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751.    De Charlevoix, P. F. X. History and General Description Of New France.  Item number: 010473.    US$120.00
752.    De kay, James Tertius A Rage for Glory: The Life of Commodore Stephen Decatur, USN.  Item number: 010167.    US$12.00
753.    De La Bedoyere, Guy Defying Rome: The Rebels of Roman Britain.  Item number: 008562.    US$25.00
754.    De la Bedoyere, Guy English Heritage Book of Roman Towns in Britain.  Item number: 010106.    US$15.00
755.    De Las Casas, Bartoleme ( Translated by Herma Briffault ) The Devastation Of the Indies: A Brief Account.  Item number: 009527.    US$9.00
756.    de Leon-Jones, Karen Silvia Giordano Bruno and theKabbalah: Prophets, Magicians, and Rabbis.  Item number: 20843.    US$30.00
757.    De Lucchi, Michele (editor) International Design Yearbook 16.  Item number: 006412.    US$32.00
758.    de Lys, Claudia A Treasury of American Superstitions.  Item number: 000938.    US$7.00
759.    de Roussan, Jacques Der: La Comedie Humaine, The Human Comedy.  Item number: 010449.    US$45.00
760.    De Sapio, Rodolfo Calculus for the Life Sciences.  Item number: 005022.    US$30.00
761.    de Souza, Philip (editor) The Ancient World at War.  Item number: 010996.    US$38.00
762.    De Vries-Evans, Susanna The Lost Impressionists : Masterpieces from Private Collections.  Item number: 004193.    US$15.00
763.    De-la-Noy, Michael Eddy : Life of Edward Sackville-West.  Item number: 001531.    US$9.00
764.    Decaro, Connie Mandracchia Sicily: The Trampled Paradise Revisited.  Item number: 010215.    US$25.00
765.    Defoe, Daniel A Journal of the Plague Year,etc. (1665).  Item number: 007529.    US$35.00
766.    Dehn, Edgar Algebraic Equations: An Introduction to the Theories of Lagrange and Galois.  Item number: 008840.    US$45.00
767.    DeJean, Joan (editor); Miller, Nancy K. (editor) Displacements : Women, Tradition, Literatures in French.  Item number: 005268.    US$40.00
768.    Del Rio, Daniel A. Simon Bolivar.  Item number: 002808.    US$7.00
769.    Deleu, Jozef (chief editor) The Low Countries: Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands, volume 10.  Item number: 007821.    US$12.00
770.    Deleu, Jozef, (chief editor) The Low Countries: Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands, A Yearbook, 1995-96.  Item number: 005422.    US$10.00
771.    Dellon, A. Lee Somatosensory Testing And Rehabilitation.  Item number: 009885.    US$125.00
772.    DeLong, Fred Delong's Guide to Bicycles and Bicycling: The Art and Science.  Item number: 007580.    US$9.00
773.    DeMaria, Michael Horns And Halos, Toward the Blessing of Darkness (Volume 2).  Item number: 009124.    US$15.00
774.    Demianski, M. (editor) Physics of the Expanding Universe (Lecture Notes in Physics).  Item number: 003865.    US$25.00
775.    Demy, Timothy J. (editor); Stewart, Gary P. (editor) Genetic Engineering - A Christian Response : Crucial Considerations in Shaping Life (Christian Response Ser.).  Item number: 000769.    US$15.00
776.    DeMyer, William Neuroanatomy.  Item number: 006820.    US$9.00
777.    Denenberg, Barry An American Hero : The True Story of Charles A. Lindbergh.  Item number: 003084.    US$6.00
778.    Denenberg, Barry When Will This Cruel War Be Over? : The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson, Gordonsville, Virginia, 1864 (Dear America Ser.).  Item number: 007780.    US$10.00
779.    Denhardt, Robert B. Public Administration : An Action Orientation.  Item number: 001843.    US$20.00
780.    Denning, Keith and Kemmer, Suzanne (editors) On Language: Selected Writings og Joseph H. Greenberg.  Item number: 21060.    US$60.00
781.    Denning, Peter J.; Dennis, Jack B.; and Qualitz, Joseph E. Machines, Languages, and Computation.  Item number: 21175.    US$25.00
782.    Dennis, Frank A. (editor) Southern Miscellany : Essays in Honor of Glover Moore.  Item number: 004412.    US$9.00
783.    DePalma, Anthony F. (editor) Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, Number 37.  Item number: 002824.    US$15.00
784.    Department of Defense Bosnia Country Handbook.  Item number: 000822.    US$9.00
785.    Department of Energy Solar Energy for Buildings Handbook.  Item number: 005572.    US$45.00
786.    Deppa, James Walter The Marriage that Did Succeed for Mary Queen of Scots.  Item number: 000165.    US$15.00
787.    Dereniak, Eustace L. and Crowe, Devon G. Optical Radiation Detectors.  Item number: 20820.    US$100.00
788.    Dereniak, Eustace L. and Crowe, Devon G. Optical Radiation Detectors.  Item number: 20611.    US$100.00
789.    Derry, John W. Charles James Fox..  Item number: 000212.    US$10.00
790.    Descargues, Pierre Lucas Cranach der Altere.  Item number: 004070.    US$7.00
791.    Descharnes, Robert Salvador Dali, 1904-1989.  Item number: 005100.    US$18.00
792.    Descloux, J. and Marti, Jurg (editors) Numerical Analysis.  Item number: 001759.    US$28.00
793.    Desjardins, Arthur P.- J. Proudhon; Sa Vie, Ses Oeuvres, sa Doctrine (2 volumes).  Item number: 009402.    US$100.00
794.    Deskins. W. E. Abstract Algebra..  Item number: 000238.    US$15.00
795.    Dethloff, Henry C. A Centennial History Of Texas A and M University 1876-1976 ( 2 volume set ).  Item number: 009849.    US$45.00
796.    Deutsche Bundesbank Staff (editors) Fifty Years of the Deutsche Mark : The Central Bank & the Currency since 1948.  Item number: 000791.    US$18.00
797.    Devambez, Pierre Greek Sculpture.  Item number: 004531.    US$20.00
798.    Devesa, Susan S. et al Atlas of Cancer Mortality in the United States, 1950-94.  Item number: 20409.    US$20.00
799.    Devine, Donald J. The Political Culture of the United States: The Influence of Member Values on Regime Maintenance.  Item number: 004745.    US$32.00
800.    Deviney, Marvin L. and O'Grady, Thomas M. Petroleum Derived Carbons..  Item number: 000569.    US$25.00

3547 items found
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