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1.    'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tarjumana, Aisha The Subatomic World in the Qur'an..  Item number: ptf 134603.    US$54.25
2.    (No Author) Great Britons: Nelson, Thos Cook & Sons, Burns, Nightingale, Marlborough, Lloyd George..  Item number: ptf 9218.    US$12.56
3.    (No Author) Corsi Estivi per Stranieri (Istituto Interuniversitario Italiano)..  Item number: ptf 9346.    US$11.16
4.    (No Author) El Seguro Social Espanol..  Item number: ptf 9356.    US$15.50
5.    (No Author) The Child's Magazine and Sunday Scholar's Companion. Vol 3, 1833..  Item number: ptf 9394.    US$39.06
6.    (No Author) African World and Cape Cairo Express..  Item number: ptf 9597.    US$24.80
7.    (No Author) Preussen. Versuch einer Bilanz. Ausstellung Berlin 1981..  Item number: ptf 9798.    US$25.11
8.    (No Author) Tercer Congreso Indigenista Interamericano, La Paz, 1954. Acta Final..  Item number: ptf 10009.    US$18.60
9.    (No Author) US Catholic Historical Society. Historical Records and Studies. Vol 16..  Item number: ptf 10089.    US$10.85
10.    (No Author) Fragments de Chrestomathie de la Langue Algonquine..  Item number: ptf 10292.    US$23.25
11.    (No Author) Beasts. (=Granta 63. The Magazine of New Writing).  Item number: ptf 10652.    US$7.75
12.    (No Author) Le Directoire: De Thermidor a Brumaire. La Documentation Photographique..  Item number: ptf 10666.    US$13.95
13.    (No Author) Schaffhauser Kunst und Kultur im 18. Jahrhundert..  Item number: ptf 10950.    US$11.16
14.    (No Author) Numbers. 92 Poems from Sevenoaks School 1957 - 1959. Ed. L C Taylor..  Item number: ptf 11189.    US$9.30
15.    (No Author) Preussen. Versuch einer Bilanz. Ausstellungsführer..  Item number: ptf 11525.    US$13.95
16.    (No Author) Conversations-Lexikon des Witzes, Humors und der Satire. Herausgegeben von einer Gesellschaft Humoristen. 1. Band..  Item number: ptf 11552.    US$39.06
17.    (No Author) Der Seemann. Organ für die Interessen der seemännischen Arbeiter. No 1 (Hamburg Nov 1897) to No 16, Dec 1898..  Item number: ptf 11555.    US$66.96
18.    (No Author) Dokumente zur Geschichte der Frankfurter Juden, 1933 - 1945. Ed. Kommission zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Frankfurter Juden..  Item number: ptf 11565.    US$27.90
19.    (No Author) The Rehabilitation of Frankfort on Main..  Item number: ptf 11568.    US$8.37
20.    (No Author) Munich. A Guide and Handbook for those who intend to make a prolonged Visit..  Item number: ptf 11582.    US$21.70
21.    (No Author) Aufsätze über den Streik der Bergarbeiter im Ruhrgebiet..  Item number: ptf 11653.    US$18.60
22.    (No Author) Grossherzoglich Badisches Regierungsblatt, Vol 12, 1814, Nr 3 - 22..  Item number: ptf 11666.    US$37.20
23.    (No Author) La France Libre (London) Zwei einzelne Blätter (20*50cm) mit auszugsweisen engl Übersetzungen aus La France Libre vom 15 Oktober 1942 und 15 April 1943..  Item number: ptf 11691.    US$18.60
24.    (No Author) Anais de la Biblioteca Nacional. (a bibliographical journal), Vol 88, 1968..  Item number: ptf 11802.    US$8.37
25.    (No Author) Anais de la Biblioteca Nacional. (a bibliographical journal), Vol 90, 1970..  Item number: ptf 11803.    US$8.37
26.    (No Author) Anais de la Biblioteca Nacional. (a bibliographical journal), Vol 102, 1982..  Item number: ptf 11806.    US$8.37
27.    (No Author) Guia das Bibliotecas Brasileiras. 4th Edition..  Item number: ptf 11815.    US$13.95
28.    (No Author) Memoria del Governo Italiano circa la situazione in Etiopia. Vol 1: Relazione..  Item number: ptf 11837.    US$65.10
29.    (No Author) Treasures of Trinity College Dublin. Exhibition, London, Burlington House, 1961..  Item number: ptf 11887.    US$5.58
30.    (No Author) Ulster's Protestant Working Class. A Community Exploration..  Item number: ptf 11888.    US$6.20
31.    (No Author) Dublin. Official Guide and Maps..  Item number: ptf 11918.    US$7.75
32.    (No Author) Women..  Item number: ptf 12160.    US$34.88
33.    (No Author) Ancient Britain. A Map of the Major Visible Antiquities of Great Britain older than AD 1066..  Item number: ptf 12307.    US$24.80
34.    (No Author) Theater 1965. Chronik und Bilanz eines Bühnenjahres. Annual Supplement to Theater Heute..  Item number: ptf 12576.    US$21.70
35.    (No Author) Transactions of the International Conference on Theatre History, London 1955..  Item number: ptf 12613.    US$12.56
36.    (No Author) VI. Internationaler Kongress der Theater-Bibliotheken und Museen..  Item number: ptf 12614.    US$8.37
37.    (No Author) A History of Shakespearean Production..  Item number: ptf 12634.    US$6.98
38.    (No Author) Congreve: Love for Love. A Collection of Plays..  Item number: ptf 12721.    US$31.00
39.    (No Author) Rejected Addresses, or, The New Theatrum Poetarum..  Item number: ptf 12826.    US$8.37
40.    (No Author) Science and Public Affairs. No 1 (1986)..  Item number: ptf 17658.    US$12.40
41.    (No Author) Reports on Progress in Physics. Vol 11, 1946 - 47..  Item number: ptf 17702.    US$34.10
42.    (No Author) Harvard College Observatory. The First Century..  Item number: ptf 17706.    US$16.74
43.    (No Author) Elizabethan Poetry. (Stratford-upon-Avon Studies, 2)..  Item number: ptf 17750.    US$6.20
44.    (No Author) 12th World Congress of Sociology, Madrid 1990: Yugoslav Papers. (= Sociologija. Journal of Sociology, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology. Vol 32, 1990, Supplement).  Item number: ptf 17776.    US$13.95
45.    (No Author) Die Deutsche Demokratische Republik auf der Genfer Aussenministerkonferenz 1959. Dokumente..  Item number: ptf 17841.    US$12.40
46.    (No Author) Picturesque Edinburgh..  Item number: ptf 18036.    US$10.85
47.    (No Author) Determinism. SubStance, No 40..  Item number: ptf 18132.    US$13.95
48.    (No Author) SubStance, No 48..  Item number: ptf 18133.    US$12.40
49.    (No Author) Vyroncni Zprava. Organisace Socialnich Pracovnic za rok 1935. [Association of Social Workers, Annual report]..  Item number: ptf 18223.    US$13.95
50.    (No Author) Industrial Handbook to Great Britain, 1939..  Item number: ptf 18307.    US$7.75

Over 9000 Items found
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