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1.    'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tarjumana, Aisha The Subatomic World in the Qur'an..  Item number: ptf 134603.    US$50.05
2.    (No Author) Selections from the English Poets. With Steel Engravings..  Item number: ptf 143662.    US$40.04
3.    (No Author) Linen Trade Circular. Vol 41, No 15, 1955..  Item number: ptf 143714.    US$21.45
4.    (No Author) Linen Trade Circular. Vol 41, No 10, 1955..  Item number: ptf 143991.    US$21.45
5.    (No Author) Linen Trade Circular. Vol 41, No 14, 1955..  Item number: ptf 143992.    US$21.45
6.    (No Author) Linen Trade Circular. Vol 41, No 11, 1955..  Item number: ptf 143993.    US$21.45
7.    (No Author) Wood-based Panels in the 1980s: Proceedings of the Symposium Organized by the Timber Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Helsinki, Finland, 12-16 May 1980..  Item number: ptf 144103.    US$68.64
8.    (No Author) Plywood Constuction Manual. Third Edition..  Item number: ptf 144163.    US$37.18
9.    (No Author) Questions and Answers for Justices..  Item number: ptf 144460.    US$21.45
10.    (No Author) Directions for Advisory Committees on Justices of the Peace..  Item number: ptf 144469.    US$22.88
11.    (No Author) The Way of Love. A Mystery. Order of the Holy Paraclete..  Item number: ptf 144799.    US$22.88
12.    (No Author) Iran Almanac and Book of Facts plus Who is Who in Iran 1991. Nineteenth Edition..  Item number: ptf 144871.    US$57.20
13.    (No Author) Final Documents. Seventh Conference of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries. New Delhi, March 1983..  Item number: ptf 145030.    US$65.78
14.    (No Author) Mahanidana Suttanta. Sammaditthi Sutta. (Early Buddhist Text No 3).  Item number: ptf 145130.    US$68.64
15.    (No Author) Prevention of Failure of Metals Under Repeated Stress by The Staff Battelle Memorial Institute..  Item number: ptf 145700.    US$22.88
16.    (No Author) The Coventry Standard Chain Drives (Catalogue).  Item number: ptf 145709.    US$20.02
17.    (No Author) Here's to Adventure: A Book of Stories..  Item number: ptf 145746.    US$25.74
18.    (No Author) Symposium on Cell Membrane Biophysics..  Item number: ptf 145986.    US$28.60
19.    (No Author) Saudi Arabia: Official Standard Names approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names..  Item number: ptf 146190.    US$57.20
20.    (No Author) A Key to Esperanto..  Item number: ptf 146284.    US$11.44
21.    (No Author) Manuscript Christmas Letter..  Item number: ptf 147404.    US$11.44
22.    (No Author) The English Historical Review. 44 issues from Vol 89 (1974) - Vol 99 (1984), complete run..  Item number: ptf 147639.    US$97.24
23.    (No Author) Strassenführer 1908 [für Berlin und Vororte]..  Item number: ptf 147774.    US$21.45
24.    (No Author) Aurelias Sagenkreis. Die schönsten Geschichten, Sagen und Märchen von Baden-Baden und dem Schwarzwalde. 4te Auflage..  Item number: ptf 148195.    US$34.32
25.    (No Author) Views from Port Isaac..  Item number: ptf 148199.    US$28.60
26.    (No Author) Practical Directions for Wood Painting in Newinlac Brush Lacquer Colours..  Item number: ptf 148266.    US$17.16
27.    (No Author) The Hierarchy of the St Thomas Christians in Malabar under his Holiness the Pope..  Item number: ptf 149425.    US$21.45
28.    (No Author) The First Star Folio of Pianoforte Music: 47 Celebrated Compositions..  Item number: ptf 160534.    US$22.88
29.    (No Author) Statuts de l'Hôpital d'arrondissement de Sierre..  Item number: ptf 238.    US$14.30
30.    (No Author) Elizabethan Art..  Item number: ptf 518.    US$5.15
31.    (No Author) Catalogue des Éditions des Bibliothèques Nationales de France..  Item number: ptf 1784.    US$8.58
32.    (No Author) Deutsche Exil-Literatur (1933 - 1945) Littérature Allemande en Exil. Exhibition..  Item number: ptf 1905.    US$14.30
33.    (No Author) Bodleian Library Record. Vol 9, No 2 (Mar 1974) to Vol 10, No1 (Dec 1978)..  Item number: ptf 2061.    US$22.88
34.    (No Author) Swedish Archaeological Bibliography. 1939 - 1975..  Item number: ptf 7943.    US$92.95
35.    (No Author) L'Episcopat belge à l'Episcopat allemand (24 Nov 1915)..  Item number: ptf 7947.    US$17.16
36.    (No Author) Lettre Collective de l'Episcopat Belge: Paix et Fraternite (Purification 1925)..  Item number: ptf 7948.    US$20.02
37.    (No Author) Congres des Nationalités Européennes, Geneve 1926..  Item number: ptf 7981.    US$14.30
38.    (No Author) Zentraljustizblatt für die Britische Zone (Amtliches Blatt für Rechtspflege). Vol 1 (1947) - Vol 3 (1949).  Item number: ptf 8208.    US$62.92
39.    (No Author) Negro Crisis (=Encounter, No 119, Aug 1963).  Item number: ptf 8459.    US$10.30
40.    (No Author) Le Chomage de la Jeunesse. Memoir du Comité d'Entente des Grandes Associations Internationales..  Item number: ptf 8654.    US$14.30
41.    (No Author) Great Britons: Nelson, Thos Cook & Sons, Burns, Nightingale, Marlborough, Lloyd George..  Item number: ptf 9218.    US$11.58
42.    (No Author) Corsi Estivi per Stranieri (Istituto Interuniversitario Italiano)..  Item number: ptf 9346.    US$10.30
43.    (No Author) El Seguro Social Espanol..  Item number: ptf 9356.    US$14.30
44.    (No Author) The Child's Magazine and Sunday Scholar's Companion. Vol 3, 1833..  Item number: ptf 9394.    US$36.04
45.    (No Author) African World and Cape Cairo Express..  Item number: ptf 9597.    US$22.88
46.    (No Author) Preussen. Versuch einer Bilanz. Ausstellung Berlin 1981..  Item number: ptf 9798.    US$23.17
47.    (No Author) Tercer Congreso Indigenista Interamericano, La Paz, 1954. Acta Final..  Item number: ptf 10009.    US$17.16
48.    (No Author) US Catholic Historical Society. Historical Records and Studies. Vol 16..  Item number: ptf 10089.    US$10.01
49.    (No Author) Fragments de Chrestomathie de la Langue Algonquine..  Item number: ptf 10292.    US$21.45
50.    (No Author) Beasts. (=Granta 63. The Magazine of New Writing).  Item number: ptf 10652.    US$7.15

Over 9000 Items found
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