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501.    [Lytton, Edward Bulwer]. The Last Days of Pompeii. By the Author of Pelham, Eugene Aram, England and the English, etc. In Two Volumes..  Item number: 40977.    US$50.00
502.    [Maine]. United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the District of Columbia. Resolutions of the Legislature of the State of Maine, in favor of Repealing the laws of States or Territories which render persons of color liable to arrest and imprisonment and to be sold for jail fees. 28th Congress, 1.  Item number: 36140.    US$400.00
503.    [Massachusetts]. Resident and Business Directory of Bourne, Falmouth, and Sandwich, Massachusetts. 1900: containing a complete resident, street and business directory, town officers, schools, societies, churches, post-offices..  Item number: 27161.    US$200.00
504.    [Mather, Cotton]. Ratio Disciplinae Fratrum Nov-Anglorum. A Faithful Account of the Discipline Professed and Practiced, in the Churches of New-England. With interspersed and instructive reflections on the discipline of the primitive churc.  Item number: 34301.    US$3,750.00
505.    [Mayer, Brantz] Smith, John Jr., pseud. Romanism in Mexico: Being a Reply to an Article by the Rev. Mr. Verot, against Mayer's Mexico, in the U.S. Catholic Magazine, for March, 1844..  Item number: 34322.    US$50.00
506.    [Máyer, Cárlos]. La Juventud Argentina a Cárlos Máyer. Corona Fúnebre..  Item number: 35001.    US$100.00
507.    [Medical Books]. Nouvelle Bibliographie Méthodique des Livres de Médecine. 1921..  Item number: 40052.    US$20.00
508.    [Merchant Marine] [Chile]. [Photograph Album of Merchant Marine Captain Jorge Rosa Reed & His Career with CSAV Compania Sud Americana de Vapores of Santiago Chile and New York]..  Item number: 41757.    US$450.00
509.    [Mexico City]. Ayuntamiento. Documentos relativos a las contestaciones entre el supremo gobierno y el escmo. ayuntamiento, sobre el ejercicio esclusivo de las prerogativas de este cuerpo, y motivos por los que ha cesado en sus funciones..  Item number: 39549.    US$150.00
510.    [Mexico-U.S. Treaties]. Special Claims Convention between the United States and Mexico for the Settlement of Claims of American Citizens arising from Revolutionary Acts in Mexico from November 20, 1910 to May 31, 1920. [with] Convention between.  Item number: 40097.    US$50.00
511.    [Mexico. Universidad Nacional y Pontificia de México]. [Signed Diploma from the Universidad Nacional y Pontificia de México]..  Item number: 39577.    US$100.00
512.    [Mexico] The New Empire of Mexico [in] The New York Herald. No. 9813. Thursday July 30, 1863..  Item number: 38910.    US$250.00
513.    [Mexico]. Diccionario Porrua de historia, biografia y geografia de Mexico..  Item number: 35858.    US$125.00
514.    [Mexico]. Une Enquête au Mexique (essai de compréhension). par un européen..  Item number: 34339.    US$25.00
515.    [México]. Memorándum ..... En el que se explica claramente lo que es y la utilidad que reporta para todos, la Exposición Viajera de Productos Nacionales que tiene Oficinas en la Abenida Juárez No. 18 de la Ciudad de México..  Item number: 39392.    US$150.00
516.    [Montt, Manuel]. Novoa, Jovino, compiler. Juicios de la prensa sobre Don Manuel Montt. Publicados con motivo de su fallecimiento y documentos referentes á su vida pública..  Item number: 41208.    US$25.00
517.    [Mormons]. Boston Weekly Spectator, A Family Paper of News, Art, Literature, Politics, Business and Agriculture. Boston, Thursday, September 21, 1871. Volume 61, Number 42..  Item number: 41309.    US$50.00
518.    [Moses, John, attrib.]. The New Constitution, Shall it be Adopted or Rejected?.  Item number: 36461.    US$350.00
519.    [Music]. Boston Weekly Spectator, A Family Paper of News, Art, Literature, Politics, Business and Agriculture. Boston, Thursday, October 5, 1871. Volume 61, Number 44..  Item number: 41311.    US$50.00
520.    [Napoleonic States, Italy]. Imola. Alessandretti, [Antonio]. Programma. Regno d'Italia. Dipartimento del Reno. Distretto d'Imola. Il podesta della citta d'Imola..  Item number: 40247.    US$1,250.00
521.    [National Democratic Convention]. Official Proceedings of the National Democratic Convention, held in Cincinnati, June 2-6, 1856..  Item number: 36085.    US$75.00
522.    [Nautical]. [Paper Model]. Bateau. 2 feuilles. No. 1795..  Item number: 40343.    US$100.00
