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501.    Carroll, Susan NAUI Scuba Diver.  Item number: 20757.    US$20.00
502.    Carroll, Warren H. 70 Years of the Communist Revolution.  Item number: 007119.    US$40.00
503.    Carson, Gordon B.; Bolz, Harold A.; and Young, Hewitt H. Production Handbook.  Item number: 006129.    US$20.00
504.    Carter, Eugene A. and Seaquist, Valerie G. Extreme Weather History and Climate Atlas for Alabama.  Item number: 005470.    US$35.00
505.    Carter, Howard, and Mace, A.C. The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen.  Item number: 000007.    US$6.00
506.    Carter, Robert Goldthwaite Four Brothers in Blue, Or, Sunshine and Shadows of the War of the Rebellion: A Story of the Great Civil War from Bull Run to Appomattox.  Item number: 010012.    US$12.00
507.    Cartey, Wilfred Whispers from the Caribbean: I Going Away, I Going Home.  Item number: 008598.    US$9.00
508.    Casey, Patrick J. and Buss, Janice E. Lipid Modifications of Proteins..  Item number: 000342.    US$30.00
509.    Casoli, Sergio (editor) Un Camino nell'Arte in Italia/ An Art Walk in Italy.  Item number: 008667.    US$45.00
510.    Castaneda, James A Mira De Amescua.  Item number: 006018.    US$8.00
511.    Casti, John L. Mathematical Mountaintops : The Five Most Famous Problems of All Time.  Item number: 004857.    US$38.00
512.    Castillo, Bernal Diaz del The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico, 1517-1521.  Item number: 000905.    US$100.00
513.    Castogliano, Carlo Alberto Pio The Theory of Equilibrium of Elastic Systems and Its Applications.  Item number: 005962.    US$15.00
514.    Catto, Henry E., Jr. Ambassadors at Sea : The High and Low Adventures of a Diplomat.  Item number: 003834.    US$8.00
515.    Causa, Raffaello La Scuola di Posillipo.  Item number: 20378.    US$35.00
516.    Causa, Raffaello La Scuola di Posillipo.  Item number: 20379.    US$35.00
517.    Caza, Michel Silk Screen Printing.  Item number: 006008.    US$12.00
518.    Cecil, Emma Talbott Songs In the Night and Other Poems, Emphasizing Essential Elements of High Christian Character Through Living Examples.  Item number: 005412.    US$50.00
519.    Cell, Edward Language, Existence, and God.  Item number: 003104.    US$6.00
520.    Celli, Benvenuto La Vita di Carlo Haddon Spurgeon narrata al Popolo ed ai Fanciulli.  Item number: 010966.    US$60.00
521.    Ceplair, Larry Under the Shadow of War: Fascism, Anti-Fascism, and Marxists, 1918-1939.  Item number: 009930.    US$15.00
522.    Certo, Samuel C. Modern Management : Diversity, Quality, Ethics, and the Global Environment.  Item number: 004438.    US$12.00
523.    Cerver, Francisco Asensio Landscape of Recreation II : Amusement Parks (World of Environmental Designs Ser.).  Item number: 004574.    US$45.00
524.    Ceschino, F. and Kuntzmann, J. Numerical Solutions of Initial Value Problems.  Item number: 006585.    US$15.00
525.    Ceschino, F.; Kuntzmann, J.; and Boyanovitch, D. Numerical Solution of Initial Value Problerms.  Item number: 002578.    US$7.00
526.    Chadwick, Bruce Bronx Bombers : Memories & Memorabilia of the New York Yankees (Major League Memories Ser.).  Item number: 000578.    US$20.00
527.    Chamberlin, Edward Hastings The Theory of Monopolistic Competition: A Re-orientation of the Theory of Value.  Item number: 010980.    US$35.00
528.    Champigneulle, B.; Eisler, B. (translator) Art Nouveau.  Item number: 001509.    US$15.00
529.    Champion, Malcolm C. and Orr, William C. Evolving Concepts in Gastrointestinal Motility.  Item number: 008906.    US$35.00
530.    Chandler, David G. (editor) Napoleon's Marshals.  Item number: 20042.    US$22.00
531.    Chang, H. K. (editor); Zhang, Y. T. (editor) 1998 IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology 20th Annual Conference.  Item number: 001116.    US$30.00
532.    Chang, H.K., and Zhang, Y.T. Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (Volume 20).  Item number: 009205.    US$30.00
533.    Chant, Christopher Early Pioneers.  Item number: 008090.    US$12.00
534.    Chant, Christopher Forces Aeriennes.  Item number: 008221.    US$10.00
535.    Chant, Christopher The History of North American Rail.  Item number: 007180.    US$25.00
536.    Chaplin, Joyce E. An Anxious Pursuit: Agricultural Innovation and Modernity in the Lower South, 1730-1815.  Item number: 20053.    US$28.00
537.    Charap, John M. Explaining the Universe : The New Age of Physics.  Item number: 007154.    US$15.00
538.    Charlot, Jean The Gaullist Phenomenon: The Gaullist Movement in the Fifth Republic.  Item number: 002062.    US$9.00
539.    Charlton, D. G. (editor) France: A Companion to French Studies.  Item number: 003088.    US$7.00
540.    Chase, Herbert Handbook on Designing for Quantity Production.  Item number: 002211.    US$10.00
541.    Chase, Julia; Lee, Laura; Mahon, Michael G. (editor) Winchester Divided : The Civil War Diaries of Julia Chase and Laura Lee.  Item number: 005394.    US$25.00
542.    Cheek, H. Lee Jr. Calhoun And Popular Rule: The Political Theory Of The Disquisition And Discourse.  Item number: 008673.    US$65.00
543.    Chen, Y. (editor); Crawford, J. H., Jr. (editor); Sibley, W. A. (editor) Defect Properties & Processing of High-Technology Nonmetallic Materials : Proceedings of the Symposium on Defect Properties & Processing of High-Tecnology Nonmetalic Materials, Boston, MA, Nov. 14-17, 1983 (Materials Res.  Item number: 001396.    US$40.00
544.    Cheng, Lucie and Bonacich, Edna Labor Immigration Under Capitalism: Asian Workers in the United States before WWII.  Item number: 20087.    US$35.00
545.    Cherbit, G. ( Editor ) Fractals: Non-Integral Dimensions and Applications.  Item number: 010061.    US$15.00
546.    Chernigovskiy, V. N. Interoceptors.  Item number: 003339.    US$30.00
547.    Chernov, Victor The Great Russian Revolution.  Item number: 21061.    US$50.00
548.    Chernyi, G. G. Introduction to Hypersonic Flow.  Item number: 009932.    US$20.00
549.    Chertok, Haim Israeli Preoccupations : Dualities of a Confessional Citizen.  Item number: 008075.    US$9.00
550.    Chia-Shun Yih Dynamics of Nonhomogeneous Fluids.  Item number: 010983.    US$18.00

3547 items found
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