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1884 items found for Dogtown Book Shop
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1.    ( Boy Scouts of America ) Handbook for scoutmasters, a manual of leadership.  Item number: 25202.    US$37.20
2.    ( Hooper, George ) Inquiry into the state of the ancient measures, the attick, the roman, and especially the jewish with an appendix concerning our old english money, and measures of content.  Item number: 30947.    US$930.00
3.    (Decker, Matthew) (Richardson, W.) Essay on the causes of the decline of the foreign trade, consequently of the value of the lands of britain and on the means to restore both.  Item number: 30975.    US$465.00
4.    Catalogue of Shoes from Sears Roebuck and Co., Chicago.  Item number: 30953.    US$69.75
5.    Catalogue of Shoes from Sears Roebuck and Co., Chicago.  Item number: 30954.    US$69.75
6.    colonial club of princeton university 1931.  Item number: 30966.    US$23.25
7.    Fox Club Year book 1925.  Item number: 30967.    US$27.90
8.    Congres des caisses de credit agricole mutuel tenu a montpellier les 8, 9 et 10 janvier 1904.  Item number: 30686.    US$69.75
9.    annual report of the treasurer of the united states for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1906.  Item number: 30695.    US$93.00
10.    Socialist STandard, Official Organ of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, Jan. 1951 through Dec. 1953.  Item number: 30740.    US$139.50
11.    Clark's boston blue book 1911.  Item number: 31223.    US$46.50
12.    portfolio of 4 photographs of the Max Reinhardt Production of Oedipus Rex, translated by Gilbert Murray, starring Martin Harvey at Covent Garden Opera House January 15th, 1912.  Item number: 31292.    US$279.00
13.    Inuit art, form and fantasy.  Item number: 31611.    US$27.90
14.    Iniliuqtut, making our mark, Inuit Jewellery and Metalwork.  Item number: 31612.    US$27.90
15.    Cotton Movement and Fluctuation, 3 vols 1899-1904; 1900-1905; 1901-1906.  Item number: 29642.    US$139.50
16.    anti-prohibition pamphlets (19).  Item number: 29662.    US$232.50
17.    Western Socialist, a journal of scientific socialism in the western hemisphere vol. 10, 11, 12, and 13.  Item number: 29822.    US$186.00
18.    annual report of the adjutant-general of the commonwealth of massachusetts for the year ending December 31, 1864.  Item number: 29841.    US$23.25
19.    Pere Benavent De Barbera, Arquitecte Poeta I Humanista, Obres Selectas.  Item number: 30053.    US$55.80
20.    report of the department of public works of the state of california, first biennial report NOvember 1, 1922.  Item number: 30160.    US$139.50
21.    Illustrirter Kalender fur 1849, Jahrbuch der Greigniffe.  Item number: 30287.    US$93.00
22.    General Directory of Sunderland & Neighbourhood for 1866-67.  Item number: 30306.    US$93.00
23.    filipino appeal for freedom.  Item number: 30580.    US$27.90
24.    Diary of Section viii, American Ambulance Field Service (Section 7, Seven).  Item number: 30619.    US$27.90
25.    Number of assessed polls, registered voters and persons who voted in each voting precinct at the city and town elections...1921.  Item number: 30673.    US$13.95
26.    Abram Piatt Andrew, late a representative from massachusetts, memorial addresses delivered in congress.  Item number: 30675.    US$32.55
27.    payment of adjusted-compensation certificates, hearings before the committee on ways and means, U s house of representatives1931.  Item number: 30677.    US$46.50
28.    Descendants of henry travers of london, england and newbury, massachusetts.  Item number: 32072.    US$41.85
29.    Architects' Year Book 5.  Item number: 32082.    US$18.60
30.    Ancient World Poetry, drama, Stories, 10 volumes.  Item number: 32126.    US$139.50
31.    History of venango County Pennsylvania, and incidentally of Petroleum, together with accounts of the early settlement and progress of each township, borough, and village.  Item number: 32139.    US$139.50
32.    antoine's and antoine's annex restaurant, Since 1840, roy L. Alciatore, Prop..  Item number: 32306.    US$18.60
33.    Entertainment memorabilia including animation art, sunday december 20, 2009 Los angeles.  Item number: 32356.    US$13.95
34.    six Early printed maps Selected from those Exhibited at the British Museum on the Occasion of the International Geographical Congress 1928.  Item number: 32486.    US$37.20
35.    Aucassin and nicolete done into english by andrew lang.  Item number: 32601.    US$93.00
36.    Christian Monitor, No. XVi, containing observations on the conversion and apostleship of St. Paul and President Locke's Convention Sermon.  Item number: 32653.    US$55.80
37.    Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art New York Wednesday, December 3, 1986.  Item number: 32869.    US$32.55
38.    Claire Flanders, Photographs.  Item number: 32909.    US$46.50
39.    who's who along the north shore 1942.  Item number: 33193.    US$55.80
40.    architectural review, January through June 1912, vol. 31.  Item number: 33244.    US$93.00
41.    nureyev, Thursday January 12 and Friday January 13, 1995 New York.  Item number: 33367.    US$65.10
42.    Art of the Tea Ceremony.  Item number: 33381.    US$69.75
43.    les prix nobel en 1940-1944.  Item number: 33496.    US$69.75
44.    les prix nobel en 1946.  Item number: 33497.    US$41.85
45.    les prix nobel en 1934.  Item number: 33498.    US$23.25
46.    Attractive bits along shore, Rye Beach, Portsmouth, Isles of Shoals, old york, and kittery point.  Item number: 33528.    US$18.60
47.    journal of the essex county natural history society 3 vols..  Item number: 33570.    US$69.75
48.    les prix nobel, the Nobel Prizes 1992, 1994-2008.  Item number: 33586.    US$279.00
49.    history of the class of 1884 Yale College.  Item number: 33666.    US$93.00
50.    Architecture, Decoration and Furniture of Robert and James Adam Series 1 and Series 2.  Item number: 33704.    US$93.00

1884 items found
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