friend the German Shepherd Dog.  Item number: 004751.    US$30.00
16.    Annals of the Masonic Homes of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodege of F. & A, M. of Pennsylvania.....  Item number: 004760.    US$15.00
17.    Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Valley of Camden, New Jersey, Spring Reunion 1961.  Item number: 004767.    US$10.00
18.    The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art (Vol. XLVII, January to June, 1888).  Item number: 004784.    US$50.00
19.    Autographies ou Diverses Lectures sur les Trois Regnes, les Gaz, les Elements; etc.: Partie des Eleves.  Item number: 004790.    US$53.00
20.    Greenwood (DE) Lions Club Cookbook.  Item number: 004693.    US$5.00
21.    All About Girls: Their Virtues and Their Failings.  Item number: 004700.    US$25.00
22.    Stories of Old Daniel: or, Tales of Wonder and Delight.  Item number: 004703.    US$175.00
23.    Hymn Book of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  Item number: 000269.    US$25.00
24.    Laurel and Sussex County, Delaware: A Know Your Town and County Survey.  Item number: 001202.    US$3.00
25.    Flavors of Cape Henlopen (Delaware).  Item number: 002792.    US$7.50
26.    L'Arte Nelle Stampe: Incisioni Colorate Acquarelli i Posters.  Item number: 004684.    US$15.00
27.    Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  Item number: 004593.    US$20.00
28.    How to Play Lawn Tennis:.  Item number: 004598.    US$20.00
29.    From War Department Files: Statements Made By the Alleged Lincoln Conspirators Under Examination 1865.  Item number: 004599.    US$20.00
30.    Maryland: A Picture Book to Remember Her By.  Item number: 004606.    US$3.50
31.    Tiffany Table Settings.  Item number: 004615.    US$10.00
32.    41st Annual Delaware Blue-Gold Annual All-Star Foobtall Game 1996.  Item number: 004629.    US$10.00
33.    McGuffey's Newly Revised Rhetorical Guide; or Fifth Reader of the Eclectic Series.  Item number: 004076.    US$15.00
34.    Collier's World Atlas and Gazetteer (1942).  Item number: 004141.    US$35.00
35.    Pedrick Piston Ring Service: Engine Repair Manual.  Item number: 004142.    US$25.00
36.    Illustrated Catalogue 1889; Louie DeTice, Ellenville, NY.  Item number: 004153.    US$25.00
37.    The Church of Christ Centennial Yearbook, 1871-1971 (Ocean View, Delaware).  Item number: 004156.    US$20.00
38.    The Devil in the Church: His Secret Works Exposed and His Snares Laid to Destroy Our Public Schools.  Item number: 004157.    US$50.00
39.    The Cathedral of Commerce: Woolworth Building, New York.  Item number: 004159.    US$25.00
40.    Report of the 78th Annual Convention of the Delaware Woman's Christian Temperance Union (1957).  Item number: 004168.    US$20.00
41.    1961 Yearbook & Annual Convention Program: Delmarva District Ruritan National.  Item number: 004169.    US$7.50
42.    Rules of the House of Representatives, The 120th General Assembly, State of Delaware (1959).  Item number: 004170.    US$5.00
43.    The Storm of '62 From Ruin to Recovery.  Item number: 004175.    US$35.00
44.    Handbook of Dalmatia, Abbazia, Lussin Etc., The Autrian Riviera, including the Albanian Coast, The Jonian Islands, Corfu, Patras, Athens.  Item number: 004180.    US$50.00
45.    Welcome to the A.-N. Flying Club's 5th Annual Air Show.  Item number: 004357.    US$7.50
46.    Official Minutes, Wilmington Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1913.  Item number: 004366.    US$30.00
47.    Davison's Knit Goods Trade 1977: The Eighty-Sixth Edition.  Item number: 004367.    US$40.00
48.    Farmyard Pets.  Item number: 004381.    US$75.00
49.    A Century of Progress: Farmers National Bank, Reading, Penna. 1814-1927.  Item number: 004393.    US$25.00
50.    Waterfowl Festival (Easton, Maryland) 1983.  Item number: 001885.    US$5.00

4479 items found
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