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1.    'Abd ar-Rahman at-Tarjumana, Aisha The Subatomic World in the Qur'an..  Item number: ptf 134603.    US$50.75
2.    (No Author) Venture Science Fiction Monthly. Issue No. 11, 1964..  Item number: ptf 161353.    US$11.60
3.    (No Author) Bishop Patteson. Missionary Bishop and Martyr..  Item number: ptf 163781.    US$14.50
4.    (No Author) To the Tourist: Map of Karpathos..  Item number: ptf 166609.    US$11.60
5.    (No Author) Kansaneläkkeemme..  Item number: ptf 166615.    US$14.50
6.    (No Author) The Good Things of Life. Sixth Series..  Item number: ptf 167894.    US$34.80
7.    (No Author) Conciliation as a Means of Religious Progress..  Item number: ptf 168097.    US$26.10
8.    (No Author) The Gospel of the Forsaken. By the Author of A Plain Man's Faith..  Item number: ptf 168369.    US$40.60
9.    (No Author) The Magdalen College Record. Fourth Issue. 1934..  Item number: ptf 174099.    US$23.20
10.    (No Author) The Eagle: A Magazine supported by Members of St. John's College, Cambridge. Volume 52 Nos. 229 and 230..  Item number: ptf 176488.    US$17.40
11.    (No Author) The Eagle: A Magazine supported by Members of St. John's College, Cambridge. Volume 52 Nos. 231 - 232..  Item number: ptf 176489.    US$17.40
12.    (No Author) Geographia Road Map of Warwick, Leicester, and Northampton..  Item number: ptf 177573.    US$20.30
13.    (No Author) Christmas Eve With the Spirits; or, The Canon's Wanderings Through Ways Unknown with some Further Tidings of the Lives of Scrooge and Tiny Tim..  Item number: ptf 177773.    US$34.80
14.    (No Author) Statuts de l'Hôpital d'arrondissement de Sierre..  Item number: ptf 238.    US$14.50
15.    (No Author) Elizabethan Art..  Item number: ptf 518.    US$5.22
16.    (No Author) Catalogue des Éditions des Bibliothčques Nationales de France..  Item number: ptf 1784.    US$8.70
17.    (No Author) Deutsche Exil-Literatur (1933 - 1945) Littérature Allemande en Exil. Exhibition..  Item number: ptf 1905.    US$14.50
18.    (No Author) Bodleian Library Record. Vol 9, No 2 (Mar 1974) to Vol 10, No1 (Dec 1978)..  Item number: ptf 2061.    US$23.20
19.    (No Author) Swedish Archaeological Bibliography. 1939 - 1975..  Item number: ptf 7943.    US$94.25
20.    (No Author) L'Episcopat belge ŕ l'Episcopat allemand (24 Nov 1915)..  Item number: ptf 7947.    US$17.40
21.    (No Author) Lettre Collective de l'Episcopat Belge: Paix et Fraternite (Purification 1925)..  Item number: ptf 7948.    US$20.30
22.    (No Author) Congres des Nationalités Européennes, Geneve 1926..  Item number: ptf 7981.    US$14.50
23.    (No Author) Zentraljustizblatt für die Britische Zone (Amtliches Blatt für Rechtspflege). Vol 1 (1947) - Vol 3 (1949).  Item number: ptf 8208.    US$63.80
24.    (No Author) Negro Crisis (=Encounter, No 119, Aug 1963).  Item number: ptf 8459.    US$10.44
25.    (No Author) Le Chomage de la Jeunesse. Memoir du Comité d'Entente des Grandes Associations Internationales..  Item number: ptf 8654.    US$14.50
26.    (No Author) Das Britische Weltreich..  Item number: ptf 13380.    US$11.60
27.    (No Author) Restauration of Baroque Gardens. Unesco Conference 1995. = Tuinkunst..  Item number: ptf 13429.    US$21.75
28.    (No Author) The Book of Humorous Poetry..  Item number: ptf 13436.    US$11.60
29.    (No Author) International Terrorism 1985. Hearings and Markup. House of Representatives, 99th Congress, Committee on Foreign Affairs, June 1985 (H R 2822)..  Item number: ptf 13500.    US$15.66
30.    (No Author) Détournements d'Avions et Prises d'Otages. (Special No of Etudes Polemologiques, 48 1988)..  Item number: ptf 13659.    US$36.25
31.    (No Author) LIFE. The First Decade..  Item number: ptf 13661.    US$11.60
32.    (No Author) Le Bureau: Une Situation Assise. Special No of the Journal: Milieux..  Item number: ptf 13668.    US$10.44
33.    (No Author) Arbeiten aus dem Städtischen Krankenhause zu Frankfurt am Main. Festschrift zu der 68th Versammlung Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte..  Item number: ptf 14572.    US$34.80
34.    (No Author) University College Ibadan, Nigeria. [Prospectus]..  Item number: ptf 14579.    US$17.40
35.    (No Author) The [Otto] Beit Memorial Fellowships for Medical Research, 1909 - 1059..  Item number: ptf 14625.    US$7.25
36.    (No Author) Pharmaceutical Society of GB, Calendar, 1935/36..  Item number: ptf 14635.    US$14.50
37.    (No Author) Review of five titles on Warming, Ventilating, Domestic Architecture in Quarterly Review 1854, No 191, Vol 96..  Item number: ptf 14901.    US$13.05
38.    (No Author) Strasse - Wasser - Schiene; Transporttechnik und Industrialisierung. Special issue of Ferrum, Nachrichten aus der Eisenbibliothek. No 62..  Item number: ptf 14950.    US$6.53
39.    (No Author) ICI: Equipment of an Industry..  Item number: ptf 14969.    US$19.58
40.    (No Author) Alexie. Les Troubles de la Lecture. (= Langages, Vol 10, no 44)..  Item number: ptf 15459.    US$10.44
41.    (No Author) Annals de la Société Belge de Médecine Tropical. Vol 13 & 14,..  Item number: ptf 15647.    US$52.20
42.    (No Author) Manual Bibliografico da Geografia Paulista..  Item number: ptf 15664.    US$17.40
43.    (No Author) Lectures delivered in a Course before the Lowell Institute in Boston by Members of the Massachusetts Historical Society on the Early History of Massachusetts..  Item number: ptf 15677.    US$52.20
44.    (No Author) The Connoisseur. An Illustrated Magazine for Collectors. Vol 13 (1905) and Vol 14 (1906)..  Item number: ptf 16058.    US$29.00
45.    (No Author) Essays, Mock-Essays and Character Sketches. Reprinted from the Journal of Education..  Item number: ptf 16059.    US$17.40
46.    (No Author) Queen Anne Domestic Silver..  Item number: ptf 17323.    US$4.35
47.    (No Author) Achema Tagung 1958. 12. Ausstellungstagung für Chemisches Apparatewesen. Frankfurt 1958..  Item number: ptf 17373.    US$23.20
48.    (No Author) Die Englischen Jungenklubs..  Item number: ptf 17391.    US$10.15
49.    (No Author) Dokumentation / Information. 3. Kolloquium des Instituts für Dokumentation, Patentwesen und Recht der TH Ilmenau, 1964. Heft 1: Gesamtstaatliche Informationssysteme und Fragen der Informationspraxis..  Item number: ptf 17456.    US$34.80
50.    (No Author) Proceedings of the National Electronics Conference. Chicago 1955, Vol 11..  Item number: ptf 17464.    US$34.80

Over 9000 Items found
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