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151.    (Lamb, George). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Private Library of the Late George Lamb, Esq., of Cambridge, Mass., Surveyor and Author of Old Boston, compiled from the Book of Possessions Published by the Trustees of the Boston Public Library. April .  Item number: 38527.    US$30.00
152.    (Learmont, Joseph Bowles). Anderson Galleries. Catalogue of the Famous Library of the late J.B. Learmont of Montreal, Canada. Part III. Monday and Tuesday Afternoons January 7 and 8, 1918..  Item number: 34750.    US$75.00
153.    (Leff, Jay). Parke-Bernet Galleries. First Editions, Fine Bindings, Modern French Illustrated Books, Art Reference Works, Illuminated Manuscripts. The Second Earliest known Manuscript of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Collection of Jay C. Leff..  Item number: 34759.    US$35.00
154.    (Leithauser, Mark). Intro. by Ruth E. Fine. Mark Leithauser. Paintings, Drawings, Prints..  Item number: 14995.    US$20.00
155.    (Lilly Library) Gibson, Rebecca Campbell and Beckman, Roger E. Indians of Latin America: An Exhibition of Materials in the Lilly Library..  Item number: 23470.    US$20.00
156.    (Lilly Library). A Baker's Dozen: Being a Selection of Books and Manuscripts by One English and Thirteen American Authors from the Library of Keith H. Baker of Oshkosh, Wisconsin..  Item number: 23479.    US$25.00
157.    (Lilly Library). The Beginnings of Higher Education in Indiana: An Exhibit Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of Indiana University..  Item number: 23488.    US$12.00
158.    (Lilly Library). The Bernardo Mendel Collection: An Exhibit. Dedication of the Mendel Room / Lilly Library..  Item number: 23466.    US$10.00
159.    (Lilly Library). Brazil From Discovery to Independence: An Exhibition Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on September 7, 1822..  Item number: 23463.    US$20.00
160.    (Lilly Library). The David A. Randall Retrospective Memorial Exhibition: Twenty Years' Acquisitions..  Item number: 23491.    US$20.00
161.    (Lilly Library). An Exhibit to Commemorate the One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Beginning of the War of 1812..  Item number: 23467.    US$10.00
162.    (Lilly Library). An Exhibition Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Martin Luther..  Item number: 23472.    US$12.00
163.    (Lilly Library). An Exhibition of American Literature: Honoring the Completion of the Editorial Work on the 100th Volume Approved by the Center for Editions of American Authors..  Item number: 23464.    US$15.00
164.    (Lilly Library). An Exhibition of Books Presented to the Lilly Library by Mrs. Bernardo Mendel..  Item number: 23487.    US$10.00
165.    (Lilly Library). The First Twenty-five Years of Printing 1455-1480..  Item number: 23490.    US$25.00
166.    (Lilly Library). Five Hundred Years of Information Science: Gutenberg to von Neumann..  Item number: 23478.    US$10.00
167.    (Lilly Library). The Lilly Library: The First Quarter Century 1960-1985..  Item number: 23492.    US$20.00
168.    (Lilly Library). Manuscripts Ancient-Modern: An Exhibition on the Occasion of the Manuscript Society's Annual Meeting Held at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, October 1-4, 1964..  Item number: 23465.    US$10.00
169.    (Lilly Library). Medicine: An Exhibition of Books Relating to Medicine and Surgery from the Collection Formed by J.K. Lilly..  Item number: 23480.    US$20.00
170.    (Lilly Library). One Hundred and Fifty Years: An Exhibit Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of Indiana Statehood..  Item number: 23473.    US$20.00
171.    (Lilly Library). Three Centuries of American Poetry: An Exhibition of Original Paintings..  Item number: 23481.    US$20.00
172.    (Lilly Library). Colin Hamilton and Joel Silver. Scotland Before the Union..  Item number: 23477.    US$15.00
173.    (Lilly Library). Robert P. Bareikis. The Transition to Modern Germany: The Eighteenth Century..  Item number: 23484.    US$15.00
174.    (Litchfield, Edward Hubert). Parke-Bernet Galleries. First Editions... Property of the Estate of the Late Edward Hubert Litchfield (The Edward Hubert Litchfield Collection of First Editions of English & American Authors. Incunabula and other rare early works)..  Item number: 34761.    US$20.00
175.    (Litchfield, Edward Sands). Sotheby's. The Sporting Library of Edward Sands Litchfield: November 29, 2001. Sale 7736..  Item number: 35959.    US$15.00
176.    (Littell, Eliakim, ed.). The Museum of Foreign Literature and Science. Vol. XXVI. January to June 1935..  Item number: 24244.    US$40.00
