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501.    Blow, Richard H., Sr. Barre, Vermont.  Item number: 004078.    US$30.00
502.    Blum, Lesser and Malik, F. Bary Condensed Matter Theories: Volume 8.  Item number: 22937.    US$38.00
503.    Blumstein, James F. (editor); Walter, Benjamin (editor) Growing Metropolis : Aspects of Development in Nashville.  Item number: 003058.    US$20.00
504.    Boase, A. J. (editor) Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook.  Item number: 007044.    US$15.00
505.    Bobo, J. B. Modern Coin Magic (revised Edition).  Item number: 22883.    US$18.00
506.    Bobo, Mildred Burden and Johnson, Catherine Ryan First Baptist Church of Huntsville, Alabama, The First 175 Years: 1809-1984.  Item number: 23893.    US$35.00
507.    Bobrovnitskaya, I. A.; Levykin, A. K. et al (editors) Czars : 400 Years of Imperial Grandeur.  Item number: 8153.    US$10.00
508.    Bobrovnitskaya, I. A.; Levykin, A. K. et al (editors) Czars : 400 Years of Imperial Grandeur.  Item number: 008153.    US$25.00
509.    Bock, Gisela and James, Susan Beyond Equality and Difference: Citizenship, Feminist Politics and Female Subjectivity.  Item number: 23464.    US$20.00
510.    Bodefeld, Th. and Sequenz, H. Elektrische Maschinen.  Item number: 20212.    US$35.00
511.    Boden, E. (editor) Equine Practice.  Item number: 23377.    US$18.00
512.    Bodkins, Steve Bemis and Glady West Virginia.  Item number: 24010.    US$40.00
513.    Boenig, Herman V. Polyolefins: Structure and Properties.  Item number: 001429.    US$15.00
514.    Boersock, G. W.; Brown, Peter; and Grabar, Oleg (editors) Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical World.  Item number: 22787.    US$20.00
515.    Boesen, Victor; Graybill, Florence C.; Curtis, Edward (illustrator) Edward Sheriff Curtis : Visions of a Vanishing Race.  Item number: 000900.    US$32.00
516.    Bogue, Allan G. The Congressman's Civil War (Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Modern History Ser.).  Item number: 002121.    US$7.00
517.    Bole, G. A. et al Problems in the Firing of Refractories.  Item number: 20650.    US$30.00
518.    Bolloten, Burnett The Spanish Civil War: Revolution and Counterrevolution.  Item number: 20492.    US$65.00
519.    Bolotin, V. V. The Dynamic Stability Of Elastic Systems.  Item number: 010143.    US$75.00
520.    Bolton, Charles C. (editor); Culclasure, Scott P. (editor) The Confessions of Edward Isham : A Poor White Life of the Old South.  Item number: 006393.    US$15.00
521.    Bolton, Claude M., Jr. Weapon Systems, 2007-2008.  Item number: 23803.    US$25.00
522.    Bolton, Clyde Nancy Swimmer: A Story of the Cherokee Nation.  Item number: 23288.    US$18.00
523.    Boltyanskii, V. G., Gamkrelidze, R. V., and Mishchenko, E. F. The Mathematical Theory of Optimal Processes.  Item number: 010328.    US$50.00
524.    Bolza, Oskar Lectures on the Calculus of Variations.  Item number: 002764.    US$6.00
525.    Bond, Gordon C. The Grand Expedition: The British Invasion Of Holland In 1809.  Item number: 22823.    US$55.00
526.    Bond, John W., Jr.; Watson, Kenneth M.; and Welch, Jasper A., Jr. Atomic Theory of Gas Dynamics.  Item number: 011015.    US$20.00
527.    Boney, F. N. Southerners All.  Item number: 007439.    US$12.00
528.    Boomkamp, Jacoba Hooykaas-Van Leeuwen Marchen Aus Bali.  Item number: 21540.    US$25.00
529.    Boone, Louis E. & David L. Kurtz Contemporary Marketing (13th Edition).  Item number: 22111.    US$70.00
530.    Bordin, Ruth Alice Freeman Palmer: The Evolution of a New Woman.  Item number: 009063.    US$15.00
531.    Borel, Emile Space and Time.  Item number: 007028.    US$15.00
532.    Borenstein, Eliot Men Without Women : Masculinity and Revolution in Russian Fiction, 1917-1929.  Item number: 004456.    US$15.00
533.    Boretos, John W. and Eden, Murray (editors) Contemporary Biomaterials: Material and Host Response, Clinical Applications, New Technology and Legal Aspects.  Item number: 20291.    US$30.00
534.    Borg, S. F. Fundamentals Of Engineering Elasticity.  Item number: 21643.    US$15.00
535.    Boris, Shelley & Caroline Kasterine & Rozanne Gold Fresh Cooking: A Year of Recipes from the Garrison Institute Kitchen.  Item number: 24101.    US$18.00
536.    Born, Max and Kun Huang Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices.  Item number: 22203.    US$18.00
537.    Borzo, Greg The Chicago L.  Item number: 22797.    US$15.00
538.    Bose, N.K. Digital Filters: Theory and Applications.  Item number: 22577.    US$18.00
539.    Bosio. Mariella (editor) Buscheri: Appunti per una Storia Della Ciita.  Item number: 23415.    US$30.00
540.    Bosker, Gideon; Mancini, Michele; and Gramstad, John Fabulous Fabrics (and other terrific textiles of the 20s, 30s, and 40s) of the 50s.  Item number: 23500.    US$32.00
541.    Bosley, Martin Martin Bosley.  Item number: 23998.    US$100.00
542.    Bosley, Martin Martin Bosley.  Item number: 24056.    US$65.00
543.    Bostrom, Gus Bay Area Copper, 1900-1950, Dirk van Erp & His Influence.  Item number: 24099.    US$40.00
544.    Bosveld, Jennifer The Magic Fish: Poems on an Edward Boccia Sketchbook.  Item number: 21358.    US$20.00
545.    Botha, J. F. and Pinder, G. F. Fundamental Concepts in the Numerical Solution of Differential Equations.  Item number: 20848.    US$15.00
546.    Botha, J. F.; Pinder, G. F. Fundamental Concepts in the Numerical Solution of Differential Equations.  Item number: 007916.    US$25.00
547.    Botha, J. F.; Pinder, G. F. Fundamental Concepts in the Numerical Solution of Differential Equations.  Item number: 7916.    US$10.00
548.    Botkin, B. A. (editor) Lay My Burden Down; a Folk History of Slavery.  Item number: 010943.    US$20.00
549.    Boutikov, G. La Cathedrale Saint-Isaac, Leningrad.  Item number: 23825.    US$40.00
550.    Bouvier, Roselyne et al (editors) Musee de l'Ecole de Nancy.  Item number: 005102.    US$15.00

5476 items found
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