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1.    ( Boy Scouts of America ) Handbook for scoutmasters, a manual of leadership.  Item number: 25202.    US$37.20
2.    (Bacon, Francis) American Baconiana, Magazine, Vol 2 No. 1, October 1925 and March 1926..  Item number: 21085.    US$23.44
3.    (Brown, S.A.) Chronological Rhymes in modern history.  Item number: 25324.    US$46.50
4.    (Brown, S.A.) Chronological Rhymes in modern history.  Item number: 29104.    US$46.50
5.    (Cheever, Susan) Presentation of the L. L. Winship Book Award.  Item number: 25084.    US$13.95
6.    (Decker, Matthew) (Richardson, W.) Essay on the causes of the decline of the foreign trade, consequently of the value of the lands of britain and on the means to restore both.  Item number: 30975.    US$930.00
7.    (Fish and Game Commission) California Fish and Wildlife Plan, 3 Vols..  Item number: 27941.    US$46.50
8.    (Graduate School of Business, Harvard) Use and Disposition of Ships and Shipyards at the End of World war II.  Item number: 29430.    US$46.50
9.    (Hooper, George) Inquiry into the state of the ancient measures, the attick, the roman, and especially the jewish with an appendix concerning our old english money, and measures of content.  Item number: 30947.    US$930.00
10.    (John Dos Passos, John Dewey, Waldo Frank, Stuart Chase) contributors The New Republic, Magazine, Vol. LXXI, No. 921 July 27, 1932.  Item number: 18762.    US$26.78
11.    (Museum of New Mexico Foundation) Santa Fe Kitchens, Delicious recipes from the southwest.  Item number: 30722.    US$13.95
12.    (Vassar) Reunion Reflections 1987, Vassar class of 47.  Item number: 30342.    US$23.25
13.    (Ward Ritchie) Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, Seventeenth Annual Report, July 1, 1943 - June 30, 1944.  Item number: 15011.    US$10.04
14.    Merry Tales of the Wise Men of Gotham.  Item number: 15058.    US$10.04
15.    Quote Year Book 1949.  Item number: 14896.    US$10.04
16.    Library Bulletin of Baker Library, Dartmouth College 11 Issues.  Item number: 14972.    US$21.09
17.    Dodge Brothers Six (Code DP) Instruction Book, Third Edition, For Cars After Serial Number 3,579,001.  Item number: 14657.    US$23.25
18.    The Frost King at Niagara, Booklovers Magazine, Vol. II, No. 6, December, 1903.  Item number: 14140.    US$15.07
19.    Sunshine Stories.  Item number: 14147.    US$15.07
20.    Geochemistry and the Environment, Volume I, the Relation of Selected Trace Elements to Health and Disease.  Item number: 14154.    US$12.05
21.    American Swedish Historical Museum Year Book 1946.  Item number: 13060.    US$10.04
22.    Wheelock Kindergarten Training School, Boston, MA, Book of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifteen.  Item number: 13064.    US$24.11
23.    Soil Map Plymouth County Massachusetts 1911.  Item number: 13139.    US$15.07
24.    Soil Map of Nashua New Hampshire 1909.  Item number: 13141.    US$15.07
25.    Soil Map Hartford Connecticut to Springfield Massachusetts 1909.  Item number: 13142.    US$15.07
26.    Soil Map of New London County Connecticut 1912.  Item number: 13143.    US$15.07
27.    Soil Map of Providence Rhode Island 1904.  Item number: 13145.    US$15.07
28.    Soil Map Merrimack County New Hampshire 1906.  Item number: 13146.    US$15.07
29.    Soil Map of Windham County Connecticut 1911.  Item number: 13147.    US$15.07
30.    Soil Map of Windsor County Vermont 1916.  Item number: 13148.    US$15.07
31.    Essex Institute Historical Collections, July 1958, Special Hawthorne Issue.  Item number: 13082.    US$12.05
32.    Essex Institute Historical Collections, April 1972.  Item number: 13085.    US$12.05
33.    18-20th Centuries Russian Ornamented Faience.  Item number: 13104.    US$12.05
34.    Chatterbox for 1930.  Item number: 14010.    US$18.08
35.    Persea, an International Review Vol. 1 No. 1.  Item number: 11472.    US$10.04
36.    Seton, Cynthia Propper.  Item number: 11577.    US$27.12
37.    Appalachia, Journal of the Appalachian Mountain Club 1936.  Item number: 11657.    US$54.24
38.    Accountant's Guide to the Gold Regions.  Item number: 11667.    US$21.70
39.    Reward Books for Good Children, Bible Gems.  Item number: 11728.    US$40.68
40.    Kodansha English-Japanese Dictionary.  Item number: 11744.    US$10.85
41.    Tibet Society Bulletin Vol. 10.  Item number: 11749.    US$21.70
42.    Artists at Dartmouth.  Item number: 11807.    US$10.04
43.    Order of Service for Ordination of Reverend Mark Dyer as a Bishop in the Church of God Episcopal.  Item number: 11843.    US$10.85
44.    Holy Bible containing Old and New Testaments.  Item number: 11920.    US$40.68
45.    Honda Accord 1980 Service Manual.  Item number: 12014.    US$10.85
46.    Lance Hidy's Posters.  Item number: 12042.    US$13.56
47.    Cinema Arts Magazine June 1937.  Item number: 3534.    US$54.24
48.    Twelve Bronzes by Jacques Lipchitz.  Item number: 12125.    US$40.68
49.    Guide to Commercial Shark Fishing in the Caribbean Area.  Item number: 12196.    US$16.27
50.    Chants de Noel.  Item number: 12207.    US$13.56

7433 items found
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