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101.    (Folger Shakespeare Library) Sotheby & Co. Catalogue of Duplicate Printed Books from The Folger Shakespeare Library [Four Volumes]..  Item number: 34717.    US$50.00
102.    (Frege, Gottlob). Klemke, E. D., editor. Essays on Frege..  Item number: 14383.    US$28.00
103.    (Freund, Karl). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. Rare Wrought Iron Garden Furniture and Objects of Art in Many Media. From classic antiquity to the Regency, including a small but distinguished collection of furniture, lighting fixtures, and paintings. May 21, 1932. Sal.  Item number: 41109.    US$25.00
104.    (Freund, Karl). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. Sculptures, furniture, iron work, weathervanes & objects of art. A collection acquired abroad during the past two years, chiefly from private sources by Karl Freund. Sale 3875. December 18, 19, 20, 1930..  Item number: 41095.    US$25.00
105.    (Fuseli, Henry). Henry Fuseli, 1741-1825..  Item number: 13954.    US$40.00
106.    (Garrett, John B. Co.). John B. Garrett. Equipment and Supplies for Hospitals and Physicians..  Item number: 15890.    US$30.00
107.    (Gary, Elbert H.). American Art Association. Art Collection of the Late Elbert H. Gary. Notable Paintings by Masters of the English XVIII Century, the Barbizon and Old Dutch Schools Together with Several Important Examples by XIX Century Artists. April 20, 1928..  Item number: 41044.    US$40.00
108.    (George V. Higgins, Tennessee Williams, Nadine Gordimer). Playboy. Vol. 20, no. 3. (March, 1973)..  Item number: 16768.    US$20.00
109.    (Giotto di Bondone). Citta di Firenze, Palazzo degli Uffizi. Palazzo Degli Uffizi Mostra Giottesca Aprile-Ottobre MCMXXXVII - XV (Citta di Firenze Onoranze a Giotto nel VI Centenario Della Morte)..  Item number: 24642.    US$25.00
110.    (Gobineau, Arthur, comte de) Lange, Maurice. Le Comte Arthur de Gobineau. Etude biographique et critique..  Item number: 35058.    US$50.00
111.    (Gould, Charles A.). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. Etchings, Sporting & Color Prints and a Fine Group of Rowlandson Drawings. Sale No. 3839. April 16 and 17, 1930..  Item number: 41054.    US$25.00
112.    (Gould, Charles W.). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. The Charles W. Gould Art Collection. Together with the Furniture and Appointments of His Washington Square Residence. Sale No. 3993. October 27, 28, and 29,1932..  Item number: 41065.    US$25.00
113.    (Grant, Ulysses S.). New York Citizens. Grand Mass Meeting at the Cooper Institute. Nomination of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant to the Presidency. Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1867..  Item number: 27894.    US$100.00
114.    (Greco, El). Matthews, John F. El Greco. (Dominicos Theotocopoulos)..  Item number: 24177.    US$12.00
115.    (Guatemala). Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País. Soto, Marco Aurelio. Memoria de los trabajos de la Sociedad Económica de Amigos de Guatemala: con que dió cuenta á la junta jeneral, celebrada el 16 de enero de 1870, el secretario de gobierno Lic. D. Marco Aurelio Soto..  Item number: 38519.    US$300.00
116.    (Gunning, Charles Vere). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. Superb Portraits by Romney, Hoppner, Goya, Sargent. Property of Brigadier General Sir Charles Vere Gunning, ... and Lady Gunning ... and Lady Lovat. Sale 4040. April 27, 1933..  Item number: 41071.    US$25.00
117.    (Guttuso, Renato). Brandi, Cesare; Rubiu, Vittore. Guttuso: antologia critica a cura di Vittorio Rubiu..  Item number: 23651.    US$95.00
118.    (Haiti). Boré, citoyen et planteur. Faits Relatifs aux Troubles de Saint-Domingue..  Item number: 35978.    US$450.00
119.    (Haiti). Saint-Marc. Commissaires des citoyens de couleur. Mémoire historique des dernières révolutions des provinces de l'ouest et due sud de la partie Françoise de Saint-Domingue, publié par les Commissaires des citoyens de couleur de Saint-Marc et de plusieurs paroisses de la.  Item number: 37277.    US$400.00
120.    (Hamilton, Alexander). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of a Collection of Books relating to Alexander Hamilton together with Alexander Hamilton's Writing Desk. March 10 and 11, 1914..  Item number: 38524.    US$40.00
121.    (Hamilton, Carl W.). Anderson Galleries. Two Masterpieces of Renaissance Painting. From the Collection of Carl W. Hamilton, New York City. Sale No. 2346. May 8, 1929..  Item number: 41048.    US$40.00
122.    (Hanover Fire Insurance Company). Proudly We Say. A Recounting of the First Hundred Years of the Hanover Fire Insurance Company..  Item number: 12512.    US$25.00
123.    (Harper's). Harper's Young People. 1887. Vol. VIII (Tues. Nov. 2, 1886-Oct. 25, 1887). No. 366-417. Complete..  Item number: 16320.    US$150.00
124.    (Harris, Thaddeus Mason and Harris, Thaddeus William). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Harris Libraries. Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris and Thaddeus William Harris, Librarian of Harvard College. Oct. 6, 7 and 8, 1909..  Item number: 38472.    US$50.00
125.    (Harvard). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Private Library of a Boston Journalist together with other Consignments, Including Duplicates from the Harvard University Library. September 11 and 12, 1918..  Item number: 38618.    US$20.00
126.    (Hazlitt, William). Sikes, Herschel Moreland, ed. The Letters of William Hazlitt..  Item number: 16585.    US$18.00
