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Barb's People Builders Teaching Help  (Total items found: 3)
    Author: James Daugherty

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1.   Daugherty, James   Of Courage Undaunted: Across the Continent with Lewis and Clark   Picture
Publisher: 1967. New Beautiful Feet Paperback This was first published in 1951 and brought back into print by Beautiful Feet Books recently. It recreates the the daring exploits of the Lewis and Clark exploration. To quote the author (and give you a feel for the style) concerning those chosen for the expedition: There was nothing you would say was special about them. They chawed tobacco and cussed and caterwauled that they were double-jointed, fire-eating, leather-necked, half-horse half -alligator men who could lick their weight in wildcats. They were picked almost at random out of the Ohio Valley of Virginia, Kentucky, or New England stock, merely a fistful of what American democracy turns out..Any state in the Union can give you ten thousand such at any time..if there is a call to stand together in time of danger, or hold the line on land, in the sea or air, not without bragging and grousing and a sour kind of humor, sometimes terribly scared but never broken by fear, of courage undaunted. (p. 13, 1967 by Charles Daugherty, son of the author. ) Daugherty has captured the disciplined bravery, the rollicking humor, and the spirit of adventure seen in these men throughout the their expedition to explore the continent of our United States while it was still young. The original two and three-color illustrations from the original have been retained; 168 pages; ISBN: 1893103021

Appr.:   AUD 12.87 CAD 12.40 EUR 9.12 GBP 6.54 JPY 1,017.00 MXN 127.13 ZAR 119.65 

Purchase direct from: Barb's People Builders Teaching Help. Item number: 106.
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2.   Daugherty, James   The Magna Charta   Picture
Publisher: 1956. New Beautiful Feet Reprint Paperback This is the story of how three men, Stephen Langton, William Marshall, and Hubert de Burgh, heroically stood against the deceitful and crafty King John of England on June 14, 1215. The blow they struck for English freedom has affected the Western World ever since. First published in 1956, this has recently been reprinted by Beautiful Feet Books. ; 181 pages; ISBN: 0964380358

Appr.:   AUD 9.08 CAD 8.74 EUR 6.43 GBP 4.61 JPY 717.00 MXN 89.63 ZAR 84.35 

Purchase direct from: Barb's People Builders Teaching Help. Item number: 428.
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3.   Sandburg, Carl Illustrator: Illustrated by James Daugherty   Abe Lincoln Grows Up   Picture
Publisher: San Diego, New York c. 1956. New with no dust jacket Harcourt, Brace & Company Later Printing Paperback 8vo; 222 pages; This book is made from the first 27 chapters of Sandburg's famous two-volume biography of Lincoln for adults, Abraham Lincoln, the Prairie Years. It focuses on Lincoln's baby and boyhood years, his games and chores, the things he used, his life at Gentryville and on the Mississippi River, and his teen years splitting rails and engaging in other outdoor activities for fun and profit, until he left home when he was nineteen. But he still read every time he had a chance. such was his thirst to learn.

Appr.:   AUD 4.10 CAD 3.95 EUR 2.91 GBP 2.08 JPY 324.00 MXN 40.50 ZAR 38.12 

Purchase direct from: Barb's People Builders Teaching Help. Item number: 2593.
US$3.24 Add to Cart
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