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1.    'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tarjumana, Aisha The Subatomic World in the Qur'an..  Item number: ptf 134603.    US$58.63
2.    (No Author) The Stage; or Actors of the Present Day, Vol 1..  Item number: ptf 57835.    US$40.20
3.    (No Author) Sniped. Student Journal of University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa..  Item number: ptf 60454.    US$15.08
4.    (No Author) Lunicorn. Student Journal of Rhodes University, South Africa. Issue for 1971, 1972..  Item number: ptf 60455.    US$20.10
5.    (No Author) Rhodent. Student Journal of Rhodes University, South Africa. Issues for 1971, 1972..  Item number: ptf 60456.    US$20.10
6.    (No Author) [Exile] Arena 16 (1963?). Published by Pen Center for Writers in Exile.  Item number: ptf 14043.    US$18.09
7.    (No Author) Treasures of Trinity College Dublin. Exhibition, London, Burlington House, 1961..  Item number: ptf 11887.    US$6.03
8.    (No Author) Rhetoric 1: Rhetorical Analysis. (= Special Issue of New Literary History 1978).  Item number: ptf 18563.    US$15.08
9.    (No Author) Offprints on animal parasites in America: Medical Treatment of Parasitic Diseases; Dog Parasites in Michigan; Parasitic Diseases in Relation to the Livestock Industry; Parasites of Fur-Bearing Animals; Protozoa of Americ.  Item number: ptf 28518.    US$24.12
10.    (No Author) British Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies. Vol 22, Nos 1 and 2..  Item number: ptf 38000.    US$13.40
11.    (No Author) Timethrift; or All Hours turned to Good Account, Vol 1 No 1..  Item number: ptf 46954.    US$40.20
12.    (No Author) Tithe Act 1925: Fourth Report by the Tithe Committee of the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty on the Collection and Administration of the Ecclesiastical Tithe of England, being Report for the year 1931..  Item number: ptf 129123.    US$16.75
13.    (No Author) The Marriage Bill, 1937: collection of offprints and letters..  Item number: ptf 129954.    US$134.00
14.    (No Author) The Swedish University of ABO. 'ABO Akademi'. Foundation and Development..  Item number: ptf 115552.    US$16.75
15.    (No Author) Technology, Scholarship and the Humanities: The Implications of Electronic Information: September 30-October 2, 1992: Summary of Proceedings..  Item number: ptf 107350.    US$23.45
16.    (No Author) Immunology of the Gut. In Memory of the late Joseph Heremans..  Item number: ptf 121736.    US$56.95
17.    (No Author) Marxism and History: The British Contribution. (Radical History Review, Vol 19, Winter 1978 - 79).  Item number: ptf 42880.    US$16.75
18.    (No Author) Slavery Today. Special 4p pull-out of Baptist Times..  Item number: ptf 73987.    US$7.54
19.    (No Author) Elsevier Catalogue 1970: Physics..  Item number: ptf 23442.    US$4.52
20.    (No Author) Blasius Spritzfährtli: Genf - Hamburg - Schwarzwald - Basel. Mit Zeichnungen vom jungen Blasius. Zweite Auflage..  Item number: ptf 52906.    US$18.09
21.    (No Author) The Avon Domestic Economy, Standard 4. (Class Subject).  Item number: ptf 49071.    US$20.10
22.    (No Author) 12th World Congress of Sociology, Madrid 1990: Yugoslav Papers. (= Sociologija. Journal of Sociology, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology. Vol 32, 1990, Supplement).  Item number: ptf 17776.    US$15.08
23.    (No Author) A First / Second / Third / Fourth List of Books in the Library of the Mathematical Association..  Item number: ptf 41741.    US$20.10
