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1.    (Acheff, William) ( A New Mexico Tradition: Southwestern Realism An Exhibition.  Item number: 54846.    US$25.00
2.    (Agam) Popper, Frank Agam.  Item number: 78235.    US$35.00
3.    (Ales, Mikolas) Mikolas Ales Vlast a narod Obrazy z dejin.  Item number: 49053.    US$45.00
4.    (Anderson, Walter) Redding S. Suggs Jr. (ed. & intro.) Walter Anderson's Illustrations of Epic & Voyage.  Item number: 48987.    US$10.00
5.    (Appel, Karel) Donald Kuspit Karel Appel Sculpture A Catalogue Raisonne.  Item number: 48965.    US$30.00
6.    (Ardon, Mordecai) Mordecai Ardon (1896-1992) In Memoriam May-June 1995.  Item number: 49943.    US$35.00
7.    (Artigas, Llorens) Pierre Courthion / F.Catala-Roca (fotog.) Llorens Artigas.  Item number: 48891.    US$45.00
8.    (Asunsolo, Ignacio) Adolfo Salazar Las Esculturas de Ignacio Asunsolo (Coleccion Anahuac de Arte Mexicano Vol.28).  Item number: 49089.    US$35.00
9.    (Bar-el, Ido) Ido Bar-El Works, 1989-1993.  Item number: 14703.    US$25.00
10.    (Barnes, Harry Elmer) The Christian Century An Undenominational Journal of Religion Vol.XLII, No.41, Oct. 8, 1925 to no.51, Dec.17, 1925 War Origins.  Item number: 32208.    US$250.00
11.    (Barraud) Renee Canova & Bernard Wyder Maurice Barraud.  Item number: 15598.    US$35.00
12.    (Bartlett, Jennifer) / MargeGoldwater, Roberta Smith & Calvin Tomkins Jennifer Bartlett.  Item number: 80238.    US$20.00
13.    (Bawden) Richards, J.M. Edward Bawden (Penguin Modern Painters).  Item number: 76309.    US$10.00
14.    (Bezalel, Aharon) Aharon Bezalel Sculptures.  Item number: 76747.    US$75.00
15.    (Blake, William) Prints by William Blake & His Followers Exhibition Herbert Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, March-Apr.1983..  Item number: 28314.    US$20.00
16.    (Bloch, Paul) Serge Brignoni (text) Der Bildhauer Paul Bloch.  Item number: 49956.    US$35.00
17.    (Blunt, Anthony) Studies in Renaissance & Baroque Art presented to Anthony Blunt on his 60th birthday..  Item number: 78151.    US$35.00
18.    (Bogaev, Ronnie) Ronnie Bogaev An Exhibition of Recent Paintings, November-December, 1988, South Campus Art Gallery, Miami-Dade Community College.  Item number: 76746.    US$35.00
19.    (Borisov-Musatov, Victor) Alla Rusakova (intro. & compiled.) Borisov-Musatov (Russian Painters Series).  Item number: 49052.    US$20.00
20.    (Bosman, Richard) Andrew Stevens (curator) Prints by Richard Bosman: 1978-1988 Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin, May-July, 1989.  Item number: 45129.    US$15.00
21.    (Boulet, Susan Seddon) Shaman The Paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet.  Item number: 79636.    US$8.00
22.    (Boyle, Eleanor Vere) E.V.B. The Peacock's Pleasaunce with eight full page illustrations..  Item number: 81213.    US$20.00
23.    (Boyle, Mark) J.L.Locher Mark Boyle's Journey to the Surface of the Earth.  Item number: 49157.    US$35.00
24.    (Bradley, Will) Clarence P. Hornung (ed.) Will Bradley His Graphic Art A Collection of His Posters, Illustrations, Typographic Designs & Decorations.  Item number: 48964.    US$35.00
25.    (Breugel the Elder) Dr. W. Hausenstein Der Bauern-Breugel.  Item number: 40983.    US$15.00
26.    (Bringas), Father Diego Miguel Bringas de Manzaneda y Encinas, O.F.M. / Daniel S. Matson & Bernard L. Fontana (translate Friar Bringas Reports to the King Methods of Indoctrination on the Friontier of New Spain 1796-97 (Franciscan Relations, Documentary Relations of the Southwest Ser.).  Item number: 52770.    US$10.00
