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1.    (Blank) Music by Gershwin.  Item number: 14766.    US$20.00
2.    [Canaletto] Charlotte Miller (Introduction and Catalogue) Fifty Drawings by Canaletto from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle.  Item number: 18798.    US$600.00
3.    [Charles Rennie Mackintosh]; The Architectural Association; Andy MacMillan, et al. Some Designs by C R Mackintosh.  Item number: 24390.    US$25.00
4.    [Facciolati, Jacopo] Compendiaria Graecae Grammatices Institutio in usum Seminarii Patavini.  Item number: 21031.    US$60.00
5.    [Francis Bacon] France Borel and Linda Asher (text) Bacon: Portraits and Self-Portraits.  Item number: 24383.    US$275.00
6.    [Isaiah Thomas, Jr.] Eccentric Biography; or, Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters, Ancient and Modern.  Item number: 15573.    US$85.00
7.    [Napoleon] Capefigue, Jean-Baptiste Honore Raymond Les Cent Jours (Two Volumes, Complete).  Item number: 14387.    US$250.00
8.    [NELSON, Horatio] Charnock, John Biographical Memoirs of Lord Viscount Nelson with Observations, Critical and Explanatory.  Item number: 23524.    US$200.00
9.    [Solomon][Bible] The Song of Songs.  Item number: 14832.    US$15.00
10.    [St. Francis of Assisi] Ugolino of Montegiorgio; Dom Roger Hudleston; Arthur Livingston (Intro) The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi.  Item number: 12897.    US$200.00
11.    The Desert Realm Lands of Majesty and Mystery.  Item number: 14891.    US$22.00
12.    Recording Britain (Complete in Four Volumes).  Item number: 14915.    US$285.00
13.    Gourmet's Menu Cookbook: A Collection of Epicurean Menus and Recipes.  Item number: 14933.    US$65.00
14.    Memoirs of Marguerite de Valois, Queen of France, Wife of Henri IV of Madame de Pompadour of the Court of Louis XV, and of Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, Wife of Henri II.  Item number: 15002.    US$20.00
15.    Memoirs of Emma, Lady Hamilton, the Friend of Lord Nelson, and the Court of Naples.  Item number: 15006.    US$25.00
16.    Les Chateaux de l'Ile de France Collection Realites.  Item number: 14643.    US$80.00
17.    Treasures of The Old West Paintings and Sculpture from the Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art.  Item number: 15193.    US$8.00
18.    The New Decorating Book.  Item number: 15984.    US$10.00
19.    The Columbian World's Fair Atlas.  Item number: 15989.    US$275.00
20.    Homage to Salvador Dali Special Issue of the XXe Siecle Review.  Item number: 15992.    US$185.00
21.    The Book of Job From the Translation Prepared at Cambridge in 1611 for King James I.  Item number: 16030.    US$43.00
22.    What Will The World Say?.  Item number: 16146.    US$9.00
23.    The Magazine of Democracy in Action, Vol. 3.  Item number: 16169.    US$10.00
24.    Power Goes to Work An Introduction to the Transmission of Power.  Item number: 16178.    US$16.00
25.    The Telephone in America.  Item number: 16179.    US$20.00
26.    ABC's of Hand Tools Their Correct Usage and Care.  Item number: 16180.    US$45.00
27.    The Magic of Communication The Telephone: A Magic Device.  Item number: 16182.    US$22.00
28.    Grandma's Italian Kitchen.  Item number: 16257.    US$5.00
29.    We Japanese Being Descriptions of Many of the Customs, Manners, Ceremonies, Festivals, Arts and Crafts of the Japanese Besides Numerous Other Subjects.  Item number: 16383.    US$48.00
30.    Autocourse Official Champ Car Yearbook 2005-2006.  Item number: 16490.    US$55.00
31.    The New Yorker Cartoon Album 1975-1985.  Item number: 16499.    US$14.00
32.    Rolls Royce.  Item number: 17316.    US$10.00
33.    World's Great Detective Stories.  Item number: 17352.    US$9.00
34.    Women in History (Complete in Seven Volumes).  Item number: 17361.    US$45.00
35.    The Gallery of Portraits: With Memoirs (Complete in Seven Volumes) Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.  Item number: 17704.    US$300.00
36.    Great Broadway Songs.  Item number: 17714.    US$8.00
37.    Webster's New World Dictionary of the American People.  Item number: 17735.    US$15.00
38.    Legacy from the Past A Portfolio of Eighty-Eight Original Williamsburg Buildings.  Item number: 17738.    US$20.00
39.    Design Ideas for Great American Houses.  Item number: 17764.    US$25.00
40.    Remodeling Idea File.  Item number: 17769.    US$25.00
41.    New Trends in Renovating.  Item number: 17788.    US$65.00
42.    Syracuse Art History Landscape.  Item number: 17815.    US$30.00
43.    Roma.  Item number: 17823.    US$15.00
44.    New Decorating Book.  Item number: 17848.    US$40.00
45.    Le Cordon Bleu At Home.  Item number: 18845.    US$22.00
46.    Master Graphics: Dufy-Ensor-Giacometti-Picasso-Toulouse-Lautrec-Villon.  Item number: 18637.    US$23.00
47.    Honore Daumier 1808-1879.  Item number: 18638.    US$15.00
48.    Nineteenth Century Polish Painting.  Item number: 18769.    US$23.00
49.    Beijing, the Capital of China.  Item number: 18986.    US$23.00
50.    Phaidon Encyclopedia of Art and Artists.  Item number: 19002.    US$24.00

Over 9000 Items found
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