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1.    'BLAKE' Readiness at Dawn.  Item number: 083821.    US$9.88
2.    (Ed.), Chambers Chambers Synonyms and Antonyms.  Item number: 103730.    US$7.07
3.    (Goya, Francisco) Formaggio, Dino Goya.  Item number: 101573.    US$13.23
4.    (No Author) Leeds City Art Gallery: a Selection of the Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Watercolours and Prints..  Item number: 089895A.    US$4.99
5.    (no author) Jesus Christ. Timeless Truth. Light For The 21st Century. The Good News Of Jesus. Luke's Gospel. Contemporary English Version.  Item number: 095794.    US$6.37
6.    Travel in South Africa.  Item number: 083290A.    US$9.12
7.    The Ellesmere Collection Drawings by the Carracci Part I.  Item number: 086947.    US$10.80
8.    Holy Bible.  Item number: 092437.    US$13.68
9.    ---- The Cardiff Region, A Survey.  Item number: 085654.    US$5.59
10.    [Antoine de La Sale] Les Quinze Joyes De Mariage.  Item number: 078993.    US$22.50
11.    [Thomas day] The History of Sandford and Merton Intended for the Use of Children.  Item number: 066588.    US$105.00
12.    [Vilmorin-Andrieux MM.] & Robinson W The Vegetable Garden : Illustrations Descriptions and Culture Of The Garden Vegetables of Cold and Temperate Climates..  Item number: 099448.    US$99.00
13.    Current Law Year Book 1991.  Item number: 089563.    US$25.15
14.    The Oxford Handy Dictionary.  Item number: 089616.    US$12.52
15.    Times Concise Atlas of the World.  Item number: 089920.    US$23.52
16.    The Selective Eye, An anthology of the best from L'OEil, the European art magazine.  Item number: 089942.    US$33.73
17.    Battle Honours Awarded for the Great War.  Item number: 091113.    US$5.03
18.    Admiralty Manual Of Navigation - Volume I - 1928. Vol I Only..  Item number: 091977.    US$23.84
19.    JOB : Formed in the Furnace of Faith.  Item number: 092119.    US$6.80
20.    Stanley Gibbons Simplified Stamp Catalogue 1942.  Item number: 092655.    US$33.38
21.    The Dictionary Of National Biography Part 1: From The Beginnings To 1900.  Item number: 092717.    US$28.77
22.    Paisatges de Catalunya, Landscapes of Catalonia.  Item number: 094129.    US$24.94
23.    Who Was Who: Cumulated Index, 1897-1980.  Item number: 078629.    US$11.18
24.    Sunday Times Garden DIY.  Item number: 078255.    US$11.43
25.    A Cure for All Diseases.  Item number: 079233.    US$4.95
26.    Guide Mondial du Connaisseur de Vin.  Item number: 080617.    US$18.85
27.    Free As A Bird.  Item number: 074139.    US$6.50
28.    South American Handbook (Footprint Handbooks).  Item number: 075042.    US$6.41
29.    The Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain's Countryside.  Item number: 095139.    US$16.20
30.    Mount Helicon: A School Anthology of Verse.  Item number: 099451.    US$9.10
31.    Commonwealth Catalogue of King George VI Stamps.  Item number: 084701.    US$9.22
32.    Grand Prix.  Item number: 099110.    US$5.30
33.    Vale of Severn Map: 1m to Half Inch.  Item number: 089984.    US$3.81
34.    Bartholomew National Map Series. Sheet 7 Bristol & N. Somerset 1:100000.  Item number: 089973.    US$3.84
35.    Salads for All Seasons.  Item number: 099714.    US$6.38
36.    Pears Cyclopaedia 1953 -1954.  Item number: 087208.    US$6.56
37.    Friends Forever.  Item number: 085676.    US$5.53
38.    Partons a la decouverte du Massif Central (Collection Partons a la decouverte ; 12).  Item number: 085682.    US$8.84
39.    The Gate to Life (Bible keys).  Item number: 085703.    US$5.49
40.    The Promise: Contemporary English Version.  Item number: 090514.    US$13.32
41.    Chinese For Beginners.  Item number: 098204.    US$11.25
42.    The Alpine World of Mount Cook National Park.  Item number: 098609.    US$8.98
43.    MacConnal-Mason Gallery - Important Recent Acquisitions 2001.  Item number: 084124.    US$12.14
44.    Turner And Dr. Whitaker: townley Hall Art Gallery Exhibition..  Item number: 084197.    US$14.28
45.    Caesar and Cleopatra (Coles Notes).  Item number: 097782.    US$6.05
46.    The Reader's Digest new Pocket Companion.  Item number: 096046.    US$5.28
47.    World Famous Books in Outline.  Item number: 095822.    US$12.71
48.    Fighters of World War II.  Item number: 095987.    US$19.78
49.    Perfect cooking with Beef and Veal (Good Housekeeping Step by Step Cookery).  Item number: 089050.    US$6.59
50.    Bagpuss Annual 2001.  Item number: 088515.    US$9.97

Over 9000 Items found
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