27.    (Brook, Alexander) Edward Alden Jewell Alexander Brook (American Artists Series).  Item number: 31442.    US$15.00
28.    (Burra, Edward) Rothenstein, John Edward Burra exhibition.  Item number: 27621.    US$15.00
29.    (Burton) Democritus Junior The Anatomy of Melancholy, What it Is, with all the kinds, causes, symptoms, prognostics, & several cures of it. in three partitions. With their several sections, members & subsections, philosophically, medically, histor.  Item number: 78750.    US$50.00
30.    (by the author of the Rollo Books &c.) [Jacob Abbott] Jonas a Judge; or Law Among the Boys.  Item number: 28763.    US$15.00
31.    (Campos, Maria) / Antonio Bento O realismo ecologico de Maria Campos / The Ecological Realism of Maria Campos.  Item number: 72350.    US$15.00
32.    (Carl Schurz) The Atlantic Monthly June, 1891 Volume LXVII - Number 404 Carl Schurz's Paper on Abraham Lincoln.  Item number: 77010.    US$35.00
33.    (Caspari, Claus) Brindle, John V. (compilor) Claude Caspari Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Paintings Exhibition at Hunt Botanical Inst. Oct.1971-March 1972.  Item number: 5988.    US$25.00
34.    (Cechova, Matilda) Matilda Cechova 12 Grafik.  Item number: 40548.    US$55.00
35.    (Cezanne) William Rubin (ed.)Theodore Reff (, essays) Cezanne The Late Work.  Item number: 32390.    US$15.00
36.    (Cezanne) William Rubin (ed.)Theodore Reff (, essays) Cezanne The Late Work.  Item number: 54358.    US$10.00
37.    (Chardin) Bernard Denvir Chardin.  Item number: 32815.    US$7.00
38.    (Chomsky, Noam) Socialist Review #70, July-August, 1983.  Item number: 7511.    US$6.00
39.    (Cochran, Thomas C.) Sharlin, Harold Issadore (ed.) Business & Its Environment Essays for Thomas C. Cochran (Contributions in American Studies Number 63).  Item number: 24234.    US$95.00
40.    (Cole, Thomas) Matthew Baigell Thomas Cole.  Item number: 49963.    US$10.00
41.    (Czobel) Mimi Kratochwill (illusts. selected, biog. & bibliog.) Janos Frank (intro.) Czobel.  Item number: 49051.    US$25.00
42.    (Danby, Francis) Francis Greenacre Francis Danby 1793-1861.  Item number: 44578.    US$20.00
43.    (Daumier) Daumier Paintings & Drawings An exhibition organized by the Arts Council of Great Britain at the Tate Gallery.  Item number: 37745.    US$6.00
44.    (David Jones) Richards, J.M. David Jones (Penguin Modern Painters).  Item number: 76310.    US$20.00
45.    (Davis, Stuart) James Johnson Sweeney Stuart Davis.  Item number: 30990.    US$10.00
46.    (De Kooning, Willem) Willem De Kooning Die Spaten Gemalde der 80er Jahre Gary Garrels 3 Kroten im Garten: Linie, Farbe & Form Robert Storr Endlich Licht Bildteil.  Item number: 14701.    US$25.00
47.    (Deacon, Richard) Vicky A. Clark (ed.) John Caldwell (curator) Richard Deacon Exhibition Carnegie Museum of Art ( 1988-9.  Item number: 49955.    US$12.00
48.    (deCordova, Julian) Levine, Herbert The Life & Mind of Julian deCordova.  Item number: 5986.    US$12.00
49.    (Dehn, Adolf) / selected by Virginia Dehn, intro. by Carl Zigrosser. Adolf Dehn Drawings.  Item number: 48873.    US$20.00
50.    (Deperthes, Jacques) Jacques Deperthes Aspects of Paris June 1966.  Item number: 38062.    US$35.00

Over 9000 Items found
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