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1.    , Illustrated by: Alvarez y Saurina Capitolio Nacional: Habana-Cuba.  Item number: 003626.    US$45.00
2.    , Illustrated by: Bowers, Velva Favorites, Flavors & Friends: St. Martha's Episcopal Chapel, Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Item number: 005599.    US$5.00
3.    , Illustrated by: Coston, Jr., Daniel G. The Wretched Patty Cannon: An 1841 Account.  Item number: 005166.    US$50.00
4.    , Illustrated by: Crist, Patricia St. Croix (VI) Country Day School's Glorious Food.  Item number: 001569.    US$10.00
5.    , Illustrated by: Dinetta, Paula New Castle County (DE) Police Ladies Auxiliary Presents: Our Favorite Recipes.  Item number: 006670.    US$5.00
6.    , Illustrated by: Dore, Gustave The Dore Bible Gallery.  Item number: 004708.    US$250.00
7.    , Illustrated by: Gladys Brown Edwards The Arabian Horse Buying and Judging Guide.  Item number: 000079.    US$7.50
8.    , Illustrated by: Graves, Linda Cooking With the Tidewater Knitting Guild of Virginia.  Item number: 004923.    US$5.00
9.    , Illustrated by: Jackson, Ray Journal of the Lewes Historical Society (Volume I, December 1998).  Item number: 002176.    US$7.50
10.    , Illustrated by: Muller, Gladys, et. al. A Picture Book of Philadelphia, Pa..  Item number: 001837.    US$10.00
11.    , Illustrated by: Ojha, Marietta Hawaii's Friends of the Y.W.C.A. Ciookbook.  Item number: 005908.    US$10.00
12.    , Illustrated by: Young, Lord & Rhoades, Ltd. Two Soos: Canadian and American.  Item number: 004820.    US$25.00
13.    A Collection of Interesting Tracts, Explaining Several Important Points of Scripture Doctrine.  Item number: 004825.    US$75.00
14.    Reinatex Exposition Philatelique Internationale (1952.  Item number: 004829.    US$10.00
15.    The Libbey Glass Co. Cut Glass 1896.  Item number: 004830.    US$15.00
16.    Country Cooking with Snow Hill (MD) Christian Nursery School.  Item number: 004856.    US$5.00
17.    Berlin eie Erinnerung.  Item number: 004875.    US$50.00
18.    Tiffany Table Settings.  Item number: 004615.    US$10.00
19.    41st Annual Delaware Blue-Gold Annual All-Star Foobtall Game 1996.  Item number: 004629.    US$10.00
20.    The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art (Vol. XLVII, January to June, 1888).  Item number: 004784.    US$50.00
21.    Autographies ou Diverses Lectures sur les Trois Regnes, les Gaz, les Elements; etc.: Partie des Eleves.  Item number: 004790.    US$53.00
22.    Native Dress of the Sierra de Puebla.  Item number: 004299.    US$20.00
23.    Waterfowl Festival (Easton, Maryland) 1983.  Item number: 001885.    US$5.00
24.    Waterfowl Festival (Easton, Maryland) 1984.  Item number: 001886.    US$5.00
25.    Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love.  Item number: 002790.    US$10.00
26.    From A Lighthouse Window: Recipes and Recollections fromthe Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels, Maryland.  Item number: 004415.    US$5.00
27.    Infantray Drill Regulations, United States Army, with Rifle Marksmanship, Caliber .30, Model 1903 (Springfield) and Caliber .30, M1, Military Discipline and Courtesies, Interior Guard Duty.  Item number: 004420.    US$15.00
28.    Prayer Book (Abridged) for Jews in the Armed Forces of the United States.  Item number: 004470.    US$12.50
29.    U.S. Navy Occupational Handbook for Women: A Manual for Civilian Guidance Counselors, Schools, Libraries, Employment and Youth Agencies 1953 Edition.  Item number: 004477.    US$15.00
30.    Uncle Wip and His Friends: Stories of How They Live and What They Do in Castle Broadcast, Their Home in the Sky.  Item number: 004484.    US$50.00
31.    Polk's Official Arrow Street Guide of Baltimore.  Item number: 004492.    US$15.00
32.    General Laws and By-Laws of Pocahontas Council, No. 1, Degree of Pocahontas. Improved Order of Red Men, Wilmington, Delaware.  Item number: 004493.    US$25.00
33.    Rowan College Cookbook.  Item number: 004924.    US$5.00
34.    The Year Book of The Cruising Club of America 1967.  Item number: 004942.    US$10.00
35.    Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.  Item number: 004945.    US$10.00
36.    Dover (HS) Senators Football Play Book.  Item number: 004946.    US$15.00
37.    Mrs. Ellis's Complete Cook, or Perfect Instructor In All Branches of Cookery and Domestic Economy.  Item number: 004988.    US$200.00
38.    Chants de France.  Item number: 004889.    US$6.00
39.    Chantons.  Item number: 004890.    US$6.00
40.    Chants de France (Tome II).  Item number: 004891.    US$6.00
41.    Carmina Latina (Latin Songs).  Item number: 004887.    US$6.00
42.    A History of Hillsboro-Queen Anne United Methodist Church 1882-1982.  Item number: 004895.    US$7.50
43.    Bibliotheca Munselliana: A Catalogue of the Books and Pamphlets Issued From the Press of Joel Munsell from the Year f1828 to 1870.  Item number: 005081.    US$18.50
44.    The Library of an Early Virginia Scientist, Dr. John Mitchell, F.R.S. (1711-1768).  Item number: 005105.    US$25.00
45.    Goucher Kalends (Spring 1934).  Item number: 005115.    US$10.00
46.    Ryerson Stock List & Data Book (1987-88 Edition).  Item number: 005123.    US$35.00
47.    Seventieth Anniversary Denton National Bank, Denton, Maryland 1881-1951.  Item number: 005127.    US$10.00
48.    Elegant Eatables from the First Presbyterian Church, Smyrna, Delaware.  Item number: 005129.    US$6.00
49.    Index of the Rolls of Honor (Ancestor's Index) in the Lineage Books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (Volumes 121-160).  Item number: 005315.    US$10.00
50.    Souvenir Program, 1913: Forty-Seventh Annual Session of the National Grange at Manchester, New Hampshire.  Item number: 005330.    US$15.00

5876 items found
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