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1.    'BLAKE' Readiness at Dawn.  Item number: 083821.    US$7.39
2.    'Ma' Jeffreys; J.M. Craster [Editor] Fifteen Rounds a Minute: The Grenadiers at War, August to December, 1914.  Item number: 112260.    US$12.84
3.    (Goya, Francisco) Formaggio, Dino Goya.  Item number: 101573.    US$13.23
4.    (No Author) Leeds City Art Gallery: a Selection of the Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Watercolours and Prints..  Item number: 089895A.    US$4.99
5.    (no author) Jesus Christ. Timeless Truth. Light For The 21st Century. The Good News Of Jesus. Luke's Gospel. Contemporary English Version.  Item number: 095794.    US$6.37
6.    Holy Bible.  Item number: 092437.    US$4.88
7.    - Medieval Queens - A Perpetual Day Book.  Item number: 117286.    US$14.52
8.    --- The Death and Burial of Cock Robin.  Item number: 118066.    US$5.40
9.    [Antoine de La Sale] Les Quinze Joyes De Mariage.  Item number: 078993.    US$13.40
10.    [Mark Twain] Clemens, Samuel L.; Jo Polseno. [Illustrator] The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer & The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn.  Item number: 120868.    US$3.96
11.    [Mary Seamer, afterwards Seymour] Two and Two or, French and English.  Item number: 120467.    US$9.82
12.    [Vilmorin-Andrieux MM.] & Robinson W The Vegetable Garden : Illustrations Descriptions and Culture Of The Garden Vegetables of Cold and Temperate Climates..  Item number: 099448.    US$99.00
13.    [William Whittaker Barry], The Author of All Round Ireland on Foot A Walking Tour of Normandy.  Item number: 120380.    US$650.00
14.    Bristol and Bath Colour Atlas.  Item number: 117289.    US$3.08
15.    125 Years In Words And Pictures As Described In Contemporary Reports In The Daily Telegraph, 1855-1980.  Item number: 115739.    US$5.99
16.    Asian (Essential Cookery).  Item number: 115926.    US$2.97
17.    Discovering Britain.  Item number: 115968.    US$14.20
18.    Tales From The Arabian Nights.  Item number: 116076.    US$7.10
19.    Twelve Days of Christmas (Christmas Book & Tape).  Item number: 116179.    US$2.83
20.    Golden Hands Encyclopaedia Of Embroidery.  Item number: 117370.    US$11.52
21.    British History During the Times of Queen Victoria.  Item number: 117415.    US$4.18
22.    The Fires Of Faith (Milestones Of History).  Item number: 117431.    US$6.12
23.    Ancient Empires (Milestones Of History).  Item number: 117432.    US$8.93
24.    Biscuits and Slices (Quick & Easy).  Item number: 117476.    US$5.54
25.    Winter's Tales 1.  Item number: 117488.    US$11.44
26.    Everything's Eventual.  Item number: 117635.    US$5.75
27.    Cook's Library Classics.  Item number: 117647.    US$3.46
28.    Whitaker's Almanack 1935.  Item number: 117716.    US$15.90
29.    Haynes Owners & Workshop Car Manual Peugeot 406 Petrol & Diesel.  Item number: 117759.    US$24.62
30.    Official Arsenal FC 2010 Annual.  Item number: 117917.    US$4.68
31.    Cooking for One.  Item number: 117921.    US$4.10
32.    Seasonal Scoff: A collection of seasonal recipes.  Item number: 117977.    US$5.18
33.    Encyclopaedia of Africa.  Item number: 106540.    US$12.11
34.    Amazing Clever Tricks.  Item number: 106554.    US$6.08
35.    Royal Air Force (Tracing Your Family History).  Item number: 107288.    US$6.23
36.    Durer (Great Masters).  Item number: 107491.    US$9.35
37.    Wholefood Cook Book, The.  Item number: 101941.    US$4.70
38.    The Painterly print Monotypes from the seventeenth to the Twentieth Century.  Item number: 115250.    US$24.91
39.    Life of Jesus (Religion).  Item number: 116449.    US$8.09
40.    The Times Museums Year Guide.  Item number: 116494.    US$3.02
41.    Reader's Digest First Aid: Complete A-Z of Medicine and Health.  Item number: 116499.    US$3.96
42.    The International Silver & Jewellery Fair & Seminar, London 1990.  Item number: 116514.    US$15.80
43.    The Saturday Book Ninth year.  Item number: 116750.    US$7.12
44.    The New Cathedral Psalter containing The Psalms of David together with The Canticles and Proper Psalms for Certain Days, edited and pointed for chanting.  Item number: 116773.    US$11.61
45.    Complete Traditional Recipe Book.  Item number: 116841.    US$12.34
46.    The World and Its Wonders.  Item number: 117009.    US$10.00
47.    Big Book of Questions and Answers.  Item number: 117142.    US$7.40
48.    A Grandparents Book: The Story of Our Life.  Item number: 117155.    US$5.00
49.    Great Battles of World War II.  Item number: 117188.    US$13.79
50.    The Wine Journal.  Item number: 117273.    US$11.31

Over 9000 Items found
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