127.    (Healey, Sumner). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. Antiquities & Rarities Collected by the Late Sumner Healey. Sale 4358. December 18, 1937..  Item number: 41175.    US$25.00
128.    (Hearn, George A. ). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. European Ivory Carvings and Bronzes. Aubusson and Beauvais tapestry, furniture, miniatures, bonbonnieres and other bibelots, Oriental porcelains, Hispano-Moresque ware, a small group of mezzotints. Sale No. 3974. May 5, .  Item number: 41154.    US$25.00
129.    (Hearn, Goerge A.). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. Paintings by Distinguished Artists of the British, American, French, Dutch and Early Flemish and Italian Schools. Including the Celebrated Hearn Blue Boy and Fitz Alan Chapel, Arundel, by Turner. Sale No. 3972. May 5, 19.  Item number: 41064.    US$25.00
130.    (Heine, Heinrich). Karpeles, Gustav. Heinrich Heine. Aus Seinem Leben Und Aus Seiner Zeit..  Item number: 15499.    US$95.00
131.    (Hellman, George S.). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. Selections from the Collection of George S. Hellman. ... A fine group by Whistler and the Only Portrait ever Painted of Henry D. Thoreau. Sale 4008. December 14, 1932..  Item number: 41066.    US$25.00
132.    (Helman, Byron E.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of a Collection of Books on Folk-Lore formed by B.E. Helman, Cleveland, Ohio ... Book Plates ... Americana, Rare and Curious Books ... Boston Subway. December 2 and 3, 1914..  Item number: 38535.    US$30.00
133.    (Herrera Frederick, Alfredo). Casa Ramón Eyzaguirre. Gran Remate de la notable biblioteca de la sucesion de Don Alfredo Herrera Frederick..  Item number: 34166.    US$25.00
134.    (Holderlin, Friedrich). Frederic Prokosch, trans. Some Poems of Friedrich Holderlin..  Item number: 12246.    US$20.00
135.    (Hollingsworth, Amor L.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the Magnificent Private Library of the late Amor L. Hollingsworth of Milton, Mass. Member of the Grolier Club, Club of Odd Volumes, Caxton Club, Etc. Magnificent collection of fine and rare books, many in su.  Item number: 38478.    US$50.00
136.    (Howe, Lemuel R.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Collection of Engravings, Etchings, Colored Prints, Naval Prints, Ship Pictures, Yacht Pictures ... Water Colors and Oil Paintings from the Estate of the Late Lemuel R. Howe, of Boston. February 18 and 19, 1914..  Item number: 38523.    US$20.00
137.    (Hunt, Henry W.) C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of the private library of the late Henry W. Hunt, Neponset, Mass. together with other consignments, and the modern medical library of a Boston physician: Civil War, genealogy, Indians, laws, trials, almanacs, i.  Item number: 38561.    US$25.00
138.    (Huppi, Alfonso) (Hueppi; Hüppi). Galleria Henze. Alfonso Huppi. Zeichnungen Aquarelle. Bilder Objekte 1959-1985..  Item number: 15769.    US$45.00
139.    (Hyde, J.A. Lloyd). American Art Association, Anderson Galleries. Oriental Lowestoft porcelain including a number of rare practical services, English, French & American XVIII century furniture, a group of Georgian hanging lights and other glass, silver, and decorative objects. Sale No..  Item number: 41155.    US$25.00
140.    (Italian Line). [Print]. S/S. Andrea Doria. S/S Cristoforo Colombo. Italian Line..  Item number: 38599.    US$350.00
141.    (James Dickey and B. Kliban). Playboy. Vol. 21, no. 10. (October 1974)..  Item number: 16825.    US$20.00
142.    (John Updike and Norman Mailer). Playboy. Vol. 22, no. 5. (May 1975)..  Item number: 16829.    US$20.00
143.    (John, Elton). Sotheby's. Elton John. Volume IV. Diverse Collections. London. Thursday 8th September 1988 and Friday 9th September 1988..  Item number: 17687.    US$30.00
144.    (Johnson, William F.). C.F. Libbie & Co. Catalogue of an Important Collection of New England town histories and genealogies, Western and Indian history, Lincolniana, including the rare John Wilkes Booth proclamation ... November 26 and 27, 1918..  Item number: 38625.    US$40.00
145.    (Joseph Heller, Richard Rhodes, William Kuhns, and Norman Mailer). Playboy. Vol. 22, no. 6. (June 1975)..  Item number: 16830.    US$20.00
146.    (Joyce Carol Oates, Alfred Kazin). Playboy. Vol. 20, no. 6. (June, 1973)..  Item number: 16771.    US$20.00
147.    (Keenan, James). Letter from the Secretary of State... relative to the claim of James Keenan, United States Consul at Hong Kong, China, for expenses incurred in defending himself against suits brought in the colonial courts, and for expe.  Item number: 33173.    US$25.00
148.    (Kenney, C. E.). Sotheby & Co. Catalogue of The Celebrated Collection the Property of C.E. Kenney... The First Portion: Trade and Economics, Geography, Navigation, Maps, Surveying, and Social History, Part I A-K [with] Part II L-Z [Two Volumes]..  Item number: 34719.    US$25.00
149.    (Kessler, George). Rains Galleries. Remarkable collection of rare XVII & XVIII century furniture, tapestries, paintings, engravings, Oriental rugs and objects of art. The Estate of Mrs. George A. Kessler.January 23, 24, and 25, 1930..  Item number: 41093.    US$25.00
150.    (Kirkland, Frederic R.). Parke-Bernet Galleries. American First Editions. British and American History & Biography. [The Valuable] Library of the Late Frederic R. Kirkland..  Item number: 34767.    US$15.00

Over 9000 Items found
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