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1.    'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tarjumana, Aisha The Subatomic World in the Qur'an..  Item number: ptf 134603.    US$53.03
2.    (No Author) Ferdinand Franck; An Autobiographical Sketch of the Youthful Days of a Musical Student..  Item number: ptf 30899.    US$35.45
3.    (No Author) Notice sur l'Institut Pasteur d'Algérie Tome I: Recherches Scientifiques - Enseignment et Missions - Applications Pratiques, 1900 - 1934..  Item number: ptf 26866.    US$69.69
4.    (No Author) Contemporary Theatre. (Stratford-upon-Avon Studies, 4).  Item number: ptf 48035.    US$9.09
5.    (No Author) Elizabethan Poetry. (Stratford-upon-Avon Studies, 2)..  Item number: ptf 17750.    US$6.06
6.    (No Author) American Naive Painting of the 18th and 19th Centuries from the Collection Chrysler Garbisch..  Item number: ptf 40034.    US$9.09
7.    (No Author) The Niarchos Collection of Paintings..  Item number: ptf 35803.    US$9.09
8.    (No Author) Artists at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Show 3: Christopher LeBrun, Stephen Farthing, Jeff Hellyer, Paul Gopal-Chowdhury, Gary Woodley..  Item number: ptf 31288.    US$9.09
9.    (No Author) A History of Shakespearean Production..  Item number: ptf 12634.    US$6.82
10.    (No Author) A First / Second / Third / Fourth List of Books in the Library of the Mathematical Association..  Item number: ptf 41741.    US$18.18
11.    (No Author) Abstracts: International Congress of Mathematicians, Berkeley, Aug 3 - 11, 1986..  Item number: ptf 62456.    US$27.27
12.    (No Author) Der Oberländer Prozess. Gekürztes Protokoll der Verhandlung vor dem Obersten Gericht der DDR vom 20 - 27 und 29. April 1960. Herausgegeben vom Ausschuss für Deutsche Einheit..  Item number: ptf 54418.    US$27.27
13.    (No Author) Die Wahrheit über Oberländer: Braunbuch über die verbrecherische faschistische Vergangenheit des Bonner Ministers. Heraugegeben vom Ausschuss für Deutsche Einheit..  Item number: ptf 53082.    US$16.36
14.    (No Author) Die nationale Aufgabe der deutschen Akademie der Künste zu Berlin..  Item number: ptf 39141.    US$13.64
15.    (No Author) Grundriss der Geschichte der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung. 3. Auflage..  Item number: ptf 37363.    US$6.82
16.    (No Author) The Library. Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. Vol 23, No 4, 1943..  Item number: ptf 2136.    US$8.18
17.    (No Author) The Journal, No 21, Report for 1965. (Birkenhead School Natural History Society and Field Club)..  Item number: ptf 63061.    US$6.82
18.    (No Author) Storyteller Presents Science Fiction, No 3..  Item number: ptf 56844.    US$12.12
19.    (No Author) Academic Who's Who: University Teachers in the British Isles. Arts, Education and Social Sciences..  Item number: ptf 115221.    US$33.33
20.    (No Author) Simple Lessons on Health and Habits with Elementary Lessons in First Aid..  Item number: ptf 133980.    US$13.64
21.    (No Author) A Picture Book of English Porcelain Figures..  Item number: ptf 28650.    US$6.82
22.    (No Author) Jewels and Objects of Vertu. Collection of Auction Catalogues..  Item number: ptf 42463.    US$21.82
23.    (No Author) Postcards, Cigarette Cards and Trade Cards of the World. Auction Catalogue..  Item number: ptf 115038.    US$13.64
24.    (No Author) The Boxted Library. Auction Catalogue..  Item number: ptf 115040.    US$13.64
25.    (No Author) Staffordshire Figures. Auction Catalogue..  Item number: ptf 115041.    US$12.12
26.    (No Author) Staffordshire Figures. Auction Catalogue..  Item number: ptf 115042.    US$12.12
27.    (No Author) Germans Against Hitler. July 20, 1944..  Item number: ptf 47949.    US$12.12
28.    (No Author) Der Volksaufstand vom 17 June 1953..  Item number: ptf 25464.    US$7.58
29.    (No Author) Kinderfernsehen - Fernsehkinder: Vorträge und Materialien einer medienpädagogischen Fachtagung mit Programmachern, Pädagogen und Medienforschern im September 1989 in Mainz..  Item number: ptf 37396.    US$15.15
30.    (No Author) Man's Place in Evolution..  Item number: ptf 38826.    US$7.58
31.    (No Author) Russia with our own Eyes: Full Report of the British Workers' Delegation to the Soviet Union, 1950..  Item number: ptf 49532.    US$15.15
32.    (No Author) Deutsche Exil-Literatur (1933 - 1945) Littérature Allemande en Exil. Exhibition..  Item number: ptf 1905.    US$15.15
33.    (No Author) Arcades. Cahiers des lettres et des arts. No 2, 1947..  Item number: ptf 35804.    US$34.09
34.    (No Author) Arcades. Cahiers des lettres et des arts. No 6, 1949..  Item number: ptf 35800.    US$34.09
35.    (No Author) Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, held in London on sept 9 - 13, 1963..  Item number: ptf 47069.    US$32.72
36.    (No Author) Wood Chemistry - La Chimie du Bois. Proceedings of the Wood Chemisty Symposium, Montreal 1961..  Item number: ptf 133641.    US$51.51
37.    (No Author) Butterworths Landlord and Tenant Handbook. Third Edition 1989..  Item number: ptf 122408.    US$16.67
38.    (No Author) Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric, Vol 12 no 1..  Item number: ptf 31358.    US$10.91
39.    (No Author) Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric, Vol 12 no 3..  Item number: ptf 31359.    US$10.91
40.    (No Author) Chronology, Conquest and Conflict in Medieval England. (Camden Miscellany 34) Camden Fifth Series, 10..  Item number: ptf 86146.    US$16.36
41.    (No Author) Dispute Settlement Reports 1996: Volume 1. By World Trade Organization..  Item number: ptf 68210.    US$16.67
42.    (No Author) The Queen's College Record, Vol 3, No 2; Vol 4, Nos 3, 4, 6, 7, 10 - 15; Vol 5 Nos 1, 5 - 7; Vol 6 Nos 1, 3..  Item number: ptf 71536.    US$27.27
43.    (No Author) Fifty Years with the Cambridge University Press 1882 - 1932..  Item number: ptf 63860.    US$12.12
44.    (No Author) A Compendium of University Regulations for the Use of Persons in Statu Pupillari..  Item number: ptf 123099.    US$7.58
45.    (No Author) Cambridge Admissions Prospectus for 1972-73..  Item number: ptf 123101.    US$7.58
46.    (No Author) Cambridge University Statutes Supplement and Index 1972..  Item number: ptf 119226.    US$18.18
47.    (No Author) A Compendium of University Regulations. For the Use of Persons in Statu Pupillari. 1963..  Item number: ptf 119336.    US$15.15
48.    (No Author) The Slang Dictionary, Etymological, Historical, and Anecdotal..  Item number: ptf 122515.    US$24.24
49.    (No Author) Burrow's Guide to the Lake District: A Practical Handbook for the Visitor and Tourist. 8th Edition..  Item number: ptf 38355.    US$10.91
50.    (No Author) The College of St Paul & St Mary Old Students' Association Year Book 1989..  Item number: ptf 56648.    US$16.36

Over 9000 Items found
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