177.    (Littell, Eliakim, ed.). The Museum of Foreign Literature and Science. Vol. XXVIII. January to June 1936..  Item number: 24245.    US$40.00
178.    (Locker-Lampson, Frederick); Locker-Lampson, Godfrey Tennyson; Birrell, Augustine. An Appendix to the Rowfant Library. A Catalogue of the Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, Etc. Collected Since the Printing of the First Catalogue in 1886 by the Late Frederick Locker Lampson...  Item number: 23590.    US$60.00
179.    (Lossing, Benson John [1813-1891]). Harper & Brothers; Wilson, Woodrow; Fisk, John; et al. Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History From 458 A.D. to 1905. Based Upon the Plan of Benson John Lossing. With a Preface on the Study of American History by Woodrow Wilson. Complete in Ten Volumes..  Item number: 18688.    US$85.00
180.    (Mackay, George H.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Valuable Private Library of George H. Mackay, Esq., of Nantucket, Mass. Part I. April 25 and 26, 1900. [with] Part II. May 2 and 3, 1900 [Two Volumes]..  Item number: 38466.    US$50.00
181.    (Mansfield, Burton). American Art Association. Anderson Galleries. Choice Oil Paintings examples of the finest works of Hassam, Metcalf, Blakelock, Weir, Martin, Inness, Crane, Wyant, Homer... From the Collection of the late Burton Mansfield [American Landscapes]..  Item number: 34786.    US$35.00
182.    (Manson, Alfred Small). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue Part IV, of the American Historical Collections of the late Alfred S. Manson, Boston, Mass. An Extensive Collection of Portraits for Extra Illustrating.... Nov. 7, 8, 9 and 10, 1905..  Item number: 38469.    US$40.00
183.    (McClelland, Nancy). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. French furniture... fine wall paper and screens, including two papier peint rooms by Reveillon ... and the inaguration [sic] of Washington, a room of papier peint designed by Nancy McClelland, together with English furni.  Item number: 41114.    US$25.00
184.    (McCulloch, H.M.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Private Library of H.M. McCulloch of Lawrenceville, Pa. containing many Modern Books in Fine Condition.... June 12 and 13, 1918..  Item number: 38615.    US$20.00
185.    (McCutcheon, George Barr). American Art Association. A Choice Little Collection. Paintings by the American Masters and a Number of Examples of the Barbizon and Dutch Schools. Formed by the late George Barr McCutcheon. January 31, 1929..  Item number: 41047.    US$25.00
186.    (McDaniel, B.F.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Private Collection of the Late Rev. B.F. McDaniel of Boston. Rare Old Engravings, Modern Etchings, Original Drawings, Water Colors, Oil Paintings. April 12 and 13, 1916 [with] Catalogue of the collection.  Item number: 38572.    US$40.00
187.    (Medina, Jose Toribio). Espinosa y Prieto, Don Eduardo, et al. Memoria de la Academia Nacional de Historia y Geografia. Segundo Boletin Extraordinario año noveno, segunda epoca..  Item number: 35692.    US$15.00
188.    (Meid, Hans). Friedländer, Max J., ed. Der Radierer Hans Meid..  Item number: 36550.    US$50.00
189.    (Menander). Murray, Gilbert, translator. The Rape of the Locks. The Perikeiromene of Meander..  Item number: 12382.    US$20.00
190.    (Menzel, Adolph). Jordan, Max. Das werk Adolph Menzels: eine festgabe zum achtzigsten geburtstage des kunstlers..  Item number: 26853.    US$100.00
191.    (Menzel, Adolph). Kern, G. J. Aus Menzels Jugend, in Die Kunst fur Alle, XXXL 5/6 December 1915..  Item number: 26854.    US$20.00
192.    (Meshkov, Yury). Ferber, Jeannie J. I Am Able I Am Bound..  Item number: 15571.    US$25.00
193.    (Metropolitan Museum Of Art). French Painting And Sculpture Of the XVIII Century..  Item number: 25120.    US$15.00
194.    (Metropolitan Museum Of Art). Wehle, Harry B. Tiepolo And His Contemporaries..  Item number: 25119.    US$10.00
195.    (Mexico). Philip V. Signed Document issued to a monastery in Mexico.  Item number: 34409.    US$400.00
196.    (MFA). Art of Ancient Cyprus..  Item number: 14457.    US$50.00
197.    (Ministro della Marina Mercantile Italiana). Documentario Ricostruzione della Marina Mercantile Italiana 1945-1953..  Item number: 31217.    US$400.00
198.    (Ministry of Information). Combined Operations: The Official Story of the Commandos..  Item number: 17552.    US$10.00
199.    (Miranda, Francisco de). Uslar Pietri, Arturo. Los libros de Miranda..  Item number: 37460.    US$25.00
200.    (Moliere). Oeuvres Completes de Moliere. Three Volumes..  Item number: 13586.    US$150.00

Over 9000 Items found
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