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1.    'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tarjumana, Aisha The Subatomic World in the Qur'an..  Item number: ptf 134603.    US$54.95
2.    (No Author) Encounter. 1963-1980..  Item number: ptf 138588.    US$345.40
3.    (No Author) Human Tissue: Ethical and Legal Issues..  Item number: ptf 121988.    US$18.84
4.    (No Author) Strasse - Wasser - Schiene; Transporttechnik und Industrialisierung. Special issue of Ferrum, Nachrichten aus der Eisenbibliothek. No 62..  Item number: ptf 14950.    US$7.07
5.    (No Author) Weltausstellungen. Forum der Technik, Spiegel der Gesellschaft. Special issue of Ferrum, Nachrichten aus der Eisenbibliothek..  Item number: ptf 18632.    US$7.07
6.    (No Author) Le Lien. Revue du Patriarcat Grec-Melkite Catholique. Vol 52, No 4, 1987..  Item number: ptf 151458.    US$18.84
7.    (No Author) Le Lien. Revue du Patriarcat Grec-Melkite Catholique. Vol 52, No 1, 1987..  Item number: ptf 151461.    US$18.84
8.    (No Author) La Vita Private a Pompei. 3a Edizione..  Item number: ptf 153477.    US$12.56
9.    (No Author) La Musica nell'Antica Grecia..  Item number: ptf 153479.    US$12.56
10.    (No Author) I Misteri di Eleusi. 3a Edizione..  Item number: ptf 153480.    US$18.84
11.    (No Author) Pet Rabbits and Cavies: General Management, Housing, Feeding, Breeding..  Item number: ptf 154402.    US$10.99
12.    (No Author) University of Hyderabad. Fifteen Years of Progress. 1975/6 to 1990/91..  Item number: ptf 165683.    US$21.98
13.    (No Author) Trains of Britain..  Item number: ptf 59443.    US$25.43
14.    (No Author) Sectional Maps of the British Railways. As at December 1947..  Item number: ptf 114072.    US$20.41
15.    (No Author) Furniture, Silver, etc. Collection of Auction Catalogues..  Item number: ptf 42464.    US$16.96
16.    (No Author) Printed Books, Atlases and Maps and the Nancy Mortimer Collection of Coloured Sheet Music 1830-1970. Auction Catalogue..  Item number: ptf 115027.    US$10.99
17.    (No Author) Toy Soldiers and Figures. Auction Catalogue..  Item number: ptf 115043.    US$15.70
18.    (No Author) Flag of Treachery. War Picture Library No. 16..  Item number: ptf 128243.    US$15.70
19.    (No Author) Their Majesties' Silver Wedding Pictorial Souvenir..  Item number: ptf 61634.    US$9.89
20.    (No Author) Pitman's Book of Synonyms and Antonyms..  Item number: ptf 129972.    US$10.99
21.    (No Author) Year Book of the Royal Society..  Item number: ptf 130055.    US$54.95
22.    (No Author) Pollution in the Atmosphere: A Study Group Report..  Item number: ptf 114796.    US$7.85
23.    (No Author) Transactions of the International Engineering Congress, 1915: Miscellany. (San Francisco, California, Sept 20 - 25, 1915).  Item number: ptf 42672.    US$54.95
24.    (No Author) Manual Bibliografico da Geografia Paulista..  Item number: ptf 15664.    US$18.84
25.    (No Author) Schaffhauser Kunst und Kultur im 18. Jahrhundert..  Item number: ptf 10950.    US$11.30
26.    (No Author) The Orthodox Liturgy: Being the Divine Liturgy of S. John Chrysostom and S. Basil the Great according to the Use of the Church of Russia..  Item number: ptf 149178.    US$18.84
27.    (No Author) Which is the Old Church?.  Item number: ptf 151447.    US$12.56
28.    (No Author) Analogimaskiner. Konferenz den 22/23 Mai 1950. (= Forskarnas Kontaktorgan vid Ingeniösvetenskapsakademien).  Item number: ptf 31240.    US$75.36
29.    (No Author) Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (with Amendments). Edition April 1974..  Item number: ptf 122987.    US$31.40
30.    (No Author) International Conference of the Council of Europe on Ethical Issues Arising from the Application of Biotechnologies: Proceedings, Oviedo, May 1999. Part 2. Speakers' Contributions..  Item number: ptf 114050.    US$47.10
31.    (No Author) Das Buch der Welt. 1862. (Children's Annual).  Item number: ptf 144553.    US$251.20
32.    (No Author) Das Buch der Welt. 1864. (Children's Annual).  Item number: ptf 144554.    US$219.80
33.    (No Author) (IRE) Institute of Radio Engineers. National Convention, 1947 - 1956..  Item number: ptf 13804.    US$28.26
34.    (No Author) The Soviet Union after 35 Years. (= The Twentieth Century, Vol 152 No 909, Nov 1952).  Item number: ptf 56475.    US$19.78
35.    (No Author) A Guide to the Historical Records of the Royal Bank of Scotland..  Item number: ptf 122374.    US$25.12
36.    (No Author) Theater 1965. Chronik und Bilanz eines Bühnenjahres. Annual Supplement to Theater Heute..  Item number: ptf 12576.    US$21.98
37.    (No Author) Tissue Culture Studies in Japan. The Annual Bibliography, 1979 - 80..  Item number: ptf 57463.    US$18.84
38.    (No Author) The Taishukan Dictionary of Familiar Quotations..  Item number: ptf 42770.    US$37.68
39.    (No Author) Retorica e Retoriche. ( = Rivista di Estetica 25, anno 27).  Item number: ptf 31330.    US$14.13
40.    (No Author) Industrial Handbook to Great Britain, 1939..  Item number: ptf 18307.    US$7.85
41.    (No Author) Franzosen (=Tumult. No ??) Schriften zur Verkehrswissenschaft. Ed. Böckelmann, Kamper, Seitter..  Item number: ptf 69214.    US$15.70
42.    (No Author) University Correspondence Education in Japan..  Item number: ptf 113461.    US$21.98
43.    (No Author) Perspectives Vol 1: The Rutter Research..  Item number: ptf 35197.    US$9.42
44.    (No Author) An Introduction to Wave Motion..  Item number: ptf 125561.    US$18.84
45.    (No Author) Swedish Archaeological Bibliography. 1939 - 1975..  Item number: ptf 7943.    US$102.05
46.    (No Author) Native Woods for Construction Purposes in the Western Pacific Region. Revised Edition. Restricted..  Item number: ptf 133547.    US$106.76
47.    (No Author) A Picture Book of Roman Alphabets..  Item number: ptf 27638.    US$7.85
48.    (No Author) Elizabethan Art..  Item number: ptf 518.    US$5.65
49.    (No Author) Queen Anne Domestic Silver..  Item number: ptf 17323.    US$4.71
50.    (No Author) A History of English Furniture..  Item number: ptf 41786.    US$9.89

Over 9000 Items found
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