523.    [Nederlandsche Filmliga]. Menno Ter Braak, Joris Ivens, L. J. Jordaan, Henrik Scholte, and Constant Van Wessem. Filmliga. 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9. [Orgaan der Nederlandsche Filmliga]. Six Issues..  Item number: 21542.    US$600.00
524.    [Nevada]. Bennett, James Gordon. The New State of Nevada [in] The Weekly Herald, New York, Saturday, November 12, 1864..  Item number: 41269.    US$250.00
525.    [New York City]. American Seaman's Friend Society Membership Certificate..  Item number: 39095.    US$1,000.00
526.    [New York Public Library]. Tesoros de España. Ten Centuries of Spanish Books..  Item number: 36688.    US$20.00
527.    [New York. Republican State Central Committee]. Address of the Republican State Committee, to the Electors of the State of New-York..  Item number: 36063.    US$375.00
528.    [New York]. Facsimile of the Laws and Acts of the General Assembly for their Majesties Province of New York..  Item number: 34304.    US$150.00
529.    [Northern French]. Medieval Illuminated Vellum Manuscript Leaf (from Prayer Book)..  Item number: 37415.    US$275.00
530.    [Oldmixon, John]. Moll, Herman. The British Empire in America, containing the History of the Discovery, Settlement, Progress and Present State of all the British Colonies, on the Continent and Island of America in Two Volumes. Being an account of the c.  Item number: 38740.    US$5,000.00
531.    [Oregon]. Fillmore, Millard. Oregon - Governor Gaines. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting Copies of correspondence with Governor Gaines in reference to the goverment of the Territory of Oregon. May 3, 1852..  Item number: 36052.    US$25.00
532.    [Ortiz de Ocampo, Francisco Antonio]. El Comandante General de la Expedicion Auxiliadora para las Provincias Interiores, á su exercito. Proclama.: Generosos y esforzados compañeros (First line of text)..  Item number: 37073.    US$325.00
533.    [Oveme]. Valenzuela Muñoz, Oscar, ed. Juego de Rocambor por Oveme..  Item number: 39622.    US$50.00
534.    [Pacific Steam Navigation Company]. Compañia de Navegacion por Vapor en el Pacifico. Tarifa de Pasages entre el Callao y Valparaiso é Intermedios. Que Principia a Rejir en 1 de Junio de 1877..  Item number: 38743.    US$250.00
535.    [Packard, Frederick Adolphus]. American Sunday-School Union The Union Bible Dictionary: Prepared for the American Sunday-School Union, and Revised by the Committee of Publication..  Item number: 24922.    US$50.00
536.    [Panama Canal Company]. The Panama Canal. Funnel for World Commerce..  Item number: 39567.    US$12.00
537.    [Panama Canal Press]. Partial List of Vessels in Panama Canal Traffic. Partial List of Vessels Calling at the Ports of Cristobal and Balboa. Partial List of Lines, Owners, and Charterers of Vessels in Panama Canal and Canal Zone Traffic..  Item number: 28406.    US$75.00
538.    [Panama Canal]. Aldana, Abelardo and others. The Panama Canal Question. A Plea for Colombia..  Item number: 39503.    US$100.00
539.    [Panama]. United States Senate. The Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States, on the subject of The Mission to the Congress at Panama, together with the Messages and Documents relating thereto. March 22, 1826..  Item number: 38874.    US$50.00
540.    [Pavón Aycinena, Manuel Francisco]. [Funeral notice for] Manuel Francisco Pavon..  Item number: 38303.    US$250.00
541.    [Peabody, Ephraim]. Slavery in the United States: Its Evils, Alleviations, and Remedies..  Item number: 36075.    US$225.00
542.    [Pena, Pedro Antonio de la]. [Two broadsides concerning the resignation of leniente coronel Pedro Pena]. Vindicacion [with] Al Publico..  Item number: 38299.    US$950.00
543.    [Pennsylvania Commandery]. Samuel Bradford Fales..  Item number: 33741.    US$20.00
544.    [Pennsylvania German]. Eine wahre Geschichte, oder eine probirte Kunst in Feuers-Gefahr wie auch in Pestilenz-Zeiten zu gebrauchen..  Item number: 41804.    US$1,000.00
545.    [Periodical]. Blanco y Negro. 1912. [13 issues]..  Item number: 34162.    US$50.00
546.    [Periodical]. Blanco y Negro. 1913. Feb.- Mayo [13 issues]..  Item number: 34163.    US$50.00
547.    [Periodical]. Blanco y Negro. 1913. Jun. - Oct. [16 issues]..  Item number: 34164.    US$50.00
548.    [Periodical]. Blanco y Negro. Nov. 1913 - Feb. 1915. [16 issues]..  Item number: 34165.    US$50.00
549.    [Periodical]. Nuevo Mundo. 1912-1914. [48 issues]..  Item number: 34161.    US$75.00
550.    [Perkins, Henry]. Review of a Pamphlet, Entitled The Church Psalmist..  Item number: 28344.    US$50.00

Over 9000 Items found
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