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1.    'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tarjumana, Aisha The Subatomic World in the Qur'an..  Item number: ptf 134603.    US$46.38
2.    (No Author) Action and Military Comic Magazine Collection, all released on October 2nd 1976..  Item number: ptf 134565.    US$26.50
3.    (No Author) King Edward VII School Magazine, No 99, 1962..  Item number: ptf 134331.    US$19.88
4.    (No Author) Winning at Craps..  Item number: ptf 134335.    US$19.88
5.    (No Author) Bienvenido a Buenos Aires..  Item number: ptf 134338.    US$18.55
6.    (No Author) Georgian Court College. Alumnae / Alumni Directory 1993..  Item number: ptf 134448.    US$53.00
7.    (No Author) Newer Methods of Preparative Organic Chemistry..  Item number: ptf 135002.    US$47.70
8.    (No Author) The British Boy's Annual..  Item number: ptf 137468.    US$19.88
9.    (No Author) Ideal Book for Girls..  Item number: ptf 137474.    US$19.88
10.    (No Author) Pixie's Playtime..  Item number: ptf 137481.    US$19.88
11.    (No Author) Shipping Marks on Timber. 21st Edition..  Item number: ptf 137929.    US$46.38
12.    (No Author) International Charter of Workers' Education..  Item number: ptf 138271.    US$7.95
13.    (No Author) University Intercommunication: The Nine Universities Research Project: A Final Report by the Research Unit of the National Extension College presented to The Inter-University Working Party on 4 August 1966..  Item number: ptf 138302.    US$18.55
14.    (No Author) The Birmingham Post Year Book and Who's Who 1980-81..  Item number: ptf 138481.    US$31.80
15.    (No Author) Coventry Evening Telegraph Year Book and Who's Who 1979: A Reference Book for Coventry and Warwickshire, including Warwich and Leamington Spa. Kenilworth, Rugby, Nuneaton, Bedworth and Stratford-on-Avon..  Item number: ptf 138483.    US$19.88
16.    (No Author) Simple Thoughts for Ascension and Whitsuntide by the author of Simple Thoughts for Eastertide, etc., etc..  Item number: ptf 139792.    US$31.80
17.    (No Author) Annuaire des Traditions Populaires. Deuxieme Annee..  Item number: ptf 139838.    US$26.50
18.    (No Author) Minnesänger (Postkartenserie Nr. 60).  Item number: ptf 139932.    US$10.60
19.    (No Author) A Catedral de Evora. Arte e Historia. Guia Para o Visitante (Resumo em Lingua Francesa).  Item number: ptf 139943.    US$19.88
20.    (No Author) Museum fur Kunst der Zeit Brinkoveanus Mogosoaia..  Item number: ptf 139967.    US$10.60
21.    (No Author) Directory of Official Architecture and Planning..  Item number: ptf 140083.    US$19.88
22.    (No Author) The Education Authorities Directory and Annual 1997. 94th Year of Publication..  Item number: ptf 140657.    US$23.85
23.    (No Author) Universities Council for Adult Education. Proposals for a Centre for Broadcast Adult Education..  Item number: ptf 141502.    US$10.60
24.    (No Author) Vocational Qualifications and Standards..  Item number: ptf 141693.    US$14.58
25.    (No Author) Everybody's Pocket Lawyer..  Item number: ptf 143313.    US$26.50
26.    (No Author) Souvenir de las Palmas..  Item number: ptf 143335.    US$31.80
27.    (No Author) Selections from the English Poets. With Steel Engravings..  Item number: ptf 143662.    US$37.10
28.    (No Author) Linen Trade Circular. Vol 41, No 15, 1955..  Item number: ptf 143714.    US$19.88
29.    (No Author) Linen Trade Circular. Vol 41, No 10, 1955..  Item number: ptf 143991.    US$19.88
30.    (No Author) Linen Trade Circular. Vol 41, No 14, 1955..  Item number: ptf 143992.    US$19.88
31.    (No Author) Linen Trade Circular. Vol 41, No 11, 1955..  Item number: ptf 143993.    US$19.88
32.    (No Author) Wood-based Panels in the 1980s: Proceedings of the Symposium Organized by the Timber Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Helsinki, Finland, 12-16 May 1980..  Item number: ptf 144103.    US$63.60
33.    (No Author) Plywood Constuction Manual. Third Edition..  Item number: ptf 144163.    US$34.45
34.    (No Author) Prevention of Failure of Metals Under Repeated Stress by The Staff Battelle Memorial Institute..  Item number: ptf 145700.    US$21.20
35.    (No Author) The Coventry Standard Chain Drives (Catalogue).  Item number: ptf 145709.    US$18.55
36.    (No Author) Here's to Adventure: A Book of Stories..  Item number: ptf 145746.    US$23.85
37.    (No Author) Symposium on Cell Membrane Biophysics..  Item number: ptf 145986.    US$26.50
38.    (No Author) Saudi Arabia: Official Standard Names approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names..  Item number: ptf 146190.    US$53.00
39.    (No Author) A Key to Esperanto..  Item number: ptf 146284.    US$10.60
40.    (No Author) Manuscript Christmas Letter..  Item number: ptf 147404.    US$10.60
41.    (No Author) The English Historical Review. 44 issues from Vol 89 (1974) - Vol 99 (1984), complete run..  Item number: ptf 147639.    US$90.10
42.    (No Author) Strassenführer 1908 [für Berlin und Vororte]..  Item number: ptf 147774.    US$19.88
43.    (No Author) The Hierarchy of the St Thomas Christians in Malabar under his Holiness the Pope..  Item number: ptf 149425.    US$19.88
44.    (No Author) Journal of Roman Studies. Vol 50, 1960..  Item number: ptf 153187.    US$21.20
45.    (No Author) Buddhas Leben und Wirken. Nach der chinesischen Bearbeitung von Acvagoshas Buddha-Carita und deren Übersetzung in das Englische durch Samuel Beal in deutsche Verse übertragen von Th. Schultze..  Item number: ptf 153257.    US$39.75
46.    (No Author) La Vita Private a Pompei. 3a Edizione..  Item number: ptf 153477.    US$10.60
47.    (No Author) La Musica nell'Antica Grecia..  Item number: ptf 153479.    US$10.60
48.    (No Author) I Misteri di Eleusi. 3a Edizione..  Item number: ptf 153480.    US$15.90
49.    (No Author) Cameo Bedside Biographies. Cameo A Bedside Book. Vol 1. ( No 1, No 2, No 3).  Item number: ptf 153853.    US$15.90
50.    (No Author) Rivingtons' Single Term Greek Readers. Second Term. Book 3..  Item number: ptf 153910.    US$10.60

Over 9000 Items found
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