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1.    , Illustrated by: Alvarez y Saurina Capitolio Nacional: Habana-Cuba.  Item number: 003626.    US$45.00
2.    , Illustrated by: Bowers, Velva Favorites, Flavors & Friends: St. Martha's Episcopal Chapel, Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Item number: 005599.    US$5.00
3.    , Illustrated by: Coston, Jr., Daniel G. The Wretched Patty Cannon: An 1841 Account.  Item number: 005166.    US$50.00
4.    , Illustrated by: Crist, Patricia St. Croix (VI) Country Day School's Glorious Food.  Item number: 001569.    US$10.00
5.    , Illustrated by: Dinetta, Paula New Castle County (DE) Police Ladies Auxiliary Presents: Our Favorite Recipes.  Item number: 006670.    US$5.00
6.    , Illustrated by: Dore, Gustave The Dore Bible Gallery.  Item number: 004708.    US$250.00
7.    , Illustrated by: Gladys Brown Edwards The Arabian Horse Buying and Judging Guide.  Item number: 000079.    US$7.50
8.    , Illustrated by: Graves, Linda Cooking With the Tidewater Knitting Guild of Virginia.  Item number: 004923.    US$5.00
9.    , Illustrated by: Muller, Gladys, et. al. A Picture Book of Philadelphia, Pa..  Item number: 001837.    US$10.00
10.    , Illustrated by: Ojha, Marietta Hawaii's Friends of the Y.W.C.A. Ciookbook.  Item number: 005908.    US$10.00
11.    , Illustrated by: Young, Lord & Rhoades, Ltd. Two Soos: Canadian and American.  Item number: 004820.    US$25.00
12.    New York Jewelers Supply Company Catalog.  Item number: 001865.    US$20.00
13.    An Exhibition of Connecticut Pewter.  Item number: 001868.    US$10.00
14.    Bridgeville (DE) Volunteer Fire Company Inc.: 100 Year Anniversary.  Item number: 001879.    US$7.50
15.    50th Anniversary, City of District Heights, Prince George's County, Maryland 1936-1986.  Item number: 001908.    US$10.00
16.    Yearbook of Railroad Information: 1959 Edition.  Item number: 001909.    US$20.00
17.    Seasoned with Love: St. Stephens United Methodist Church, Delmar, Delaware.  Item number: 001926.    US$6.00
18.    Inquiry and Proclamation: The Report of the 1958 National Meeting.  Item number: 001739.    US$10.00
19.    Nikkor Lenses.  Item number: 001743.    US$12.50
20.    A Collection of Recipes: Worcester Country School Cookbook.  Item number: 001744.    US$6.00
21.    Tourists' Hand Book of Portland Maine.  Item number: 001751.    US$30.00
22.    The Watch Master Watch-rate Recorder Hand Book.  Item number: 001753.    US$10.00
23.    Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints with Reflections for Every Day of the Year.  Item number: 001755.    US$17.50
24.    Middletown Yesterday (Delaware).  Item number: 001789.    US$25.00
25.    Favorite Recipes From Our Best Cooks (Marydel, Delaware and Maryland).  Item number: 001804.    US$6.00
26.    New York: The Metropolis of the Western World (New York Standard Guide).  Item number: 001810.    US$20.00
27.    Calvary Chapel of Ocean City Presents Restaurant Recipes from the Shore and More.....  Item number: 001820.    US$6.00
28.    Massachusetts vs Delaware (Football) Official Program, October 9, 1982.  Item number: 001573.    US$3.00
29.    200th Anniversary of The Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church, Laurel, Delaware, May 3, 1981.  Item number: 001574.    US$5.00
30.    The Christian Hymnary: A Selection of Hymns and Tunes for Christian Worship.  Item number: 001578.    US$20.00
31.    Around the Circle: One Thousand Miles Through the Rocky Mountains...of Colorado.  Item number: 001582.    US$30.00
32.    The Saviour of the World: The Evanston Series 1941.  Item number: 001541.    US$20.00
33.    Virginia Campbell's Cook Book (1850's St. Louis, Missouri).  Item number: 001552.    US$15.00
34.    Year Book of the Bergen County (NJ) Historical Society: Numbers Eight and Nine 1913-1914.  Item number: 001559.    US$25.00
35.    Outboard Motor Service Manual. Vol. 2. 30hp and Above.  Item number: 001593.    US$15.00
36.    Outboard Motor Service Manual. Vol. 1. Motors Below 30hp.  Item number: 001594.    US$15.00
37.    All-Black Governing Bodies: The History and Contributions of All-Black Governing Bodies in the Predecessor Denominations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  Item number: 001607.    US$15.00
38.    The Eagle's Nest 1960: Yearbook of Lord Baltimore High School.  Item number: 001614.    US$12.50
39.    Prize Winning Del-Mar-Va Chicken Recipes.  Item number: 001617.    US$10.00
40.    Ukrainian Congress Committee of America - Songbook.  Item number: 001618.    US$10.00
41.    In the Heart of Germany in the Twentieth Century: The Zonal Border.  Item number: 001626.    US$10.00
42.    Guide to the Palace of Bang Pa-In.  Item number: 001654.    US$20.00
43.    Howard University Alumni Reunion Record 1993.  Item number: 001656.    US$25.00
44.    Nash 1946 Owner's Manual.  Item number: 001669.    US$25.00
45.    Warner's Calendar of Medical History for the Use of the Medical Profession 1937.  Item number: 001673.    US$20.00
46.    Textures of Influence: 20th Century Japanese Prints in the Collection of the University of Maryland Univeristy College.  Item number: 001681.    US$16.00
47.    Favorite Recipes Save Time and Money.  Item number: 001696.    US$10.00
48.    New Gold Medal Cook Book.  Item number: 001712.    US$15.00
49.    1993 Nanticoke Indian Powwow: Souvenir Powwow Program Book.  Item number: 001714.    US$7.50
50.    China & Pottery 1940.  Item number: 001715.    US$10.00

6006 items found
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