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1.    'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tarjumana, Aisha The Subatomic World in the Qur'an..  Item number: ptf 134603.    US$58.80
2.    (No Author) Rubber in Engineering..  Item number: ptf 41764.    US$16.80
3.    (No Author) Brown's Nautical Almanac 1967..  Item number: ptf 42394.    US$30.24
4.    (No Author) Neuestes und vollständigstes Taschen-Fremdwörterbuch, in welchem 17000 fremde Wörter enthalten sind, die in der Umgangssprache, Büchern, Zeitungen, ämtlichen und gerichtlichen Geschäftsstile vorkommen etc..  Item number: ptf 56266.    US$47.04
5.    (No Author) Boys and Their Ways: A Book For and About Boys by One Who Knows Them..  Item number: ptf 56757.    US$30.24
6.    (No Author) Stift Vorau..  Item number: ptf 119656.    US$10.08
7.    (No Author) Cavalcade of Painting. A Book for the Student or the Connoisseur of Art, Illustrated by Reproductions of Masterpieces of the Famous London Collections..  Item number: ptf 123774.    US$13.44
8.    (No Author) Stars at a Glance: A Handy Sky Guide on Novel Lines..  Item number: ptf 125402.    US$16.80
9.    (No Author) The First Star Folio of Pianoforte Music: 47 Celebrated Compositions..  Item number: ptf 160534.    US$26.88
10.    (No Author) Venture Science Fiction Monthly. Issue No. 11, 1964..  Item number: ptf 161353.    US$13.44
11.    (No Author) Le Lexique Français/Anglais, Anglais/Français de la Bourse et des Marchés Financiers..  Item number: ptf 163161.    US$42.00
12.    (No Author) Bishop Patteson. Missionary Bishop and Martyr..  Item number: ptf 163781.    US$16.80
13.    ? A Working Handbook of the Analysis of Sentences..  Item number: ptf 31875.    US$20.16
14.    ? The Lost Melody and Other Verses..  Item number: ptf 122487.    US$50.40
15.    ? Selections from the English Poets. With Steel Engravings..  Item number: ptf 143662.    US$47.04
16.    ? Freddy and his Bible Text; or, The Little Runaway..  Item number: ptf 158816.    US$26.88
17.    ? The Basket of Flowers. A Tale for the Young. Translated from the French by J H St A..  Item number: ptf 158901.    US$23.52
18.    ? Fred and his Relations..  Item number: ptf 158903.    US$40.32
19.    ? The Parent's Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction..  Item number: ptf 159432.    US$77.28
20.    ?, Mohinder The Sikh Bangle..  Item number: ptf 102091.    US$13.44
21.    [Abbott, Edwin] Philochristus: Memoirs of a Disciple of the Lord..  Item number: ptf 162319.    US$30.24
22.    [Adcock, F E] Frank Ezra Adcock, 1886 - 1968. A Memoir Prepared by Direction of the Council of King's College, Cambridge..  Item number: ptf 163924.    US$36.29
23.    [Adrian, Edgar] Edgar Douglas Adrian. Order of Memorial Service 29 Oct 1977. Great St Mary's Church..  Item number: ptf 87237.    US$10.08
24.    [Afanasenko, V E]; Aguirre-Puente, J et al Permafrost. Fourth International Conference. Proceedings July 17 - 22, 1983. And Final Proceedings. 2 vols..  Item number: ptf 73596.    US$107.52
25.    [Aler, Paul] Gradus ad Parnassum; Sive Novus Synonymorum, Epithetorum, Versuum, ac Phrasium Poeticarum, Thesaurus..  Item number: ptf 130068.    US$201.60
26.    [Alonso, Dámaso] Homenaje Universitario a Dámaso Alonso, reunido por los Estudiantes de Filología Románica..  Item number: ptf 30802.    US$30.24
27.    [Americana] Bibliotheca Americana, 1883. Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books and Pamphlets relating to America, with a descriptive list of Robert Clarke & Co's Historical Publications..  Item number: ptf 10002.    US$40.32
