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701.    Currie-McDaniel, Ruth Carpetbagger of Conscience: A Biography of John Emory Bryant.  Item number: 20988.    US$20.00
702.    Curtis, Charles W. and Reiner, Irving Representative Theory of Finite Groups and Associative Algebras.  Item number: 21140.    US$45.00
703.    Cusick, James G. The Other War of 1812 : The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish East Florida.  Item number: 007432.    US$40.00
704.    Dabney, Virginia B. Once There Was a Farm . . . : A Country Childhood Remembered.  Item number: 001921.    US$6.00
705.    Dalrymple, Margaret Fisher (editor). The Merchant of Manchac: The Letterbooks of John Fitzpatrick, 1768-1790..  Item number: 000457.    US$18.00
706.    Dalton, Dennis Mahatma Gandhi: Nonviolent Power in Action.  Item number: 010016.    US$10.00
707.    Daly, James J. Nicholas Frederic Brady: A Memoir.  Item number: 004053.    US$40.00
708.    Damian, Carol et al (editiors) Roger Mantegani: El Teatro de la Vida, The Theater of Life.  Item number: 008260.    US$35.00
709.    Daniel, Cuthbert and Wood, Fred S. Fitting Equations To Data: Computer Analysis Of Multifactor Data, Second Edition.  Item number: 009942.    US$12.00
710.    Daniel, James W.; Moore, Ramon E. Computation and Theory in Ordinary Differential Equations (Mathematics Ser.).  Item number: 003130.    US$20.00
711.    Daniel, Sergei French Painting.  Item number: 20856.    US$40.00
712.    Daniels, Farrington et al Experimental Physical Chemistry.  Item number: 004739.    US$7.00
713.    Daniels, Jeffrey Motor Sports.  Item number: 002742.    US$9.00
714.    Daniels, Robert V. The End Of The Communist Revolution.  Item number: 009556.    US$15.00
715.    Dansby, Robert L.; Kaliski, Burton S.; Lawrence, Michael D. Paradigm College Accounting : Annotated Instructor's Edition, Chapters 1-27.  Item number: 005355.    US$20.00
716.    Darby, Edwin It All Adds Up.  Item number: 001727.    US$7.00
717.    Darlington, Richard B. Radicals and Squares: Statistical Methods for the Behavioral Sciences.  Item number: 006347.    US$12.00
718.    Darracott, Joseph. England's Constable: The Life and Letters of John Constable..  Item number: 000301.    US$10.00
719.    Darrah, William Culp Powell of the Colorado.  Item number: 006723.    US$22.00
720.    Dart, Susan Edward Dart: Architect.  Item number: 009924.    US$60.00
721.    Darwin, Bernard (editor) The Game's Afoot ! An Anthology of Sports, Games, and the Open Air.  Item number: 001298.    US$35.00
722.    Darwin, Charles The Variation of Plants and Animals Under Domestication, Volume 2.  Item number: 002032.    US$35.00
723.    Dary, David Entrepreneurs of the Old West.  Item number: 007722.    US$9.00
724.    Dasch, E. Julius (editor) Encyclopedia of Earth Science (Vol. 1).  Item number: 000778.    US$35.00
725.    Daulte, Francois (president oft the foundation) Chefs-D'Oeuvre du Musee de Lyon.  Item number: 007609.    US$25.00
726.    Daussy-Ricqles, Etude Art Islamique.  Item number: 005456.    US$10.00
727.    Davenport, Guy The Geography of Imagination.  Item number: 20749.    US$30.00
728.    Davenport, Gwen Great Lovers in Legend and Life.  Item number: 007514.    US$10.00
729.    Davenport, Jr., Francis Garvin The Myth of Southern History: Historical Consciousness in Twentieth-Century Southern Literature.  Item number: 010266.    US$22.00
730.    Davidson, Donald Lee in the Mountains.  Item number: 004614.    US$45.00
731.    Davies, J. G. The Secular Use of Church Buildings..  Item number: 000614.    US$8.00
732.    Davies, K. G. The Royal African Company.  Item number: 20578.    US$50.00
733.    Davies, Peter Storm Country : A Journey Through the Heart of America.  Item number: 001246.    US$6.00
734.    Davies, Rhona; Johnson, Peter R. The Uzi and the Stone : Images of Gaza.  Item number: 006195.    US$20.00
735.    Davis, David B. Slavery and Human Progress.  Item number: 003703.    US$8.00
736.    Davis, Harold E. The Fledgling Province: Social and Cultural Life in Colonial Georgia, 17733-1776.  Item number: 20116.    US$25.00
737.    Davis, Harold E. The Fledgling Province: Social and Cultural Life in Colonial Georgia, 1733-1776.  Item number: 20682.    US$20.00
738.    Davis, Harold E. Henry Grady's New South : Atlanta, a Brave and Beautiful City.  Item number: 003192.    US$8.00
739.    Davis, Harry F.; Snider, Arthur D. Introduction to Vector Analysis.  Item number: 006067.    US$10.00
740.    Davis, Matthew L. Memoirs of Aaron Burr, with Miscellaneous Selections from His Correspondence (two volumes).  Item number: 20777.    US$60.00
741.    Davis, Nathaniel A Long Walk to Church : A Contemporary History of Russian Orthodoxy.  Item number: 001417.    US$7.00
742.    Davis, Parke H. (publisher) Who's Who Among American High Schol Students, Sports Edition, 2001-2002.  Item number: 004815.    US$30.00
743.    Davis, Raymond E. Elementary Plane Surveying.  Item number: 001190.    US$15.00
744.    Davis, William C. The Union That Shaped the Confederacy : Robert Toombs and Alexander H. Stephens.  Item number: 002018.    US$18.00
745.    Dawsey, Cyrus B., and Dawsey, James M. ( Editors ) The Confederados: Old South Immigrants in Brazil.  Item number: 010217.    US$30.00
746.    Dawson, Raymond H. The Decision to Aid Russia, 1941: Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics.  Item number: 010938.    US$22.00
747.    de Beer, G. R. Speaking of Switzerland.  Item number: 007782.    US$10.00
748.    de Caulaincourt, Armand At Napoleon's Side in Russia : A Classic Eyewitness Account.  Item number: 007423.    US$15.00
749.    De Cerqueira Falcao, Edgard Isto e a Bahia.  Item number: 002441.    US$40.00
750.    De Chambrun, Rene I Saw France Fall: Will She Rise Again?.  Item number: 005614.    US$12.00

3547 items found
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