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201.    Barnes, Nancy, Illustrator: Seredy, Kate The Wonderful Year.  Item number: 004330.    US$65.00
202.    Barrett, Ellen C. Baja California II, 1535-1964: A bibliography of Historical, Geographical and Scientific Literature relating to the Peninsula of Baja California and to the Adjacent Islands in the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean.  Item number: 007164.    US$55.00
203.    Barrett, Judi Pickles Have Pimples and other silly statements.  Item number: 002584.    US$10.00
204.    Barrie, J. M. , Illustrator: Hyman, Trina Schart Peter Pan.  Item number: 008484.    US$65.00
205.    Barrows, Ruth, Illustrator: Broun Bunny Boy's Book: A Story for Children.  Item number: 005114.    US$25.00
206.    Barth, Edna, Illustrator: Arndt, Ursula Holly, Reindeer, and Colored Lights: The Story of the Christmas Symbols.  Item number: 006437.    US$10.00
207.    Barth, Edna, Illustrator: Arndt, Ursula Shamrocks, Harps, and Shillelaghs: The Story of the St. Patrick's Day Symbols.  Item number: 004395.    US$10.00
208.    Barth, Edna, retold by, Illustrator: Cuffari, Richard Balder and the Mistletoe: A Story for the Winter Holidays.  Item number: J000691.    US$20.00
209.    Basten, Fred E. An Illustrated Guide to the Legendary Trees of Santa Monica Bay.  Item number: 007146.    US$15.00
210.    Battershill, Norman; Clifford Bayly, Dennis Frost, Peter Gilman La peinture a l'huile.  Item number: 003997.    US$15.00
211.    Bauer, Helen, Illustrator: Freeman, Don California Indian Days.  Item number: 008472.    US$30.00
212.    Bauer, Marion Dane Like Mother, Like Daughter.  Item number: 003060.    US$12.50
213.    Baum, L. Frank, Illustrator: Neill, John R. Rinkitink in Oz Junior Edition.  Item number: 004054.    US$15.00
214.    Baum, L. Frank, Illustrator: Neill, John R. Ozma of Oz.  Item number: 006882.    US$10.00
215.    Baum, L. Frank, Illustrator: Neill, John R. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz.  Item number: 007449.    US$225.00
216.    Bayley, Nicola Crab Cat.  Item number: 001867.    US$25.00
217.    Baylor, Byrd, Illustrator: Parnall, Peter Everybody Needs a Rock.  Item number: 006872.    US$35.00
218.    Baylor, Byrd, Illustrator: Parnell, Peter I'm In Charge of Celebrations (Signed).  Item number: 002565.    US$20.00
219.    Baylor, Byrd, Illustrator: Parnell, Peter I'm In Charge of Celebrations.  Item number: 008038.    US$10.00
220.    Beagle, Peter S. The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche and other odd acquaintances (signed).  Item number: 003786.    US$50.00
221.    Beardsley, Samuel B., Illustrator: Jervis, Margaret The First Night of Christmas.  Item number: 005376.    US$15.00
222.    Beatty, Jerome Jr., Illustrator: Wilson, Gahan Matthew Looney in the Outback.  Item number: J000675.    US$30.00
223.    Becker, May Lamberton, selected with an introduction by, Illustrator: Lenski, Lois Golden Tales of the Prairie States.  Item number: 003787.    US$25.00
224.    Beckwith, B. K. Step and Go Together (signed).  Item number: 006213.    US$35.00
225.    Bedard, Michael, Illustrator: Cooney, Barbara Emily.  Item number: 004460.    US$25.00
226.    Bedford, Annie North, story adapted by, Illustrator: White, Al Walt Disney's Mary Poppins.  Item number: 008018.    US$15.00
227.    Behrens, June California Missions: Missions of the Central Coast.  Item number: 002760.    US$20.00
228.    Beledian, Krikor; Seta Kapoian, Haroutiun Kourkdjian and Marc Nichanian Dissonanze (Discordances): Images For An Armenian Culture 1.  Item number: 005963.    US$85.00
229.    Bell, Anthea The Great Menagerie.  Item number: 005712.    US$10.00
230.    Belloc, Hilaire, Illustrator: Gorey, Edward Cautionary Tales for Children.  Item number: 007138.    US$20.00
231.    Belton, John The Hollywood Professionals: Howard Hawks, Frank Borzage, Edgar Gulmer.  Item number: 005141.    US$12.50
232.    Bemelmans, Ludwig Mad About Madeline: The Complete Tales.  Item number: 004715.    US$15.00
233.    Bendick, Jeanne The First Book of Automobiles.  Item number: 008623.    US$10.00
234.    Bendick, Jeanne The First Book of Airplanes.  Item number: 008626.    US$10.00
235.    Benet, William Rose The Stairway of Surprise (signed).  Item number: 007685.    US$60.00
236.    Bennett, Eileen A Note Book of Pulled Thread Stitches.  Item number: 004603.    US$20.00
237.    Benstead, Vivienne, adapted by, Illustrator: Cameron, Mary The Three Little Pigs.  Item number: 006063.    US$85.00
238.    Bercht, Fatima and Lelia Coelho Frota House of Miracles: Votive Sculpture from Northeastern Brazil.  Item number: 004873.    US$25.00
239.    Berenstain, Stan and Jan The Bears' Nature Guide.  Item number: 008387.    US$10.00
240.    Beresford, Elisabeth, Illustrator: Gray, Reg Invisible Magic.  Item number: 003716.    US$30.00
241.    Beresford, Maurice The Lost Villages of England.  Item number: 006446.    US$17.00
242.    Berger, Barbara Helen The Donkey's Dream.  Item number: 004410.    US$40.00
243.    Berger, Barbara Helen Gwinna.  Item number: 007347.    US$75.00
244.    Bernard, Christine, reteller A Host of Ghosts.  Item number: J001167.    US$10.00
245.    Bernstein, Margery and Janet Kobrin, retold by, Illustrator: Heffernan, Ed How the Sun Made a Promise and Kept It: A Canadian Indian Myth.  Item number: 008332.    US$12.50
246.    Berson, Harold I'm Bored, Ma!.  Item number: 008557.    US$20.00
247.    Bianco, Pamela Joy and the Christmas Angel.  Item number: 008190.    US$50.00
248.    Bianco, Pamela The Doll In The Window.  Item number: 002938.    US$65.00
249.    Bianco, Pamela, Illustrator: Bianco, Pamela The Valentine Party.  Item number: 000430.    US$65.00
250.    Bierhorst, John, retold by, Illustrator: Parker, Robert Andrew The Woman Who Fell from the Sky: The Iroquois Story of Creation.  Item number: 003290.    US$40.00

2036 items found
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