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1.    Lennon, John; Ono, Yoko (Just Like) Starting Over (sheet music).  Item number: LAST005388I.    US$11.25
2.    Irwin, Alan Maurice -And Ships-and Sealing Wax.  Item number: LAST006531I.    US$7.50
3.    Nynych, Stephanie J. ...And Like I See It..  Item number: LAST006723I.    US$15.00
4.    Robinson, William A. 100 Best Sales Promotions of 1976/7, 2nd annual.  Item number: LAST000445I.    US$63.75
5.    Dralle, Lynn, (signed copy) 100 Best Things I've Sold on Ebay.  Item number: LAST000227I.    US$8.06
6.    Hornung, Clarence P. 100 Great Antique Automobiles in full Color Prints.  Item number: LAST000611I.    US$8.06
7.    Aratow, Paul 100 Years of Erotica, a photographic portfolio of mainstream American Surculture from 1845-1945.  Item number: LAST002455I.    US$33.75
8.    Sinclair, Upton 100%, the Story of a Patriot.  Item number: LAST000799I.    US$7.46
9.    Bergler, Edmund 1000 Homosexuals, conspiracy of silence, or curing and deglamorizing homosexuals?.  Item number: LAST004467I.    US$56.25
10.    111 Tested Methods of Handling Everyday Food Plant Problems.  Item number: LAST007193I.    US$26.25
11.    Davison, Archibald T. & Thomas Whitney Surette, compiled & edited by 140 Folk Songs, with Piano Accompaniment,(Rote Songs for grades I, II, III}.  Item number: LAST003756I.    US$18.75
12.    Davison, Archibald T. & Thomas Whitney Surette: Compilers & Editors 140 Folk-Songs Words and Melodies Only Rote Songs for Grades I, II and III.  Item number: LAST005234I.    US$7.50
13.    Mostel, Kate & Madeline Gilford with Jack Gilford & Zero Mostel 170 Years of Show Business.  Item number: LAST001944I.    US$7.50
14.    Brett-James, Antony 1812, Eyewitness Accounts of Napoleon's Defeat in Russia.  Item number: LAST001314I.    US$11.25
15.    Riehn, Richard K. 1812, Napoleon's Russian Campaign.  Item number: LAST001570I.    US$11.25
16.    Stanley, Rule and Level Co. 1879 Price list of Tools and Hardware.  Item number: LAST006756I.    US$15.38
17.    Gelernter, David 1939, The Lost World of the Fair.  Item number: LAST003413I.    US$11.25
18.    Pocock, Tom 1945: The Dawn Came Up Like Thunder.  Item number: LAST006526I.    US$10.50
19.    Schiffer, Don: Editor 1961 Pro Football Handbook.  Item number: LAST005625I.    US$11.25
20.    Schiffer, Don 1962 Pro Football Handbook, (mint copy).  Item number: LAST008979I.    US$11.25
21.    1993 Official World Series Commemorative Program October 1993, world champions Toronto Blue Jays.  Item number: LAST007737I.    US$22.50
22.    1st Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry of Canada 194- - 1945.  Item number: LAST008174I.    US$168.75
23.    Neruda, Pablo 20 Poemas De Amor, Y Una Cancion Desesperada, ilustraciones de Raul Soldi, Guarta Edicion.  Item number: LAST008479I.    US$221.25
24.    Ethnic Press Association of Ontario 20 Years.  Item number: LAST006376I.    US$26.25
25.    Clarke, Arthur C. 2001, a space odyssey.  Item number: LAST003401I.    US$7.50
26.    Museum Ludwig Cologne 20th Century Art.  Item number: LAST005787I.    US$15.00
27.    Fraenkel, Jeffrey, editor 20Twenty, (hard cover in mint condtion).  Item number: LAST008785I.    US$48.75
28.    Escher, M.C. 29 Master Prints.  Item number: LAST005876I.    US$16.88
29.    30th Corps in Germany.  Item number: LAST000550I.    US$11.63
30.    Christie, Agatha 4.50 From Paddington.  Item number: LAST003188I.    US$9.00
31.    Fendi, Peter 40 Erotic Aquarelles.  Item number: LAST005670I.    US$73.13
32.    Fendi, Peter 40 Erotic Aquarelles, with a portrait of the artist.  Item number: LAST003125I.    US$71.25
33.    Fendi, Peter 40 Erotic Aquarelles, with a portrait of the artist.  Item number: LAST003126I.    US$71.25
34.    Allan, Mozart 50 Selected Songs of Burns.  Item number: LAST000345I.    US$26.25
35.    McFarlane, Brian 50 Years of hockey, 1917-1967.  Item number: LAST004800I.    US$15.00
36.    51st (Highland) Division War Memorial; Beaumont Hamel (Somme).  Item number: LAST007757I.    US$138.75
37.    Heinlein, Robert A. 6 x H.  Item number: LAST006343I.    US$5.25
38.    McFarlane, Brian 60 Years of Hockey.  Item number: LAST004902I.    US$15.00
39.    Roberts, Joe 7 Secrets to Profit from Adversity, Success against all odds.  Item number: LAST006798I.    US$18.75
40.    Moodie, J.W. 700 Days With The Troups, true incidents realating to a wonderful work for God in Military Camps Great War 1914-16.  Item number: LAST004570I.    US$26.25
41.    Miller, Warren 90 Miles From Home, the truth from insdie Castro's Cuba.  Item number: LAST005642I.    US$14.63
42.    Mueller, Robert W. editor & publiher A & P, Past, Present and Future.  Item number: LAST007508I.    US$11.25
43.    Gerhardi, William A Bad End.  Item number: LAST006673I.    US$39.38
44.    Jones, E. Gwynne A Bibiography of the Dog, Books Published in the English Language 1570-1965.  Item number: LAST006504I.    US$146.25
45.    Fowke, Edith & Carole Henderson Carpenter, compiled by A Bibliography of Canadian Folklore in English.  Item number: LAST004025I.    US$26.25
46.    Brown, Harry E. A Bit o' Courage.  Item number: LAST003395I.    US$18.75
47.    Wright, Eric A Body Surrounded by Water.  Item number: LAST005076I.    US$7.50
48.    M'Ilwraith, J.N. A Book About Shakespeare.  Item number: LAST006433I.    US$26.25
49.    Stein, Gertrude A Book Concluding With As A Wife Has a Cow, A Love Story, with facsimilies of the original Lithographs by Juan Gris.  Item number: LAST008190I.    US$15.00
50.    Harding, Rachel & Mary Dyson, edited A Book of Condolences, classic letters of Bereavement.  Item number: LAST007687I.    US$3.75

Over 9000 Items found
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