24.    (No Author) Abstracts: International Congress of Mathematicians, Berkeley, Aug 3 - 11, 1986..  Item number: ptf 62456.    US$30.15
25.    (No Author) Das Britische Weltreich..  Item number: ptf 13380.    US$13.40
26.    (No Author) Die Deutsche Demokratische Republik auf der Genfer Aussenministerkonferenz 1959. Dokumente..  Item number: ptf 17841.    US$13.40
27.    (No Author) News Services and the Press in the GDR..  Item number: ptf 39183.    US$6.03
28.    (No Author) Zeitschrift für Untersuchung der Nahrungs und Genussmittel, sowie der Gebrauchsgegenstände. Vol 38, 1919..  Item number: ptf 88692.    US$30.15
29.    (No Author) Zeitschrift für Untersuchung der Nahrungs und Genussmittel, sowie der Gebrauchsgegenstände. Vol 39, 1920..  Item number: ptf 88693.    US$30.15
30.    (No Author) Humoresken. Der Auerochs, die Liebesgabe, Eine gute Lehre. (Unterhaltungsbibliothek für Einigungs-Stenographen).  Item number: ptf 83559.    US$10.05
31.    (No Author) Deutscher Ärzte-Kalender. Taschenbuch für die tägliche Praxis. 18. Jahrgang 1944..  Item number: ptf 82416.    US$45.23
32.    (No Author) Neue Deutsche Literatur: 1. Jahrgang, Heft 3..  Item number: ptf 56516.    US$15.08
33.    (No Author) Modern English Masters..  Item number: ptf 49027.    US$15.08
34.    (No Author) The Library. Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. Vol 23, No 4, 1943..  Item number: ptf 2136.    US$9.05
35.    (No Author) The Journal, No 21, Report for 1965. (Birkenhead School Natural History Society and Field Club)..  Item number: ptf 63061.    US$7.54
36.    (No Author) Storyteller Presents Science Fiction, No 3..  Item number: ptf 56844.    US$13.40
37.    (No Author) Academic Who's Who: University Teachers in the British Isles. Arts, Education and Social Sciences..  Item number: ptf 115221.    US$36.85
38.    (No Author) Lectures delivered in a Course before the Lowell Institute in Boston by Members of the Massachusetts Historical Society on the Early History of Massachusetts..  Item number: ptf 15677.    US$60.30
39.    (No Author) Klingende Kostbarkeiten. Tischglocken aus 5 Jahrhunderten in Bronze, Porzellan, Silber, Glas..  Item number: ptf 140013.    US$25.13
40.    (No Author) British Literary Manuscripts from the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C.: English Renaissance, c.1500-1700. Parts 1 and 2..  Item number: ptf 116478.    US$23.45
41.    (No Author) The Forster and Dyce Collections from the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum: An Inventory to the Harvester Microform Collection: Pts. 1 & 2..  Item number: ptf 116278.    US$36.85
42.    (No Author) London Palladium Souvenir Brochure..  Item number: ptf 121404.    US$25.13
43.    (No Author) AIDS and You: An Illustrated Guide..  Item number: ptf 121761.    US$6.70
44.    (No Author) Human Biology: An Exhibition of Ourselves..  Item number: ptf 61341.    US$12.06
45.    (No Author) Man's Place in Evolution..  Item number: ptf 38826.    US$8.38
46.    (No Author) Russia with our own Eyes: Full Report of the British Workers' Delegation to the Soviet Union, 1950..  Item number: ptf 49532.    US$16.75
47.    (No Author) Deutsche Exil-Literatur (1933 - 1945) Littérature Allemande en Exil. Exhibition..  Item number: ptf 1905.    US$16.75
48.    (No Author) Arcades. Cahiers des lettres et des arts. No 2, 1947..  Item number: ptf 35804.    US$37.69
49.    (No Author) Arcades. Cahiers des lettres et des arts. No 6, 1949..  Item number: ptf 35800.    US$37.69
50.    (No Author) Human Biology: An Exhibition of Ourselves..  Item number: ptf 38827.    US$11.73

Over 9000 Items found
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