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Contact information: Books, Maps, Prints, and More
4157 Grand Ave S , Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55409, United States
Phone: 612 374 4212    
Website URL:

Books, Maps, Prints, and More is an internet store for clean, interesting, useful, and collectible books. When a book offered shows use or wear, we will attempt to describe it in detail and will welcome questions so that we may help you make your internet book buying decision with assurance.

Store: Some of the books listed on Tom Folio (and books still to be listed) are viewable at Whitney Books and Prints in Minneapolis - a walk-in bookstore with a broad range of hard-to-find and uncommon books as well as illustrated books and books that show off the art of the book. The store is also stocked with prints, maps, and ephemera. Whitney Books and Prints is at 4157 Grand Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55409 - 612 374 4212 - Grand Avenue in Minneapolis is a quiet, tree covered residential area with a number of commercial corners between 36 and 48 Streets - stores restaurants, and coffee shops. It is between Lake Harriet and I-35 West. We honor former authors, compilers, publishers, artists, illustrators, binders, printers, designers, typographers, paper-makers, engravers, colorists, photographers, cartographers and their collectors, benefactors, and lovers who thought enough of books and paper items to produce them, buy them, read them (gently, we hope) and pass them down.
Terms of Sale:
Shipping charges: U.S. Domestic: For single normal size and normal weight books shipped Media Mail (6-14 days) the charge is $3.50. The Priority Mail (air) rate ranges from $5.50 to $11.50 or $15.50 or more subject to weight and size of books, plus zip code in some instances). International: A small book cost is usually about $17.00 (but may qualify for less at the time of billing if the book is quite light in weight). Domestic and International: Domestic and International: We ship at actual cost for multi-volume books, extra-heavy or extra-large books.heavier or ligher than normal weight books, sets, and books going to international destinations. Taxes: Minnesota residents – add 7% of the book cost.Payments accepted: PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, checks and money orders in U.S. dollars on U.S. banks.Your address: To speed shipment – provide shipping address with order and provide shipping AND billing address when payment is by credit card.Availability and Prices: Availability and prices for books not reserved or ordered are subject to change.Holds: Books may be held for 10 days.Returns: Books are returnable if they are not as described or are damaged in transit because of insufficient packaging. This return policy is subject to notifying us by e-mail, then waiting for a reply from us before shipping so that the shipment can be coordinated. This is important.Descriptions: In an attempt to describe condition faults, if any, a book with minor wear may sound quite abused, but the book could be quite acceptable and decent. If we use the word minor or slight, we’re sincere. Most books offered were privately owned, but it we use the term ex-lib it means the book was formerly a library book. Some library markings are minimal and will be noted, if applicable. Questions: We welcome any questions prior to ordering if you have any hesitation about the description or edition or if you need more detail or assurance. We want to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the book only travels one way.Packaging: We use boxes whenever possible subject to the limitations of the USPS .... at times the best rate requires that a USPS envelope be used - in those instances we try to create a box and place it in the envelope - subject to size of the book. We recommend boxes - we use brand new strong boxes 99% of the time.Libraries-Institutions: Orders welcomed with credit card payment preferred or books may be sent with invoice for 30 or 60 day payables.To order/place on hold: Order through TomFolio. Inquire through TomFolio or direct to 612 374 4212.
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