28.    [Amiel, Henri-Frederic]; Ward, Mrs Humphrey [Transl] Amiel's Journal. The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel translated with an introduction and notes by Mrs Humphry Ward..  Item number: ptf 139506.    US$20.16
29.    [Amur et Famille] Amur et Famille 87 Septembre - Octobre 1974: 30 Ans D'Experience: L'Avortement Dans le Monde. Une Evolution Regressive!.  Item number: ptf 87019.    US$12.10
30.    [Anderson, Andrew] Latin Unseens in Prose and Verse. Senior Section..  Item number: ptf 152355.    US$16.80
31.    [Anderson, G W] Tradition and Interpretation. Essays by Members of the Society for Old Testament Studies..  Item number: ptf 85989.    US$37.80
32.    [Annovazzi, Spartaco] Ricevimento danzante in onore della comitiva artigiana Tedesca del Fronte del Lavoro, 11 Aprile anno 16, Torino..  Item number: ptf 47022.    US$16.80
33.    [Anonymous] Things I Shouldn't Tell. By the Author of Uncensored Recollections..  Item number: ptf 53642.    US$13.44
34.    [Anstrey, Chr] The New Bath Guide, Or, Memoirs of the B[lunde]r[ea]d Family in a Series of Poetical Epistles.-..  Item number: ptf 10955.    US$31.75
35.    [Apitz, Bruno] Bruno Apitz 1900 - 1997: Biographie, Texte, Bibliographie..  Item number: ptf 36901.    US$13.44
36.    [Appuhn, Horst] Beobachtungen und Versuche zum Bildnis Kaiser Friedrich 1 Barbarossas in Cappenberg..  Item number: ptf 12343.    US$16.80
37.    [Arber, Agnes]; Thomas, Hugh Hamshaw Agnes Arber, 1879 - 1960. Orbituary Notice..  Item number: ptf 158610.    US$16.80
38.    [Aretino, Pietro]; Procaccioli, Paolo [Ed] Lettere scritte a Pietro Aretino. Tomo 1. Libro 1. (Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Pietro Aretino, Vol 9).  Item number: ptf 145024.    US$60.48
39.    [Ariosto, Ludovico]; Borges, Jorge Luis Per l'Ariosto..  Item number: ptf 144981.    US$36.96
40.    [Armstrong, Edward]; Hutton, W H Obituary of Edward Armstrong (1846 - 1928). Offprint, Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol 14..  Item number: ptf 21996.    US$5.04
41.    [Arnim, Elizabeth von] Elizabeth and her German Garden..  Item number: ptf 155024.    US$10.08
42.    [Arnim, Elizabeth von] Incanto di Aprile. Traduzione Luisa Banti..  Item number: ptf 155107.    US$20.16
43.    [Arnold, Matthew]; Chambers, Edmund Matthew Arnold. Offprint, Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol 18..  Item number: ptf 21954.    US$11.76
44.    [Arnold, Matthew]; Jump, J D Matthew Arnold..  Item number: ptf 33581.    US$6.72
45.    [Arnold, Matthew]; MacDonald, Isobel The Burried Self. A Background to the Poems of Matthew Arnold 1848 - 1851..  Item number: ptf 16375.    US$8.40
46.    [Artaud, Antonin] Tulane Drama Review. Special Issue: Artaud..  Item number: ptf 148341.    US$20.16
47.    [Artmann, H C] Artmann, H C, Dichter: Ein Album mit alten Bildern und neuen Texten. Herausgegeben von Jochen Jung..  Item number: ptf 56491.    US$30.24
48.    [Astor, John Jacob] Unemployment Insurance in Great Britain. A Critical Examination..  Item number: ptf 131891.    US$67.20
49.    [Auden, W H]; Spears, Monroe The Poetry of W H Auden. The Disenchanted Island..  Item number: ptf 72673.    US$18.14
50.    [Auden, W H]; Spears, Monroe [Ed] Auden. A Collection of Critical Essays..  Item number: ptf 85137.    US$10.58

Over 9000 Items found
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