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Over 9000 Items found for Round Table Books, LLC
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1.    (Blank) Music by Gershwin.  Item number: 14766.    US$20.00
2.    [Canaletto] Charlotte Miller (Introduction and Catalogue) Fifty Drawings by Canaletto from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle.  Item number: 18798.    US$600.00
3.    [Charles Rennie Mackintosh]; The Architectural Association; Andy MacMillan, et al. Some Designs by C R Mackintosh.  Item number: 24390.    US$25.00
4.    [Facciolati, Jacopo] Compendiaria Graecae Grammatices Institutio in usum Seminarii Patavini.  Item number: 21031.    US$60.00
5.    [FISHER, HARRISON]; James B. Carrington The Harrison Fisher Book: A Collection of Drawings in Colors and Black and White.  Item number: 21388.    US$750.00
6.    [Francis Bacon] France Borel and Linda Asher (text) Bacon: Portraits and Self-Portraits.  Item number: 24383.    US$275.00
7.    [Isaiah Thomas, Jr.] Eccentric Biography; or, Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters, Ancient and Modern.  Item number: 15573.    US$85.00
8.    [Napoleon] Capefigue, Jean-Baptiste Honore Raymond Les Cent Jours (Two Volumes, Complete).  Item number: 14387.    US$200.00
9.    [NELSON, Horatio] Charnock, John Biographical Memoirs of Lord Viscount Nelson with Observations, Critical and Explanatory.  Item number: 23524.    US$200.00
10.    [Solomon] The Song of Songs.  Item number: 14832.    US$10.00
11.    [St. Francis of Assisi] Ugolino of Montegiorgio; Dom Roger Hudleston; Arthur Livingston (Intro) The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi.  Item number: 12897.    US$200.00
12.    Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from George Washington 1789 to George Bush 1989.  Item number: 13074.    US$30.00
13.    The American image: Photographs from the National Archives, 1860-1960.  Item number: 13157.    US$25.00
14.    Robin Hood.  Item number: 13329.    US$10.00
15.    The First One Hundred Years.  Item number: 12302.    US$30.00
16.    Sepia Magazine (Vol. 13, No. 2, February 1964): John F. Kennedy 1917-1963.  Item number: 12795.    US$40.00
17.    Select Speeches of Daniel Webster 1817-1845.  Item number: 10594.    US$13.00
18.    The Magazine of Democracy in Action, Vol. 3.  Item number: 16169.    US$10.00
19.    World's Great Adventure Stories.  Item number: 17125.    US$14.00
20.    World's Great Romances.  Item number: 17135.    US$10.00
21.    World's Great Detective Stories.  Item number: 17352.    US$9.00
22.    The American Heritage Book of the Presidents and Famous Americans.  Item number: 7563.    US$5.00
23.    Reporting World War II: Part One: American Journalism - 1938-1944.  Item number: 8375.    US$25.00
24.    Theatrical Drawings and Watercolors by George Grosz.  Item number: 9115.    US$13.00
25.    Paris and the American Avant-Garde, 1900-1925.  Item number: 9127.    US$25.00
26.    The Complete Walking Tour of Historic Charleston.  Item number: 9152.    US$25.00
27.    Treasures of Mexico from the Mexican National Museums.  Item number: 11205.    US$25.00
28.    Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter translation ascribed to Oscar Wilde.  Item number: 11431.    US$45.00
29.    The Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan.  Item number: 11580.    US$8.00
30.    Pearl Harbor American's Call to Arms.  Item number: 11658.    US$8.00
31.    Gauguin.  Item number: 12070.    US$14.00
32.    Page One Major Events 1920-1976 as Presented in the New York Times.  Item number: 12152.    US$14.00
33.    Herbs and Other Medicinal Plants.  Item number: 12156.    US$7.00
34.    Life Goes to the Movies.  Item number: 12161.    US$25.00
35.    Playboy Magazine (November 1987).  Item number: 13781.    US$20.00
36.    The Desert Realm Lands of Majesty and Mystery.  Item number: 14891.    US$22.00
37.    The New Yorker Cartoon Album 1975-1985.  Item number: 16499.    US$14.00
38.    Great Broadway Songs.  Item number: 17714.    US$8.00
39.    The American Renaissance 1876-1917.  Item number: 18342.    US$25.00
40.    Phaidon Encyclopedia of Art and Artists.  Item number: 19002.    US$24.00
41.    The International Library of Music for Home and Studio: Music Literature (Complete in Four Volumes)..  Item number: 19026.    US$75.00
42.    Louis Vuitton City Guide 2001(Complete in Eight Volumes) European Cities.  Item number: 19079.    US$43.00
43.    200 Years (Complete in Two Volumes) A Bicentennial Illustrated History of the United States.  Item number: 19227.    US$20.00
44.    USLTA Magazine: Davis Cup Challenge Round 1964.  Item number: 19258.    US$20.00
45.    The Correlator 1924 Year Book of The University High School.  Item number: 19304.    US$40.00
46.    The American Heritage Dictionary Office Edition.  Item number: 19448.    US$4.00
47.    Fotografieren Hiess Teilnehmen Fotografinnen der Weimarer Republik.  Item number: 20376.    US$95.00
48.    Marc Chagall and the Jewish Theater.  Item number: 20383.    US$23.00
49.    Historic Houses of the South.  Item number: 20656.    US$8.00
50.    Around the World With a Camera.  Item number: 20932.    US$18.00

Over 9000 Items found
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