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1.    (Bacon, Francis) American Baconiana, Magazine, Vol 2 No. 1, October 1925 and March 1926..  Item number: 21085.    US$23.44
2.    (Boy Scouts of America) Handbook for scoutmasters, a manual of leadership.  Item number: 25202.    US$37.20
3.    (Brown, S.A.) Chronological Rhymes in modern history.  Item number: 25324.    US$46.50
4.    (Brown, S.A.) Chronological Rhymes in modern history.  Item number: 29104.    US$46.50
5.    (Cheever, Susan) Presentation of the L. L. Winship Book Award.  Item number: 25084.    US$13.95
6.    (Decker, Matthew) (Richardson, W.) Essay on the causes of the decline of the foreign trade, consequently of the value of the lands of britain and on the means to restore both.  Item number: 30975.    US$930.00
7.    (Fish and Game Commission) California Fish and Wildlife Plan, 3 Vols..  Item number: 27941.    US$46.50
8.    (Graduate School of Business, Harvard) Use and Disposition of Ships and Shipyards at the End of World war II.  Item number: 29430.    US$46.50
9.    (Hooper, George) Inquiry into the state of the ancient measures, the attick, the roman, and especially the jewish with an appendix concerning our old english money, and measures of content.  Item number: 30947.    US$930.00
10.    (John Dos Passos, John Dewey, Waldo Frank, Stuart Chase) contributors The New Republic, Magazine, Vol. LXXI, No. 921 July 27, 1932.  Item number: 18762.    US$26.78
11.    (Monck), George; Duke of Albemarle Observations upon Military and Political affairs.  Item number: 31207.    US$581.25
12.    (Museum of New Mexico Foundation) Santa Fe Kitchens, Delicious recipes from the southwest.  Item number: 30722.    US$13.95
13.    (Vassar) Reunion Reflections 1987, Vassar class of 47.  Item number: 30342.    US$23.25
14.    (Ward Ritchie) Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, Seventeenth Annual Report, July 1, 1943 - June 30, 1944.  Item number: 15011.    US$10.04
15.    Merry Tales of the Wise Men of Gotham.  Item number: 15058.    US$10.04
16.    Quote Year Book 1949.  Item number: 14896.    US$10.04
17.    Library Bulletin of Baker Library, Dartmouth College 11 Issues.  Item number: 14972.    US$21.09
18.    Scribner's Magazine, Volume 79, January - June, 1926.  Item number: 15123.    US$24.11
19.    Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated from the Original Tongues; and with the Former Translations, Diligently compared and revised..  Item number: 15444.    US$186.00
20.    Rules and Orders of The Common Council of the City of Boston 1839. (William Dillaway's copy).  Item number: 15588.    US$45.20
21.    Funeral Service for John D. Rockefeller 3rd.  Item number: 16012.    US$16.74
22.    First Book Series: 16 vols..  Item number: 16022.    US$33.48
23.    South Carolina,.  Item number: 16594.    US$200.88
24.    Rebuilding of Girdlers' Hall 1961..  Item number: 16636.    US$33.48
25.    Deed to Land of Thomas and William Cotton in Portsmouth New Hampshire 1765.  Item number: 17466.    US$33.48
26.    Account of John Stockwell of Deerfield Massachusetts, being a Faithful Narrative of His Experiences in the hands of the Wachusett Indians 1677-1678.  Item number: 17485.    US$100.44
27.    Norwegian Salmon in Asia..  Item number: 17545.    US$13.39
28.    Treasury of Pleasure Books for Young People..  Item number: 17568.    US$83.70
29.    Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils 1901 Maps.  Item number: 17814.    US$186.00
30.    New Clerk's Magazine; containing all The Most Useful Forms, which Occur in Business Transactions Between Man and Man. Comprising Many Valuable Forms Not Before Given in Any one Collection. Calculated for the Use of the C.  Item number: 18436.    US$33.48
31.    Poster Artist Mucha, Exhibition: Oct. 9 -31..  Item number: 18445.    US$10.04
32.    Short Story International vol.1, no. 1.  Item number: 107.    US$11.30
33.    Statutes of the State of New York relating to Common Schools.  Item number: 113.    US$30.13
34.    Laws of the State of New York relating to the Assessment and Collection of Taxes.  Item number: 119.    US$25.61
35.    Code of Public Instruction of the State of New York.  Item number: 120.    US$10.55
36.    Code of Public Instruction of the State of New York.  Item number: 124.    US$12.05
37.    Lexington-Concord Battle Road april 19, 1775.  Item number: 751.    US$18.60
38.    Mayors of Boston.  Item number: 827.    US$10.04
39.    Historical Booklet of Ballston Spa Area.  Item number: 1455.    US$9.30
40.    Rocamat, l'elegance naturelle.  Item number: 1569.    US$13.56
41.    Architects of Asia.  Item number: 1572.    US$15.82
42.    Addresses of the Congress of the United States on the Death of John Quincy Adams.  Item number: 1575.    US$9.30
43.    Records of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Charlton, New York 1802-1947.  Item number: 1577.    US$9.30
44.    Inaugural Book 1973.  Item number: 1588.    US$9.30
45.    Historical Pageants, Schuylerville, New York 1926.  Item number: 1602.    US$9.30
46.    Print: William H. Seward.  Item number: 1603.    US$9.30
47.    Mirrors of Washington.  Item number: 1611.    US$9.30
48.    American Book Prices Current 15 volumes. 1980-1994.  Item number: 1652.    US$200.88
49.    American Book Prices Current 1982-1986 5 Volumes.  Item number: 1656.    US$79.10
50.    White Homestead on Wheels.  Item number: 1982.    US$9.30

7103 items found
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